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Combo for the week!

Yep, major combo! Been enjoying way to much of “God’s country” – literally – Israel makes me so happy! I did not make it back to the area where they say is the birth place to the Virgin Mary. It’s old , it’s got great doors! I believe you will all come to know sooner or later that if it is flower’s, sunrise’s, sunset’s or door’s…..your gonna get to see them from me. I’m a lover & fan of them all. It is just before you get to St. Anne’s.

St. Anne’s

The church is St. Anne’s and I have a fabulous video of us singing in there. The acoustics are undeniable…just heavenly. We were barely singing and it rang throughout the whole place. I will be working on getting it added when I get back state side. (Missing my video production son. The video guru is going to be missed when he leaves for college. I’ve got a lot of learning to do and FAST… He leaves in July.)

But enough of that sappy mom stuff. I did not make it back to this sight in the old city. It is just inside the Lion’s Gate, which is also know as Stephen’s Gate and the Sheep’s Gate, a little ways. There are several things right there all together. The church, gardens and the pool of Bethesda, where angels troubled the waters and there were miracle healings. It is also believed to be an ancient cistern. If you go back out to the street hold right; your at the Via Dolorosa. There will be a post or two from this journey about it. It was a life changer!

Dr. Caldwell delivered another great teaching in this area. It will be added in, also.

                        Israel 2017

All I can say is if the Holy Land is on your list to come visit. You do need to come with a group or at least hire a guide. 1st trip is an absolute must, 2nd it’s still not a bad idea and unless you are truly FEARLESS – **DO NOT GET A CAR AND DRIVE**!!! I love you people, so if you don’t embrace insanity, craziness, danger, unknown traffic laws and unknown speed limits – just don’t do it. HOWEVER, if you live on the wild side just a little, dive in – go for it!

Lean In and Live!


Israel 2017
LUV them!

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