EXCITED #CHALLENGE Day 21-31 -January 2019

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January 2019 – EXCITED #Challenge Day 21 – 31

Challenge post header - DONE

January 2019 – EXCITED #Challenge Day 21 – 31 is fixing to go down in the books! Thought I’d go ahead and keep with the theme of “10 days at a time” blogging. Getting a daily post out wasn’t really working for me. We have had an extremely busy month. No excuses though…I am just not a quick blog poster…yet. One day…I dream of setting down typing out one fantastic post, with outstanding pictures and video embed that’ll rock your world all in a max 2-hour turnaround. Yeah, who am I kidding?, we are more likely to see Jesus return before I can manage that one! I’ve always been told better late than never, so here we go!

#Challenge Day 21 –  

www.redneckrhapsody.com Trina winning!Hit a penny machine for $121.20...played it down to $75.00. Paid for our day of fun!
Hit a penny machine for $121.20…played it down to this… Paid for our day of fun!

I thought I’d shoot a little video of the place where the hubs gave me my first kiss (let’s be honest, not my first kiss ever, just first from him). It would still be another 4 years of us being great friends before we actually dated (each other, that is). Didn’t get much video so I’ll sneak a few pics in to make up for the short story!

#Challenge Day 22 –

So, this is supposed to be an update to a post for January 2018…I lucked out on this one. I didn’t have my blog up and running till March!

www.redneckrhapsody.com Happy Birthday to BLOG! 2/26 will be 1 yr old. No January 2018 post, hadn't been born, yet...
No January 2018 post, hadn’t been born, yet…

#Challenge Day 23 –

www.redneckrhapsody.com Airport - Luggage, car, hurry and wait
Hurry and wait!

Leaning into the travel side of the blog for this one –

19 Common Sense Things Everyone Should Know Before Flying:

  • Arrive at least 1 ½ – 2 hours before departure time, minimum; 3 for larger airports, international flights and if returning the rental car.
  • Know the liquid policy for that airport/country.
  • Always look up the size & weight for your luggage!!! Weigh it before you leave home. They will charge you for it! This is different for EVERY airline!
  • That being said… I always carry one extra full set of clothes in my carry on! BUT I also put my Heaviest items in it too! My shoes, belts & jeans are usually in my carry on, not my makeup.  
  • Be ready for security BEFORE you get there – take off your belts, shoes, get your cell phone out of your pocket, laptop out of the bag, etc… Don’t be the one to hold up the line, PLEASE, THANK YOU & YOU’RE WELCOME!!!
  • I try to fly looking cute, but easy. No belt, if the short flight I wear my heaviest shoes if possible. No bling on anything!!! If you aren’t about the whole extreme body pat down.
  • Pack a snack. Granola bars, PB crackers, trail mix are my go to’s.
  • Empty water bottle. Much cheaper to fill one after the checkpoint, then buy.
  • The earlier in the day that you book your flight, less chance of delays or cancellations.
  • Scheduling pick up or timing after arrival: If you checked luggage you will be at least 30 minutes after you arrive before you are ready to be picked up if you are at a large airport. If you are getting a rental or riding public transportation, make sure that you give yourself 1-2 hrs, before you have to be somewhere. It helps to know destination infrastructure if you are on a time schedule. For example: If you have an appointment in Washington DC metro area….which airport, what time of day(traffic), rental, Uber or taking the metro….ALL of these will matter!!! You could easily miss your meeting!

Hope The First Half is Worth you wanting the Rest

  • www.redneckrhapsody.com Airpot restroom with luggage all loaded up with backpack, pillow, jacket and water bottle. Israel Spring 2018
    LUG is right! This was ALL carry on!

    If travelling with only a carry on it allows you flexibility for flight changes.

  • Must have DL(verified) or passport in hand with a ticket. (BTW take a photo of your DL & Passport JUST in case)…If your ticket was emailed or saved in the app for the airline – TAKE A SNAPSHOT of it! That way if the signal is crappy you won’t have issues and have to leave a spot in line, go get a printed one (usually downstairs and sometimes in a totally different area) then back through the line, again……
  • Gum to chew for takeoff & landings.
  • Earbuds or noise cancelling headphones.
  • Download music, movies or TV shows, before you leave home.
  • Hand Sanitizer & wet wipes, always!!!
  • Wear dark clothing.
  • Long flights – ball cap, toothbrush & paste.
  • I always have a sweater or long sleeve in the carry-on. Oh, I’ve started carrying a beach towel on longer light, too. Serves as an extra towel when I get there, but is handy as a pillow, blanket or spill fixer.

#Challenge Day 24 –

Favorite place to go or things to do in the winter? Go anywhere it’s warm!!!! Caribbean, Mexico, NOLA, Florida, Arizona, Las Vegas, ect…. Yes, some of these are not always warmer, but usually….

#Challenge Day 25 –

We are stopping in to have a chat with my friend & fellow blog/vlog girl:

Wendy Gregory – Just a girl who wants to craft, cook, travel and take pictures of it all!

www.FabCraftsandMore.com / FabCraftsandMore YouTube

www.redneckrhapsody.com Wendy Gregory
Wendy Gregory the creator of                                       FabCraftsandMore.com

Wendy and I have fast become friends with a little back story that I won’t bore you all with, but let just say, this really is a small world. Thanks, Wendy, this will actually be my first “real post” on Tuesday Travels!!!

#Challenge Day 26 –

Valentine’s Day – I’ll just throw WAY back to the very 1st Valentine’s Day that I was going to celebrate with the Cabana boy before we were married. I decided to do the 14 Days of Valentine’s (yes, similar to the 12 days of Christmas). He received a gift every day, but I didn’t make them actually have the amount = the day, he just got a different gift everyday. I will follow up in detail later this month for ideas.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Be My Valentine

#Challenge Day 27

My favorite form of Social Media for promoting my blog is still to be determined… I dove into this big ole’ sea of blogging basically being a social media idiot. Now, don’t get me wrong I used it, well some of it, but never understood what it would mean to my lifespan and growth of my own personal blog. The beach of social media paradise still eludes me. I often suffer from social media sunburn (too much of one thing), deserted sands (NO one liking, following, commenting, pinning or sharing) or blizzard conditions( yes, they have beaches in Greenland & Antarctica – but I just get burned out a couple of days…weeks, which causes numbers to drop dramatically).

Social Media or Search Engines

www.redneckrhapsody.com Trina 3_9_18 -3
Trina – Pinterest

What I have learned is: You need to know what Social Media is “just that” – Instagram (IG) & Facebook (FB). Therefore there are a few other “media’s” that are actually Search Engines. Which are (like Google) – Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube (YT), Trover (w/geotags – is kinda in between, I think). Then you have Flipboard, which is an aggregator (yeah, figure that one out).

I am still the ‘student’!!! May always be since this web life is ever weaving a new form of community with better ways to grow and connect. To try and remain on the beach with perfect waves & rays – attracting new authentic traffic to my blog I am relying heavily on Pinterest.

Tailwind is What is Fillings My Sails

I am working on learning about Tailwinds. I am sure if I can optimize my timing of pins to intersect with people searching that I will see only sunny results. Canva has been a huge boost to make great pins and promote posts. As the song goes… ”somewhere on a beach sippin’ somethin’ strong”. May you find your Margaritaville of Social Media – Would love you to drop a comment below letting me know your favorite and best way you’ve found for it to function for you!!!

#Challenge Day 28

I am going to post a quick little survey here and on my social media – I haven’t conquered forms yet on linking them to my blog. If you’d like to weigh in then stick your answer below in the comments, Please & TY! I am thinking of doing a new feature on the blog – Travel Tuesdays. I would have guest posts; some bloggers, some just friends and associates that I would reach out to. I would have a basic question and answer for them to adhere to then offer them the chance to write a paragraph or two about themselves or blog. They would be able to include beautiful pictures of their destinations. They would be allowed to include links to their sites. Would this interest you to read?

#Challenge Day 29

I thought I’d throw in a recipe for a favorite Super Bowl Appetizer since its that time of year. You’ve probably already seen or made it a thousand times, but it is a staple for us when it’s party dish for anything: NYE, Christmas Party, BDay Celebration, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, yeah you get my drift…it’s a go too, can’t mess up, eat hot or room temp deal:

Sausage Balls – 3 Ingredient

Sausage balls rolled up on pan ready for the oven.
Mixed and ready to go in the oven.

Biscuit Mix – 2 cups

Sausage **RAW**  – 1 package (we prefer hot) – best if room temp.

Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese – 1 to 2 cups, your preference

Not gonna make this difficult – Turn the oven on 350

Appetizer recipe - sausage balls - Biscuit mix, shredded cheddar cheese and sausage.
Sausage Ball appetizers.

Big mixing bowl. Push your sleeves up, take your rings, watch & bracelets off. Wash hands well. Put all ingredients in a bowl and get your squish on. Knead & squish. After mixed really well, I roll into ball shape slightly smaller than a golf ball. I place them on an ungreased (sausage usually provides plenty of grease) aluminum foil or parchment covered cookie sheet. Bake 20-25 minutes. You only have one real pan to wash after you recycle your aluminum.

#Challenge Day 30 & #Challenge Day 31

In reviewing my January, it went pretty darn fast and it was a great month. Lots of things happened which I will give the scoop on a few at a later date. I was able to begin making me healthier again, I still have a ways to go to get back on the right path regularly. I love the direction my numbers are going on all of my goals. They aren’t moving as fast as I would prefer, but a lot of that is my inconsistent self not doing what I should. BUT with that being said, I am getting a post a week out on average, and am being much more consistent with social media. I will get this faster and smoother!!!!!

1. 31 Day Challenge – COMPLETE IT  – FINALLY on what Feb. 8, 2019?
2. Do yoga “every damn day” – Every other day or 2….but am still working on it!
3. Increase all social media by 1000 more followers – I combined increase all by about 500!
4. Increase blog subscribers by 150 minimum – LOL, a girl can dream…went up by 5!!!
5. Eat clean – Yeah, not as much as I should have. It takes skin to get thin!!!
6. Post at least 2 posts per week – Who am I kidding, one a week, but 2 is my goal!
7. COMPLETE travel class – Nope!
8. Do homework ahead of time for Bible college – I dropped out, too much homework, with my other course, but I am continuing my independent studies of the books and lessons.
9. Get monetized…….. – Nada
10. Get a few of the trips for the year in the calendar – Paid money, got reservations and watching for airfares.

January Daily EXCITED #Challenge Day 21 – 31

Most of these will remain February Goals!

  1. I will not worry about tanking the 31-day Challenge, since I’m already 5 days behind, LOL.
  2. Revamp some of the mechanics of my blog.
  3. I will work on adding more video’s to my YouTube channel as I work on the camper reno.
  4. We will take our first trip in the camper this month; continue the remodel.
  5. Our first trip out of town as RVer’s is wrapping up February on the 27th heading to NOLA for Mardi Gras with friends. There may be more but that’s all booked for this month, thus far.


I will let this rest there. Got lots to do! I hope this gives some of y’all hope along the path of figuring out life….

CHALLENGE DAY 1-10                         CHALLENGE DAY 11-20

Living fast forward in a rhapsodyville sorta way,



10 thoughts on “EXCITED #CHALLENGE Day 21-31 -January 2019”

  1. I think Travel Tuesdays is a great idea! The person who inspired me to start a blog so many years ago now gets paid as a travel blogger. It was a no-brainer, since she and her husband and four kids have traveled so much, living in a camper in Canada for a semester (yes, two adults and four kids in a borrowed camper for MONTHS), then to Scotland, next to Germany, back to North Little Rock and … She writes at alisonchino.com, and I’m sure you could get lots of inspiration and tips from her.As for my social media tip, the best thing I’ve learned (although I’m not perfect at practicing it) is to pick one or two platforms that YOU enjoy and where your peeps hang out. You’ll wear yourself out and spread yourself too thin if you try to be awesome at all of them. 🙂 Great job on finishing the challenge!

    • That’s great advice! Not so sure that I could do a camper with 6 people…full time. I will check out her info & maybe she’ll take a Tuesday! Thank you!

    • Thank you! I feel that Travel Tuesday will be fun and can take my friends & readers on more journeys than I can ever pack my bags and jet off to in one lifetime. But it may also inspire all of us where to by our next ticket to!

    • You’re welcome! It truly is one of my favorite places. If I had to move there, the hardest decision would be….which beach should I live closest to?


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