January 2019 – Daily #CHALLENGE Day 11-20

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www.redneckrhapsody.com Boat ride on the Inter-coastal Water Way Ft. Lauderdale, FL Inter-coastal Water Way Ft. Lauderdale, FL

January 2019 Daily #Challenge Day 11-20


Well, it hasn’t been daily for me, yet….still.


I have put lots of thought into them daily, well some of the days prompts more than others. But getting the dang things edited & published once a day may FOREVER elude me. 


#Challenge Day 11 – Picture story summer 2018 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

www.redneckrhapsody.com Trina enjoying the sunny Florida weather. Trina enjoying sunny Florida: Flo Rida – Good Feeling

I combined with a playlist that I feel best describe this week of my life. Because, honestly if I gave you a playlist from 2018 – the whole year you wouldn’t know whether you want to:

#1 Institutionalize yourself

#2 Become an alcoholic

#3 Run away

#4 Have a good old fashion dance party or

#4 Shout to the Lord singing praises

To save grace I’ll just keep to a really terrific 7 days in an amazing place, with great people, having a time of our life. Each picture has a song listed in the caption, one of them may have two. I have yet to figure out how to link music to my blog, let alone figure out if it’s even legal. But, I promise this playlist won’t disappoint!

#Challenge Day 12 – Is a list of must have as a blogger….

Help from fellow bloggers has been my saving grace. I know that I have plugins that I love that makes my blog operate the way it should, but I wouldn’t have a clue which do what really….(still learning the tech stuff), the apps for all my social media save me, I think if I dive into learning, setting up and using Tailwinds, I will love it. Plugins – Updraft, Wordfence, Social Media Shares, and many, many more!!!! Good luck on the learning, maybe one day I will be able to give info, or advice on this matter. Till then let’s learn together feel free to drop your favorites in the comments, please & thank you!

#Challenge Day 13 – Winter Poem

Haven’t taking time to look up a poem to share about winter and not really feeling very poetic. But here ya go…

www.redneckrhapsody.com winter cardinal Cardinal in the winter.

Everything needs winter to rest, recoup, and regenerate.

Springing out of the dead, dry and dormant season,

To be full of life again in the summer for a bountiful harvest.


Winter sucks. Only great thing in my backyard right now is, that without the leaves I can actually see my cardinal couples better.


#Challenge Day 14 – What I am most proud of in my life right now? Becoming Debt Free!!!! Emotionally, Relationships, Spiritually, and Financially! It’s amazing what we can do when we decide to not carry a load & burden anymore.


#Challenge Day 15 – Family Recipe Favorite

Picture of Mary Ross from the nineteen 40's www.redneckrhapsody.com Mary Ross – My Mommie

My Aunt Neat, much like my momma, got their kitchens skills quite honestly from their momma. Not sure just how far this recipe goes back, but in know my Aunt Neat fixed it several times a year for different functions after my “Mommie” passed. It is one of my family’s favorites and if you like coconut; it will probably become one of yours. Not only does it weigh 5lbs, but it takes almost that much sugar to make, so no New Year dieting if your trying this one. It does come with a fork full of love and deliciousness in every bite, though.

I know that the recipe may be a little hard to read, but it has been be used so much I thought that it might need to be shown as we see it. Made with love & mess.

#Challenge Day 16 – A “Thank You” to myself – Hummm…..

I am so grateful that I decided to loose weight & get in better shape. The energy and strength I have gained from doing yoga, eating healthier, light work outs and intermittent fasting are changing my habits. Glad I took time to take care of my mom, so when the time came to say see you later for now, there wasn’t guilt or remorse. Thank you for being brave enough to take the first solo travel journey to a foreign country. I will be eternally grateful for that trip and pray that it is only the beginning of many more. This year was a 1st for many things, I am blessed to have lived it, learned from it and can grow from it. Let’s see what all I can do this year that I can “thank me” for next year.

www.redneckrhapsody.com 23lb. difference was made in 6 months with healthy eating, intermittent fasting, yoga & dancing! Israel 11/17 vs Israel 04/18
Six months difference with a weight change of 23 lbs. The struggle is to keep it off!

#Challenge Day 17  – Favorite Playlist

Download it, put your earbuds in and get busy! Or bluetooth to a really great speaker and turn it up loud!!!!

  1. Finesse (feat. CardiB) – Bruno Mars
  2. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
  3. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars
  4. Wanna Be a Baller – Lil Troy
  5. For You – Liam Payne & Rita Ora 
  6. Strip That Down – Liam Payne (feat. Quavo)
  7. Get Low – Zedd & Liam Payne
  8. Anywhere – Rita Ora
  9. Get Lucky – Daft Punk (Pharrell) 
  10. Hotter Than Hell – Dua Lipa  
  11. Beyond – Leon Bridges & Luke Combs
  12. Oceans – Hillsong (if YouTubing – Israel Tour 2017)
  13. Broken Vessels – Hillsong (if YouTubing – Israel Tour 2017)
  14. Hosanna – Hillsong (if YouTubing – Israel Tour 2017)
  15. I Gotta Feeling – BEP 
  16. Elements – Lindsey Stirling
  17. Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling
  18. Shatter Me(feat. Lzzy Hale) – Lindsey Stirling
  19. Side Effects – The Chainsmokers (Emily Warren)
  20. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris (Florence Welcher)
  21. This is What You Came Here For – Calvin Harris (feat. Rihanna)
  22. Take Your Time – Sam Hunt
  23. T Shirt – Thomas Rhett
  24. Make Me Wanna – Thomas Rhett
  25. Craving You – Thomas Rhett
  26.  Tell Me That You Love Me – Demi Lovato
  27. Japan – Shawn Mendes
  28. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes 
  29. Time of Our Lives – Pitbull & Ne-Yo
  30. Tonight Looks Good on You – Jason Aldean
  31. You Make It Easy – Jason Aldean
  32. Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean

No guarantee that any of you will like any of these, but they make me happy & they make me dance (unfortunately for others,,,sing)LOL! I have many, many more….but I thought I’d keep it under two hours or so playtime. This playlist, eating clean & yoga are what changed my weight and health.

#Challenge Day 18 – Blog Buddies

The women whom I find myself exchanging post, ideas pictures, comments, follows and likes truly intrigue me. I just can’t wrap my mind around how I’ve gotten do lucky to find myself filtering into this strong community of bloggers. I continue to be amazed by their commitment to content, sowing into others to help with issues, give feedback and praise. There are many more of them than I will be able to include on this post for their inspiration and great stories that they have posted already in this short time period of 2019, but I’m going to dump a few of my girlfriends links and let jump over there and check out all their good vibes, tips for new year success, great new recipes, and stories that will bless you.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Lana Pummill Lana Pummill

Lana PummillFinding Inspiration in the Chaos – Is a sweet southern wife & mom of boys. She has a gently flow that never lets you know there is any chaos. She blends her love of the the Lord and people together effortlessly.



Suzy OakleySuzy Oakley.com – I’ve personally known Suzy llloooonnnnggg before blogging was even a thing. This lady right here was the very first person to welcome me to the blogger world with open arms and start adding me to groups. She has always been a Godly woman with integrity. When we first met I was peddling pink boxes and she became a part of my life in that arena for several years. Life happened and directions shifted. Careers changed, but Suzy has always been a great writer/editor. She is a top notch person and has always blessed me with her friendship. I treasure her being in my corner.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Suzy Oakley Suzy

Suzy has blogged for over 10 years. She has recently transformed 2 or 3 separately maintained sites into one under her name. You can find great info on finances, wellness and journey through her struggles of living an excellent christian based life with and atheist spouse. To say the least she truly inspires me. Her husband & her have both have had life threatening battles with health problems – she is a force to be reckoned with and a heart bigger than Arkansas.


Sheila Goodwin YaleEmpty Next Lifestyle – Sheila is one of the first bloggers that piped up, well reached out with likes, comments, and follows when I started this blogger path. She has been a great connection with whom I have a kindred spirit and very similar walk in life. She slings pottery clay where as I’m splashing paint or pouring wax. We are now both “empty nesting”, I hope we are able to have our paths cross in person one day.


Jennie Anne Carfora Failure to Thrive No More – Jennie is a beautiful high spirited,

www.redneckrhapsody.com Jennie Anne Carforta Jennie

military spouse, and mom of boys. She likes cute hair cuts and wears a smile most anytime I see a picture. Being a mom of a child having health issues gives her plenty of reasons to not thrive all the time, but she fools everyone with the great post, insta pics and supports she shows her fellow bloggers. A true bouquet of fun waiting to blossom with each read.

I ask that you take time out to click on theirs sites. See if they resonate with you and if the find a fit with things that might reach in and pull at your heart strings, push your button of encouragement and inspire your soul. Subscribe and let them take you into their life to share in their journeys.

#Challenge Day 19 – What you need for starting at home Yoga practice: (Well, a list of “my” must haves)

  1. WiFi
  2. TV / Computer / Phone – Any device you can get YouTube (My personal favorite is Yoga with Adriene)
  3. Yoga Mat
  4. Proper clothing helps (shorts, pjs or sweats if not)
  5. Hand Towel
  6. Belt
  7. Throw pillow
  8. Blanket

If you need to become familiar with pose or breathing she has a video for each one, watch them if it gives you more confidence.

Best advice is find 3 or 4 Beginner Yoga vlogs and do them everyday / every other day at least for the first month. Yes, I use the same 3 over & over for the first month or so. I also have favorites that I go back to even after a year I go back to some of the same ones once or twice a month. I LOVE the one for feet!!!!!

#Challenge Day 20 A Good Laugh

New Years Eve was a night that had tons of laughs, tasty snacks, bubbly drinks, good friends & great times. We laughed so hard playing charades (that was almost rated “R”). It was just what I needed to see how much fun 2019 was going to be!

Looks like my magic number may just be 10! 10 days at a time is as manageable as I can get it down, too…..

#Challenge – Gettin it done!


https://redneckrhapsody.com Trina doing Rooftop Yoga In Israel Rooftop Yoga

#Challenge January 2019 Day 1-10 is where this began!


10 thoughts on “January 2019 – Daily #CHALLENGE Day 11-20”

  1. Wow! That’s a mouthful. And I love it! I’m struggling too with the daily post…editing, making images, checking links. It’s a task but I am learning so much. Thanks for including me in your list of bloggers. I knew the minute we “met” online that I had found a new sister in Christ and I appreciate your friendship and support. You were the first blogger I connected with and I am grateful God has guided me along this path with you and the other ladies on your list.

    • You are so welcome. The daily publish struggle is real… Not sure I’m ever going to be over a 2-3 post a week kinda girl. Thank you for all of your encouragement and connecting with me, too!

  2. Thank you so much! What a great post. I really appreciate the kind words. I am truly humbled. I am so grateful for you and everyone I have met on this journey. The support and love from you and other bloggers truly mean more to me than I could ever express. I am so proud of you for not giving up. Keep it up, girl.

    • You are so welcome. The encouragement from the blog community is what keeps me going. Just wish I was a little mor like the hare instead of the tortoise! LOL


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