A Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablecloth DIY Project

Hello and welcome back to Redneck Rhapsody! This is Jenn Summers from The Old Summers Home with another great DIY Project that Trina has kept under wraps from y’all! I’m so excited to share Trina’s Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablecloth! This DIY Farmhouse Project is made out of dropcloths making it frugal and durable!  Thanksgiving can be … Read more

Fall Decor Centrepiece- A simple, bold tiered tray!

Hello and welcome to Redneck Rhapsody. I’m Jenn Summers, a blogging friend of Trina’s and honoured to be able to help out for the next few busy weeks here on her blog. Today I want to show you Trina’s Fall Decor Centrepiece- A simple, bold tiered tray! I love the simplicity of this project and … Read more

Thankful – Blessed Beyond Belief

Someday’s you just wake up thankful – blessed beyond belief. This last year has been surreal in a lot of ways. Change has happened, good along with the bad, but overall I am a blessed. Blessed Beyond Belief Thankful & Blessed -Thanksgiving 2017 in Tiberius, Israel I am so thankful and blessed beyond belief! November 14th … Read more