What Amazing Things Should You Do in Haifa, Israel?

What Amazing Things Should You Do in Haifa, Israel? Really several are typical for anywhere… Sleep, Eat, Tour, Eat & Repeat!!! Now, I will say it’s how you chose to do those, whether anyone would want to visit Haifa – maybe even move here! Everything in Israel is just a little amazing to me. If … Read more

59+ Epic Cocktail Recipes – You’ll Love This!

Here are 59+ Epic Cocktail Recipes that you’ll love and have fun trying! Besides, you’ll have such a great variety to pick from, you won’t know what to do. There are so many good ones that I don’t even know where to start. Without a doubt, I know where not to start for me though… … Read more

Yes, Adventure Awaits in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Adventure awaits in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas the minute you turn off of Hwy 16 and head into town. You will be greeted by a couple of big Adirondack chairs. With a built in pull over, this is your first chance to take a memory picture and start your adventure. Adventure Awaited Me in Fairfield Bay Years … Read more

How to Make a Valentine Moment & Memory?

  How to Make a Valentine Moment & Memory is a great place to start if you want to impress your Valentine. If this is a Valentine whose heart you’re trying to win or one that you want to keep long term, then I suggest that you put real thought and planning into it. Don’t … Read more

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Christmas or Anytime

I am sharing 10 thoughtful gift ideas for Christmas or anytime today. My hope is to help you give more than just a gift card this time. Now, who doesn’t love a great gift card? Everybody does, but I want to encourage you to include one in one of these gifts that have more meaning … Read more

2020 Focused for 50/50 of Making Memories

2020 focused for 50/50 of making memories. It is what I have set as my fabulous 50 mission! While thinking about this I decided to look into it, and see if this was a thing anyone else had done. I found “50 Things on Bucket List to do Before 50,” but no 50/50 in 2020! … Read more

Enjoying Boston Basics with the Boy

Enjoying Boston basics with the boy wonder wasn’t hard at all. Boston inspired us with history, art and food. These are the 3 things that Noah and I always agree on when traveling. We visited for 4 days before we headed to Israel, yet there was so much more time needed to take all of … Read more

Galveston, Texas Get Going – Guaranteed Good Times

Special guest, Marianna Scott, has us heading south to join her in Galveston, Texas, so let’s get going for a guaranteed good time. Marianna and I connected through several of the sites where we share stories and provide encouragement to other bloggers. I love her laid back, true pleasure of telling about her travels. This … Read more

Who went to Megaphone Summit #19 and learned a lot?

You might ask just who went to Megaphone Summit #19 and learned a LOT? ME!!! (And the SCB, Wayne). Can I just say that I am so thankful that I found this group of amazing bloggers, leaders, and business partners? #megaphone19 did not disappoint. I am still a baby to the blogging world(1st post ever) … Read more

Should You Travel to Israel Solo for an Amazing Trip of a Lifetime?

The grand finale, should you travel to Israel solo? Wouldn’t you want an amazing trip of a lifetime? YES, and yes! One year after this life-changing journey, it has been hard to put it together for others to get what it meant to me. You probably won’t, because it was intended just for me. Therefore … Read more