21 Long Flight / Trip Must Haves

21 Long Flight / Trip Must Haves

I have broken this list down below to be manageable. All of these items may not be “must-haves” for you, but have just 1 international fight, they were for me. Some of the list I adhere to whether it’s a long flight or not. Just flying now days makes many of the things on the list necessary to me. (Some of the exact items I own are shown for purchase, just click on item to buy now. I may make a little, but it will not affect the price you pay.)

Long Flight/Trip Must Have’s & to Do’s

  • Wear dark, comfy clothes – maybe with a print (a spare shirt is always good).
  • If you can have a personal bag: aka backpack and 1 carry on I always pack one full set of clothes, swimsuit if practical for the trip. (You never know if it will be your luggage…it goes West & you went East…)
  • I pack ALL of my shoes & belts in carry-on because of weight limits. We weigh it all before we leave. If you have bathroom scales weigh yourself, then pick up your bag and weigh. Subtract the difference for the weight of each piece. If you are in doubt of the size/weight of luggage check the specific airline you will be flying with. It does vary.  Be prepared to pay if it’s over, because they don’t play, especially if you are going overseas. Check your measurements of the suitcase, too!
  • Wisp (disposable toothbrushes) / toothbrush & paste, and chewing gum.

One of the 21 long flight must haves for dental care                    One of the 21 long flight must haves for dry mouth and altitude

One of the 21 long flight must haves for sleep

One of the 21 long flight must haves for sleep


Out of the 21 long flight/trip items these are good to have

  • Wipes/Face wipes – travel size pk. & tissues (you will want these on you ALL the time in case of no toilet paper in restrooms).
  • Anti bacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer are a MUST, too. These will hook to your strap on a back back or belt loop. Individual pack wipes are perfect for your pocket and should never be left on a trip to a toilet! Make sure each family member will have their own in these items.

One of the 21 long flight must haves for sweat

One of the 21 long flight must haves for music or movies

  • Earbuds (both, yes) – wireless were great!

One of the 21 long flight must haves for music or movies

  • Appropriate charging cords (possible extension cord) & (need to have a converter for hotels).
  • Portable charger


Out of the 21 long flight/trip items, these are nice to have

  • Oversize Beach towel (this is great to have for a blanket, beach/pool use later, spills, cover your lap when you eat to protect your clothes)

One of the 21 long flight must haves for spills

  • Have plenty downloaded to an electronic device of choice (music/movies/series)
  • If using phone or tablet make sure you have a way for it to stand up. Personally, I have a case on the table that will fold to prop it. I carry a small flexible tripod which holds my phone and is great for on the go travel shots.

  • Ziplock for the cheap & easy save! (a Ziplock that will hold & shut in the headrest in front of you will work too, regular size Ziplock for phones, gallon for ipads!) These will serve you well for SO many other things on your journey, too! (Leftover trail mix, organizing cords, damp items, liquids in your travel bags,  dirty shoes, trash bag at your seat on the plane, etc.)


  • I have found a backpack instead of a purse works better till I get where I’m going.
  • I LOVE to carry a really hearty trail mix, that way if the flight was delayed or a long one I can always have a snack that doesn’t usually get destroyed when packed.
  • It is helpful to carry any empty water bottle, travel collapsible bottle, or I carry a Tervis  Tumbler with a lid. It works for coffee or cold while I’m on my trip. (Lay face towelette/wipes in a paper towel, wisps, etc.) Roll it and store in the cup.
  • I carry ball cap, a bandanna (a must for so many uses), and/or hat for bad hair situations.

Hope some of my tips help you on your journey!

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