What Is An American Patriot?

An American Patriot in the street among thousands of fellow patriots in front of the US Capital.

Just what is an American Patriot? Well, in simple terms: ME. I do not think that this would have been the exact reply that I would have given you a year ago. The last 4 years made me re-evaluate A …

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Wednesday Word – Introduction To Holy Spirit

Introduction To Holy Spirit

Introduction To Holy Spirit ~ The Faith Connection My Wednesday Word is coming from me recently starting a new study of the Holy Spirit. Introduction To Holy Spirit ~ The Faith Connection by Dr. Betty Gilliam, pastor of Faith Christian Center …

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Wednesday’s Word – Message To America

Message to America – Senator Jason Rapert This message was delivered to our congregation earlier this year at the Bridge Church in Cabot, AR. We have Senator Rapert as a guest speaker several times a year. He is a public …

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Wednesday Word – Pastor Steve 5/23/18

www.redneckrhapsody.com Beautiful daylily - backyard blooms. Light creamy yellow with a mauve ring around the center.

Pastor of The Bridge Church in Cabot, AR – Steve McCuin Pastor Steve McCuin is on a mission to help the lost, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He does step on toes…I have left with mine bruised, but …

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Wednesday Word – “My Church”

www,redneckrhapsody.com Amazing sunset over my backyard Spring 2018. The top of the sky is shades of barely blue because its so light which drifts down to even lighter pale yellow, whick shifts in to a pleasant peach. Then there are wonderful deep lavender clouds and trees outlined in front of that back drop of the masterpiece God created.

This Wednesday Word – “My Church” was inspired by a country song that is sang by Maren Morris. Getting outside, getting dirty while cleaning and refreshing just does something for me. Making the old look and feel new again is …

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Who Is Looking For a Little Shalom?

www.redneckrhapsody.com Stone sign at the garden tomb. Scripture inscribed - Romans 1:4

Have you been looking for a little Shalom in your life? Are you not sure exactly what shalom means? Shalom – Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony, wholeness. completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello …

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