Wednesday Word – Pastor Steve 5/23/18

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Pastor of The Bridge Church in Cabot, AR – Steve McCuin

Pastor Steve McCuin is on a mission to help the lost, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He does step on toes…I have left with mine bruised, but never broken. He has shown me over the past 8 years what it means to build and share kingdom principles. I love the word. He teaches and tells more than I can sometimes digest at one setting, therefore I am very grateful for these videos. Being able to go back and re-watch these sermons or catch ones that I may have missed while traveling is wonderful.

When, Where, What & Who

We also stream our service on Facebook live Sunday mornings at 10 am CST & Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm CST. If you don’t have a home church we cordially invite you to come visit. We would love to have you in person – The Bridge Church in Cabot, AR. Please enjoy this song & message brought to you from my brother in Christ, friend, and spiritual mentor, Pastor Steve McCuin.

I hope and pray that this has & will bless you like it has me! Have a fantastic week. May it be full of joy and happiness. Let it pour out and run over all of those around you.

Lean In & Love on Someone,



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