A Top 10 Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita

A top 10 best ever Southern Redneck Margarita is really not that hard to find. All I have to do is walk to our liquor cabinet and there ya go! Boom! The only items that I sometimes have to forgo are fresh lime. I do however usually have my own fresh lime cubes frozen. This … Read more

How About a Tasty Southern Midori Sour Cocktail

How about a tasty Southern Midori Sour Cocktail to kick start the fun? This is one cocktail that my son has figured out that he might try “officially” when he turns 21 years old. He “unofficially” tried a Midori Sour cocktail when he was in Israel. Drinking age is 18 in many other countries. He … Read more

Should You Love a Perfect Peach Cocktail?

Should You Love a Perfect Peach Cocktail? Absolutely! If you are like me and a dry or semi-dry wine is not your thing, this Perfect Peach Cocktail could solve this issue for you. Of course, you would need to like peaches for this to make sense. A Perfect Peach Cocktail is So Simple to Make … Read more

What About an Inland Pearl Harbor Cocktail Would Make You Happy

What about an Inland Pearl Harbor cocktail would make you happy? I loved my very first ever Pearl Harbor cocktail. It was actually an “Island” Pearl Harbor. Paige, our St. Thomas USVI resort bartender, is who introduced the delicious drink to me. I am a sucker for anything with pineapple juice! Well, add a little … Read more

How Will You Take Your Toasted Butternut Monkey?

How will you take your Toasted Butternut Monkey cocktail? Will you shoot it as a shot or maybe a double over ice in a highball glass? Either way it is delicious! This sweet, creamy, rich and delicious cocktail that will leave you pouring a second. What will you need to make a Toasted Butternut Monkey? … Read more

To Die For Southern CRB Cocktail Recipe

St. Thomas USVI inspired this to die for Southern CRB Cocktail Recipe. We were on vacation there several years ago. Our resort had the best bartender, Paige. He could make any drink that alcohol (lot’s of alcohol) taste like it had none. It took us a while to get to this flavor that we love. … Read more

How About a Sweet Southern “Loaded” Hot Chocolate?

How about a sweet Southern Hot “Loaded” Chocolate? This is the drink that will delight any chocoholic with an extra little kick of somethin-somethin! This is a definite win on a cold winter evening when you want to wind down, but aren’t wanting a big desert. What is your favorite “hot” drink with alcohol? I … Read more

How to Use Yucky Wine – Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail

How to use yucky wine – for a Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail is day 5 of 12 Tipsy Day Recipes. I hope that you will find at least one of this that fits your fill or fills your bill for cocktail time. I am trying to include a variety, so maybe… just maybe one will … Read more

Cocktail Time with a Southern Deck the Halls, Y’all!

Cocktail time with a Southern Deck the Halls, Y’all! We are exploring an adult apple cider. A sweet, cinnamon, delicious, spiced apple drink that will warm you up from the inside out! Who Doesn’t Love Something Warm & Delicious to Sip On? Glad you asked…me, that is if you want me to include anything cinnamon, … Read more

Be of Good Cheer Southern Blue Blitzen Tipsy Recipe #3 is Here!

Blue Blitzen Tipsy recipe #3 is here. That’s right…be of good cheer another Southern delicious moment has appeared. Yep, that’s right I’m bringing you 12 total, so make sure you catch up by trying, watching, pinning and printing one or two. Guess what, there’s 9 more to go! Make sure you sign up for our … Read more