59+ Epic Cocktail Recipes – You’ll Love This!

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Here are 59+ Epic Cocktail Recipes that you’ll love and have fun trying! Besides, you’ll have such a great variety to pick from, you won’t know what to do. There are so many good ones that I don’t even know where to start. Without a doubt, I know where not to start for me though… no gin – ever. Allergic. 

59+ Epic cocktail recipes - collage of 5 different cocktails.


Epic Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love:

Who is Ready for a Few?


Not sure about you, but I have been a little stir crazy in some aspects. Although, I truly do have a completely introverted side to me. I am ready for a few new cocktails – AND MY FRIENDS to drink them with!!! Not virtually either, dammit! I’m really ready for a lllooonnnggg spell of warm weather, too. Enough whining! Let’s get to pouring, mixing, shaking and sipping! Just can’t figure out where to start there are so many delicious drinks down below. I know that you will all be able to find two or three home runs that will stay in your life from now on; when your ready to get your party on!


Collage of several in the 59+ epic cocktail recipes.


How Will We Break These

Epic Cocktail Recipes Down?


In light of their being over 59 recipes, we need some organization. How could I best help you, my friends, to find what type of drink you might be looking for? I decided the best way is to make it super easy. Especially, since we want to make a drink not read a stinkin post about all the details on alcohol. (I am going to drop a little information about this though, but we will take care of a few facts in a minute.)



59+ Epic quarantine cocktails - collage of 6


Epic Cocktail Recipes –

Hibernation Precautions:


Yes, before we get to the good stuff, I do want to put a little information out there that would be somewhat beneficial (maybe). When you begin your mixing and measuring just know that you should do so responsibly and not to excess. Too much of a good thing can quickly become a very bad thing, if you get my drift. Just be cautious, clearly it should not become a routine or a fix to set aside your emotions during this time of sheltering in place.   

Avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams says at a Coronavirus briefing.

Statista.com put this graph together to show the increase of alcohol sales during the first couple of weeks being quarantined with shelter in place (or as much as possible).

Graph that shows the increase of the liquor sales in first 3 wks of quarantining vs sales 2019.

Be careful, be aware and do all things in moderation.


Let’s “Dive” Into Some of These

Epic Cocktail Recipes that You’ll Love:


If you are looking for a new recipe to try during this time of staying home, well have we got few for you! I did take time to separate them into the main liquor that you would need to make each of them, such as, Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Liqueurs, and Mix (multiple alcohols). If there’s an * (asterisk) next to the name of the recipe or description – the recipe is under the main alcohol category, but it does contain more than one type of alcohol. 


59+ Epic cocktail recipes - 7 different ones on this collage.


Be Smart – When Making

Epic Cocktail Recipes 


Before you just jump in thinking you want to try several of these, especially if they contain spirits that you don’t currently have in your cabinet or you have never tried. You may just hate it. Might want to consider buying the “airplane” or “sample” size bottles that usually contain 2 – 4 ounces. I could have saved myself a ton of money over the years if I had learned to do that long ago. It’s much easier to go back for the big bottle to make more of what you like. It hurt’s my feelings to pour good alcohol down the drain. For the most part though, I usually keep what I haven’t liked for company to try. Sometimes it gets mixed with other things to make new recipes down the road. 


Epic cocktail recipes can be made from this wall of mini bottle of alcohol - hundreds of them.
Baby Booze Bottles that are perfect for testing and trying lots of different cocktails. Plantation, Florida

This wall of mini’s could just look like an epic cocktail recipe for a hangover….


Now for the Epic Cocktail Recipes – You’ll Love


Epic Cocktail Recipes - Multiple of Liquor's:



Epic Cocktail Recipes - Vodka:


Epic Cocktail Recipes - Rum:


Epic Cocktail Recipes - Liqueurs:


Epic Cocktail Recipes - Wine / Sparkling Wine:


Epic Cocktail Recipes - Tequila:


Epic Cocktail Recipes - Gin:


Epic Cocktail Recipes - Whiskey / Bourbon:

So, if just a few more epic cocktail recipes or maybe not exactly what you are thirsty for….

Should you be looking for just a few more cocktails to try:

We will survive this strange and strained time. May you all stay safe and remember, if we learn nothing else: Don’t touch your face & washy, washy, washy!!!! I can’t wait to pack a bag & hit the road! My little, southern, rhapsodyville, gypsy heart is beating fast for a beach somewhere……

Cheers y’all!

XOXO ~ Trina


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