10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Christmas or Anytime

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I am sharing 10 thoughtful gift ideas for Christmas or anytime today. My hope is to help you give more than just a gift card this time. Now, who doesn’t love a great gift card? Everybody does, but I want to encourage you to include one in one of these gifts that have more meaning than just handing them a card.

10 thoughtful gift ideas that can be budget friendly, too.

In the video below I go into more detail, but there are ways that you can choose budget friendly versions of most of these ideas. Instead of movie tickets and a trip to the theater, may be a box of microwave popcorn, a couple of dollar store boxes of candy, $2.50 blanket and a free month of Netflix. Another example is the coffee one. They could all be sampler size bags of coffee or just what would fit in a new coffee mug from the dollar store then wrap it up. This can be done on almost everyone of these ideas.

Trina holding basket with household items #3.

10 thoughtful gift ideas that the sky’s the limit.

Well, glad you have your dreamer open, cause I’m all over this one. If you don’t have a budget, yep, I’m still your gal. I would definitely pick the travel one (you could combine it with the beach or tailgater also. Just depends on who your giving this to): A great piece of Louis Vuitton luggage to start with. Have tickets to where they’ve dreamed of going in an envelope. Single ticket? Maybe double for a couple, or heck rent a whole house there and invite friends.

Treat them with a couple of gift cards for the favorite stores – for a few new outfits for the trip. Oh, shoes – yes maybe a pair or five. If arriving in a destination that is some distance for just traveling to get there; the trip should be no less than 10 days ever. 2-3 days will be spent just traveling. Arranged their ground transportation. Should they not be getting a rental, have rail passes, or a car service paid ahead of time. If it is their first trip to this destination make sure that at least two – three days they have a guided tour. Okay, I literally could go on & on, but I’m stopping right here. If I keep going I’m going to be sad that my bags aren’t packed at this very moment for an adventure.

Gift basket silhouette for 10 Christmas gift ideas

 #1 of the 10 thoughtful gift idea – Movie Bucket

Let’s say you have several kids, so the theater is out. This easy budget friendly version could definitely work for you: Drop by the local theater and see if you can get popcorn sacks for the amount of kids you have. Put a favorite DVD & candy in it. Maybe even a bag of popcorn to pop when you set them down to watch. Although, if you have a movie lover: Get the bucket and pile it full of all the goodies. 

Movies Bucket

#2 Coffee / Hot Chocolate Lover

Yes, I am going to count these 2 list as just , because I would be duplicating about half of the items. What works for HOT Cocoa usually works for HOT coffee, too. You can do either of these as big “basket” or small mug full as you want.

Coffee Lover-

Hot Chocolate Lover-

#3 House Helper –

Doesn’t everybody need household supplies? Even if you have a cleaning service, sometimes you need help to hit the high points in between. For those of you who are not “really” into the whole cleaning thing, but you parents wish you were here are a few more ideas for maybe just a gift bag: Disinfectant spray, canister of wipes, magic eraser sponges, Swiffer – both kind floor/dusting, and window wipes. Keep it simple or make it complex, just make it personal.

House Helper –

  • Clothes basket
  • Dryer sheets
  • Detergents
  • Vinegar
  • Paper Towels
  • Dish Drying Mat

10 thoughtful gift ideas with a picture of 7 baskets

#4 Garden Green Thumb-

Wow, I’m not sure where to even start with this one. It will probably depend on the type of gardening that your recipient does. Is it window boxes, balcony in the city or backyard. This can go a ton of different directions, literally…you could have a dump truck of mulch or top soil delivered to them if this is a true passion for them.

Garden Green Thumb:

  • New Pot or Wheelbarrow
  • Gloves
  • Bag of Soil
  • Spade
  • Seeds
  • Plant

#5 Travel Lover –

I have already dove into the deep end in the first part of the post on this subject. This would be the easiest for anyone to do for me. I won’t even get started again. But, I will mention a very doable & fun one could be just passes for the year at the local museum and a gift card for dinner that you only use when you visit it. Even if it is just to Chick-fil-A! Who doesn’t love it? Another worthy mention if you make a basket or pack a bag for this one is a good travel umbrella. They are great for rain or shine, depending on where your traveling.

Travel Lover:

#6 Baker Best Basket –

Has anyone ever just needed new pans? How often do you break down and actually go buy them for yourself? If you are like us, probably not near often enough. We are bakers in our home. Every item on this list and 1000+ more could be thrown into a bag/basket for us and it would get used. Have fun by adding variety to this. 

Baker Best Basket:

10 thoughtful Christmas gift Ideas in a basket

#7 Cocktail Collection –

Of all of the 10 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas, this would be one of my favorites! I don’t always like to spend money on buying new types of alcohol when I am not sure that I will like it. Receiving it as a gift and sharing it with my friends is always more fun.

Cocktail Collection:

#8 Wine Enthusiast –

Another great gift for an adult with an acquired taste is a wine. It quite well could be a total home run for a wine beginner or a snob. Just pack it full of a variety of alcohol, as well as the items you need to make the experience enchanting.

Wine Enthusiast:

#9 Tailgater’s kit – 

You will make any sports fan or avid concert fan thrilled. I believe that many of these could be used for so much more, too.

Tailgater’s kit:

#10 Beach lover basket –

This gift whether you use a bag or a basket is perfect for a beach or lake lover. Most of these items would apply to both locations, however there are a few more necessary for one than the other. I feel quite sure that anyone would certainly put them to good use.

Beach lover basket:

Sorry about the “stiffness” of the video. I’ll get better one day. Guess next time I’ll just have a glass of wine and let the camera roll and y’all can see the whole $^!+ show. My big mess & all.

Hopefully, this list of items can make your holiday shopping experience, easier and more successful. Anytime I can save time, it saves me money because I can hit the store or shop online with a list like this. Click here and I’ll swap you your email for a printable of the list – with additional ideas on the list as a bonus. May this make gift giving season be a little more enjoyable for you. Whether it’s for Christmas or any special occasion these are just a few ideas. Ho, ho, ho and Merry Redneck Christmas with a Rhapsodville New Year!


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  1. These are really fun gift ideas! I’ve been trying to decide what I should get for people I dont know really well, like my special needs son, bus driver. Some of these ideas would be perfect! Thank you!


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