About Me

Hey There Y’all!

So here’s the scoop…

I’m Trina, (aka: Lil’ Diva) the girl who likes to live in a Rhapsodyville state of mind! (There are further definitions of this in the R&R portion of Hey There!) First things first, if you are an English major or grammar geek (my spelling is even worse), then you probably just need to stop reading right HeRe! Because I will make you insane, I am terrible at both. You’ve been warned, just sayin. I type like I talk and that’s not always good…..


I was raised in rural Arkansas. I have lived on the same 50 acres my whole life…well, except 2 years when I had a temporary lack of judgment and traded in my last name, thinking that was a great decision – not so much. So the next time I gave that last name thing another go, I moved him to the country. That’s been almost 22 years ago. He has become a fantastic Cabana Boy (CB) over the years.

My Beautiful Girls

I have an amazing daughter, Amber, who is an incredible wife, mother, and RN. She is a fab storyteller; I am sure we will be seeing guest post and getting some funny stories from her down the road.

Now, just let me tell you about this Lil’ Miss, well she’s just grand!!!! Greer usually hangs out a day or two a week with Mommi! She keeps me in a constant mode of movement.

One Hunky Son

Then, there’s my sonsasional! My little, not so little, young man, Mr. Noah. He will be flyin the coupe soon, not so sure how I am going to deal with this. I am praying that he walks boldly into this new season of his life with Yeshua in his heart & keeps the Holy Ghost as his wing-man.


Da Boyz

My 2 fur babies hold a big ole’ piece of my heart! One was an inner-family adoption the other was a shelter adoption ( www.warmhearts.org). Rudy has been a family member since 2007, Chance 2009. Chance had been re-surrendered to the Humane Society 2x before finding his forever, third time charms home. So, ADOPT don’t shop & surrender don’t ABANDON!!!

Rhapsodyville Living: Lean In. Embrace & Elongate the DASH. Remember, this ain’t dress rehearsal!!!

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Marvelous are Your works and that my soul knows very well. Psalms 139:14

I Definitely Beat To My Own Drum!

My life beats to music… Can’t really sing it, nor do I have the talent to play it, YET (one day, the piano will be added to my crazy list of can do’s)! BUT – It is usually ALWAYS on, even if you can’t hear it, I will promise you it is playing in my head. My playlist is INSANE. Let’s just say it’s easier to tell you what is NOT on it: Very little if any… rap, bluegrass, hip-hop, folk, opera or southern gospel (I didn’t say they weren’t on there at ALL, just very little). Other than that, should you hit shuffle be prepare for any decade after I was born (69)….I have a few reach backs, but it’s mostly 70’s to present day. Hence when you see a song title or download on some of my post there just know that it inspired me while I worked on that project or post itself.. You should know what beat or rhythm was running through the brain veins while creating was taking place.

Things I do:


Love & Love Big!

Make candles

Create Rhinestone designs

Have fun & love to laugh

Try not to take myself so serious

Drink wine

Be better everyday

Gardening – “Flowers”


Change my hair – A LOT

Back porch therapy

Homegrown Gal

I grew up with dirt roads, attic fans, and 3 wheeler’s (before there were 4 wheeler’s). I was taught to drive a lawn mower at 6 years old, cars on the highway by the time I was 10 (from field to field), and just about any other piece of equipment that my daddy chose to put me on; backhoes, dump trucks, tractors and the common everyday stick shift.

The town I grew up in had only two 4 way stop signs…not so much now.

Gosh, I miss that place.

For 34 years I attended the church which both sets of my grandparents, my parents (later step – parents, too) ALL attended together. They even sat on the same side of the aisle, just different pews. I’m just gonna leave that right there with ya and let it settle in for a minuteHa ha! The Lord moved me to a Spirit filled church about 15 years ago; my spiritual journey has continued to grow and make me stronger.

What’s Next?

After the nest is empty, who knows where all I’ll fly to, but I sure am excited about it. I’m even more excited that you are on this voyage through my midlife menagerie with me! We’re going to have a blast!

Things I Don’t Do:

Roller Coasters

Bridges – very well – getting better

Clean pools

Don’t love (not even like, but do it anyway…a little) cleaning house

Try not to do drama

What I Love:


To Travel


Fresh flowers


My fam

My dogs



To change my hair

Pool / Lake / Ocean time

Sunrise’s & Sunset’s

Having lash extensions

Shoes – ALL kinds, but especially…

Boots – ALL of them!

While, I can give you the facts that have taken place to help me arrive to where I am, but I wake up every day still looking for what reason I have been given this amazing gift to walk this glorious planet, suck the air that gives me life, and drink in the daily moments that give us all purpose. This is really who I am…a piece of work still being built.

I am a child of the King. I have a Savior who loves me enough that He allows me to serve Him and I am so very blessed that he chose to sacrifice His life for me and anyone else who wants to meet Him.

Hey you still here?

Yep, I’m sure you have figured out that I’m that girl that they wrote that quote about that there’s a fine line between sane and crazy….and I use that line for a jump rope (only jump rope I’ll be using). Furthermore, if you really wanna get to know me:

A few random facts:

Been in direct sales for 30 years

Substitute teacher for 9 years

Married 3x

Was filled with the Holy Ghost at 12 years old

Say more bad words than I should

I am an Extroverted Introvert!!!

Can take a Keurig or push mower apart, fix and reassemble them

I am a nerd – Sci-Fi loving – history buff

I’ve been in a movie.



If I haven’t overwhelmed, bored or freaked you out, I hope you will leave your email and join the ride into a Rhapsodyville state of life with me!

Lean In,


Time for a little R&R