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Shop with Redneck Rhapsody! #affilifate We are so happy to have you here to check out our shopping page. You must know that Redneck Rhapsody is a partner or affiliate with most of the companies/products that you will see listed below. Therefore, know that we do make a portion of the money. BUT just to be transparent, many of the payouts may only be 2% of your purchase, while others are decent.

After years of having this blog and a successful podcast, I – Trina, have found several companies that amazing products. Some of these products will help improve your health, others may just give you a better quality of living. Others may just be for fun.

Looking For Income?

Several of these companies do pay well. Whenever you share about them with your friends, you could make the income. Many have exactly how to do that right on their sights OR contact me: [email protected]

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However, I want to put them here all in one place. You can just click on the link that will take you straight to those sites. I will be working on making short videos about a few of them. Links where you can learn more in-depth details will be added, too.


Health & Wellness:

THE CBD GURUS – Password: anirt ***You Must Click SHIPPING WHOLESALER during check out & choose TRINA, please*** 

PetClub 247 – NOT just for Pets! Humans love it, too! Questions? Want a FREE pet food evaluation? EMAIL: [email protected]



JuicePlus Sign Up

Tower Garden

TN Farmaceuticals – all products 30% off with product code – redneckrhapsody, except **special sale items**


Dr. Randi Shannon -The Body Can – To call for appointment 844-275-1056

Tongue Tales: A Delightful Adventure Into Animal Tongues

LifeVantage Health Products

Ascent Nutrition

My Patriot Supply – MMS/Chlorine Dioxide, Water Treatment Systems, Prepper Food Supplies and Emergency Accessories 

Nature’s Sunshine Nutritionals  

Health Ranger Store

Alternative $aving Services:

Cue Streaming – Thousands of Channels, Movies, Sports and MORE

ACN Impact – Health Sharing ♦️♦️NEW♦️♦️ Option for an alternative for health coverage.

ACN – Essential services that you already use at excellent prices. Great ways to save money, and the income potential is outstanding, also.

Residential Services:

  • Travel
  • Mobile
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Health Care (Link below for quotes)♦️♦️
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Television
  • Security & Automation

Business Services:

  • Gas & Electricity
  • Health Care (Link below for quotes)♦️♦️
  • Payment Processing
  • Security & Automation
  • Television

Finance Finds:

If you want to look at purchasing metals I have a couple of companies that I have personally used. Everything that I have purchased off of Money Metals has been smooth. Especially for small amounts they are great. Specifically under, say $500.

Miles Franklin Precious Metals

However, my favorite to work with is Miles Franklin. Andy is a wealth of knowledge. He is the owner. They are the ONLY ones that I would be using to transfer large IRA / 401K’s over to actual metal backed accounts. To do this I would definitely call +1-952-929-7006 or email. Tellem’ who sent ya, please!

Instead of calling you can email them: [email protected] add my name in the subject line, please, so they know you have been referred. Albeit, Subject: Purchase silver – referred by Trina Welch or Redneck Rhapsody

Subsequently, should you prefer just shopping online Miles Franklin. When you register to shop just use Redneck Rhapsody or Trina Welch. Thank you a bunch!

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Thank you for stopping by to check out some of these great companies and products that we have tried & love. Hopefully, you will too.

Should you be looking for other avenues of income, maybe one of these direct selling businesses could be a fit for you!

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