How to Make the Best Carrot Cake Ever

Nice delicious slice of the best carrot cake ever.

I have been told multiple times that this was the best carrot cake ever. For years now I have been making this cake and this is why: There have been many of these carrot cakes that have been eaten, bought …

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A Good for You Healthy Guacamole Recipe

Fresh guacamole made up in a bowl ready to serve with a scoop on a chip.

Nothing better than an on point, good for you healthy guacamole recipe whether it’s for an appetizer or meal. I decided to start eating clean a couple of years ago (wish I had made all of my meals stick to …

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How About a Tasty Southern Midori Sour Cocktail

Southern Midori Sour Cocktail pinable image drink ready to sip.

How about a tasty Southern Midori Sour Cocktail to kick start the fun? This is one cocktail that my son has figured out that he might try “officially” when he turns 21 years old. He “unofficially” tried a Midori Sour …

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