How About Grilling For That Special Loved One?

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How about grilling for that special loved one for Father’s Day, 4th of July or maybe just because? We are a grilling family, for sure. We usually use the grill two or three times a week. Many times we use it even in the winter. I do have to say that the SBC tends to rule the grill situation nowadays, though. Let’s get his details on grilling the perfect chicken breast. It all starts with a good grill!

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Grilling For That Special Loved One is Very Different, Now.

Grilling for my special someone has changed for sure over the years. When I was a single mom I grilled several times a week for Amber and I. Heating up an old mobile home was something that I didn’t relish in the Arkansas summers. Heck, it cost more to cool a 14 × 70 trailer than it does a 3000 square foot home. I learned real quick it was much easier to throw our food on a little gas grill than in an oven. Yes, I became quite savvy with my grill skills, even if I do say so myself. Nowadays…. Not so much. When you are married to the Southern Cabana Boy, he rules the back porch kingdom. After 24 (almost) years of marriage, I’ve not been allowed to mess with the grill. That even applies to special occasions or holidays that I would gladly give him the day off. He would rather cook than set there and watch me touch his grill. Control issues, yes, he has them when it comes to his domain and utensils.

How About Grilling on an Old Charcoal Grill?

I posted a previous article on grilling that shows you our well-worn charcoal grill. What I did not post pictures of is the side shot or bottom of it. I did not want everyone to think that we were so bad off that we couldn’t afford a decent grill that I would not even put these pictures out. So say thank you for the laugh…. Here ya go:

Old rusted out grill.
YES, you do see a HUGE hole with a sheet of barn tin over it…LOL!!!

Now, How About Grilling on a New Grill?

Yes, we tried for 2 years to get him to get a new one. He was wanting one particular grill that is made by a company that we know the owners. We have had many meals over the years cooked on a Sikes Grill, and they are always delicious. This grill cooks with heat (like baking) and steam rather than just a direct flame. It can be placed over the flame for searing, then moved for further cooking with indirect heat. He finally acquired one and he LOVES it.

Meat cooking on a Sikes Grill

It comes with a smoke box to put wood chips in for flavor. They are stainless steel, so no rusting! The meat turns out juicy and tender. Although, I will say you cannot go to the pool and have a few beverages, while meat is still cooking. It can over cook if you leave it too long. If you time it and check it regularly it will be amazing! It’s something to really get “Siked” about! 

Robert grilling on Sikes Grill on top of the boat at Greers Ferry.
Robert Fason cooking on Sikes Grill on the boat.

How About Grilling Without Touching the Grill?

This has truly become my favorite way to grill… by not having to touch the grill at all. I have to do a little of the prep work, but mostly the SCB handles that, too. Even on Father’s Day you will find him edging me out of the way while he starts chopping, dicing and slicing. We use our grill for our entire meals. Our appetizers, sides and main are all cooked on it. I am excited about his Father’s Day gift this year. As a family, we will all get to try it throughout the entire year. I purchased him a subscription to the Grill Master’s gift box. Here are a couple of discount links if you are needing a great gift for a guy, especially those who are hard to buy for, but like to grill.

Grill Masters Club

You can find the one that’s right for you. It will ship it out once a month with four to five new items. The company researches, tests and approves of everything they ship in every box. Every month, Grill Masters Club sends a box of hand-selected grilling supplies: rubs, sauces, marinades, wood chips, recipes and accessories. We are anxiously awaiting our first one. Keep an eye out for a review of it after we get a couple of them. 

How About Grilling Some Tasty Chicken Breast!

Chicken breast is a staple at our house. I can go through bouts that I am almost a vegetarian. Being raised by farmers in the south, we always have had veggies at almost every meal. We ate many meals where they were the main focus even, if there was a little meat. The meat was treated as the side. Marrying a man raised in town made a shift in making sure that we usually have meat at most meals now. When we grill chicken breast we keep it super simple, as a general rule. This is because he always wants to grill a large pack, usually six to nine are in the pack. 

We will use them throughout the week or chop and freeze. This is perfect for fast meals: chicken Alfredo, Fajitas, salad, and just about anything you use chicken in. Saves so much time and hassle when you are tired. I can throw a Ziploc in the microwave on defrost for three to five minutes. It gives me enough time to have everything ready for the rest of the meal by the time it goes off. All I have to do is add the chicken and complete the dish!

Let’s Get to Cooking! 

Grilling a simple chicken breast is still the best for us. After it comes off the grill, you can dress it anyway you want. If we are planning on a hearty salad we slice the chicken into thin strips or chunks (just depends on the mood). Some days we make it a Chef Salad. Other days it may be a Grilled Caesar or have fruit & nuts for toppings. We even have nights that we set out all the above. A salad bar at the house is not unheard of for us. 

Wayne grilling on the back porch.

Guess What We Are About to Get Going With Our Grilling…

YES! You guessed it, that is if you ever have checked out any of my other posts: Cocktails! What cocktail is delish with a grilled chicken salad? I would take any, but hey that’s me. I believe that a Southern Midori Sour would suit it perfectly. Should you decide to go with something a little more spicy after you take them off the grill, maybe grilled chicken tacos? This would make you definitely need a Southern Redneck Margarita. I have several other cocktails that are worth looking into if one of these doesn’t tickle your taste buds.  

Makes You Want to Grill a Chicken… Now, Hummm?

This tasty yard bird recipe is meant to inspire the griller in all y’all. If you don’t have a grill and are looking for one, I encourage you to check out the Sikes Grills. No gift for dad yet, maybe he has a fantastic grill, check out the Grill Master Gift Box for him. Hope you have a great summer with plenty of grilling going on! 

Happy grilling y’all!

XOXO ~ Trina

Chicken and sausage fresh off the grill.

Grilled Chicken

Quick and Easy Grilled Chicken
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican
Servings 6


  • Outdoor Grill


  • 6 Chicken Breast Wash before prepping. You can cook other chicken parts, cook time will varied based on weight.
  • 1 – 2 tsp Garlic Salt Just give a shake on both sides.


  • Yall we keep our grilling as simple as possible. wash the meat, garlic salt both sides, then grill. It is cooked approximately 7 minutes on each side, unless its frozen, then it will take a couple more minutes. They are not cooked over the direct flame. He puts them over the direct flame for char marks on each side, after they are completely cooked.


Serving: 6
Keyword chicken, grilled chicken
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  1. Nothing smells better on a Summer afternoon than meat on a grill. I got out of the habit of grilling during the winter and this inspired me to get out there and clean it up for dinner tonight. I’ll be hitting up your cocktail recipes too! Cheers!

  2. 5 stars
    I’m the grill master in this household. Do they have a box for the grill mom? I love it all on the grill, too. Our grill is also a smoker, and that is to a of fun. Now I think I’ll go grill some chicken.


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