A Top 10 Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita

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A top 10 best ever Southern Redneck Margarita is really not that hard to find. All I have to do is walk to our liquor cabinet and there ya go! Boom! The only items that I sometimes have to forgo are fresh lime. I do however usually have my own fresh lime cubes frozen. This is a pitcher recipe that can be divided down for a smaller crowd or you can make just enough for one!

Southern Redneck Margarita Pin 1
Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita Recipe!

What Makes It a Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita?

Well, Southern – because we live in the South. We snagged a version of this recipe from a restaurant even further South than Arkansas. Redneck – hence “Redneck Rhapsody,” just seemed fitting to tie them together. Why “best ever” – we have traveled A LOT. I have tried A LOT of margaritas. This one, I will put up next to anyone’s. In my personal opinion, it is a #1 not just a top 10! BUT, I am extremely prejudiced. 

Just Where Did We Find The Basis for This “Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita?”

We were traveling in Louisiana. There’s a small chain local to Northwest Louisiana that we frequented every time we were in town, which just so happened to be about every 6 weeks. After them becoming familiar with us and learning that we were fans of their “two for one” margaritas at “happy hour.” Dialogue about how much we enjoyed them, as well as their food, opened the door for us to find out just why theirs were so delicious. That is below in the recipe! However, I did not get their measurements, so it took a bit getting the perfect balance for this best ever Southern Redneck Margarita.

Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita ready to drink!

I Can’t Wait…

I Must Share the Secret:

The secret to making the best ever Southern Redneck Margarita is… wait for it, Gran Gala! Yep, doesn’t sound like much, but it is. I promise! You float a little of this on the top and you’ll experience an amazing, over the top, tastiest margarita ever! Just what is Gran Gala?

Per their website: Bring exceptional taste and smoothness to your cocktails with Imported Gran Gala Triple Orange Liqueur. Gran Gala has a rare blend of VSOP Italian Brandy infused with the rich and lively flavor of fresh oranges. The result: Gran Gala’s rich amber color, velvety-smooth mouth feel and full-bodied, sweet fruit flavor. Founded in Triestes, Italy, Gran Gala draws its proud heritage from the ancient port city’s great traditions of art, culture and craftsmanship. Since 1884 connoisseurs have savored Gran Gala’s exquisite flavor and elegant character in a variety of Cocktails, on the rocks and simply straight up. Gran Gala’s remarkable versatility has not only found its way from Italy to the US, but also from behind the bar to the kitchens of five star European chefs. The sophisticated orange flavor of Gran Gala enhances the taste of gourmet dishes ranging from appetizers to entrées, and best of all, desserts.

Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita all served up in a colorful highball glass!

Tequila – 100% Agave,

is it a must?

I feel that 100% agave tequila is a must, but many don’t. Although, I did not have any at the moment we made the video – it is the only kind of tequila that we purchase now. The bottle that is being used in this video was a gift. This link provides the best reason and information about why 100% agave tequila. I will also say that for MANY years this did not matter to me, but the more I mix the more I realize that it matters! 

Rocks or NOT?

Are you a frozen margarita only kinda person? I can drink frozen ones, but they water down a lot faster, give me brain freeze and are just not as tasty it seems. Yes, that is my opinion. Everyone has their own. Feel free to share yours below in the comments, but don’t just tell me which is your preference, tell me why.

Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita Pin 3!

To Rim or Not to Rim; with Salt that is?

I love to run a lime around the rim and roll it in a coarse salt. Sometimes I am out of fresh lime, but usually have “fresh” frozen cubes at all times. I place one in a saucer, zap it for about 30 seconds, and then turn glass upside down. Place glass rim in saucer to wet with lime juice, then into the salt. 

Yep, The Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita is #12!!!

We have reached the FINAL recipe in our 12 Days of Tipsy. These tipsy day recipes have taken a bigger minute than I ever expected…. Next time I’ll have everything prepared ahead of time BEFORE I ever date things again. I hope that you’ve tried a few of these and maybe liked one or two. Maybe, just maybe you will jump on the YouTube version. If you do please subscribe to our channel, so you don’t miss anything we’re up to in our Rhapsodyville side of life. 

How About A Guest Host: SCB for Doing a Little Mixology?

That’s right the Southern Cabana Boy stepped up to bat for this #12 Tipsy Day recipe. I think he knocked it right out of the park! Someday’s a girl just needs a boy to take care of business and bartend for her! I have also made a playlist of all 12 Days of Tipsy Recipes, in case you missed one.

Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita ready to drink!

Southern Redneck Margarita

Best Ever Margarita Pitcher Recipe
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Cocktail
Cuisine Mexican


  • 4 cups Sweet and Sour Mix
  • 2 cups Tequila
  • 1 1/2 cups Triple Sec
  • 1/2 – 1 oz per drink Gran Gala
  • 1 sliced Lime / Orange Sliced or wedged, your preference for garnish and to wet rim.
  • 1 – 2 T Salt in a saucer Coarse is my preference, but most any will work.
  • 4-6 cups Ice Put in pitcher and extra can be added to individual glasses.


  • Have about half your pitcher with ice before you begin to add ingredients. This will insure that your margarita is chilled before added to serving glass. Although, after you wet your rim and add salt I still add ice to my serving glass. I like a really cold drink.
    Add all ingredients to your pitcher, except Gran Gala. It's meant to float on the top of each glass before serving. Add garnish and serve! Cheers y'all!
Keyword gran gala, lime, margarita, sweet and sour, sweet and sour mix, tequila, triple sec
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Saved the BEST for Last – The Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita:

Yes, in my opinion I definitely saved the Very Best for Last! This Southern Redneck Margarita can stand up against any! Anywhere, anytime…. Against Any other margarita out there. I do love it on the rocks. I hope you will give it a go and let me know if it makes at least your top 10, too! 

Cheers y’all! 


Southern Redneck Margarita Pin 2

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