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Travel Hacks – Info for travelers is a page where you can locate sites/apps to make you have an easier time. Whether it’s preparing for a trip or if you are in the middle of one and need help.

United States of America Information for International Travel Sources of Information:


Customs Quicker – Download the App: Mobile Pass – This travel info will allow travelers to fill all the customs information for all your family members on one device. It’s good for 4 hours. You get a QR Code which you will present with receipts, and your passport. This makes customs move much faster when returning to the states. This can be a serious Travel Hack & Info travelers can save time with.

International Travel Info & Embassy Locations –

Visa Requirements for Americans

Driving Internationally

Currency exchange rates:

Travel Hack & Info Travelers can benefit from knowing

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

TSA’s Top Travel Info Tips

Travel Info Insurance the 411:

Travel Hacks won’t much work on this, but the Info is good to have. There are several different companies who have a offer a wide range of coverage. I am going to list a few web sight’s. My philosophy that I have recently adopted, after reading other travel blogger’s stories, if you can afford to take trips, then you can’t afford to not have travel insurance. In full disclosure, I have used one or two of these for my trips, at this time though, I am thankful that I have not had to put any of them actually to use. If it ever arises, that I do, I will share it here. I do suggest making sure you compare apples to apples and always read reviews before making a choice.

If you have an American Express this is an alternative:


Parking for a trip? Should you need to park a car at the airport for the duration of a trip and are looking for a better deal than the airport offers then check to see if you have a: the Parking Spot lot. They currently have over 37 locations at 22 US airports. If you pay ahead then you may want to grab these savings: the Parking Spot.

A few Great Apps to have:






Any/All Airlines

Trip Advisor



Hopefully there are a few of the above sites or apps that in some way make your life a little simpler. Less is more! Less time looking on the internet and staying confused leads to a LOT more time to be on a journey. May you have many miles of exciting, memory-making adventure ahead of you. Be blessed & stay safe!

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More travel hacks & info for traveling; such as navigating long haul trips or international travel. It’s always best to be ready for what your stepping into, instead of feeling like you hit a bottomless pit or lots pot holes. If you are new to traveling, especially international these two list may help you considerably. A seasoned traveler just might pick up a tip or two. Just might be worth checking out.

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