Queen of the Gypsies tomb in Meridian, MS

Gypsy is probably definitely in the blood…… From 2015 to the end of 2017 we traveled over 70,000 miles. Thank goodness, it was not ALL in a car. I have traveled since I was four years old. From about  4-12 years of age it was in the back seat of a Cadillac…way before the electronic device era. When books, word search, which mile marker are we at, where is the State Capitol from here and how to read an Atlas was the theme for the hour(s). So thankful for tech for the road now!!!!

Elvis & Noah @ Elvis American Cafe outside of Beit Shemesh, Israel November 2017

Especially with a teenager. We have had lots of excitement and memory making moments. The last three years of having him with us, before he escapes into the reality of “being an adult” (which is way overrated), have been a joy. #sonsasional is my heartbeat.

Hope you enjoy some of our adventures as much as we did!