12 Tipsy Day Recipes Y’all: Who Wants to Get Merry & Blitzen?

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12 tipsy day recipes y’all: Who wants to get merry & blitzen? Yep, it’s that time of the year. The holidays have descended upon us. I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes it’s a whole lot easier surviving them with a great cocktail.

12 Days of Tipsy - Mix of many alcohol, liqueur's, fresh fruits and several juices to mix them with.
Do I have enough to get us through 12 days of Tipsy alcohol recipes ???

12 Tipsy Day Recipes: What Will You Do New?

During the holidays we try many new things. New appetizers, drinks, games and gifts. Some stay, some go away. This is when it’s fun to pick up new spirits to share, in case they are not your favorite. If they are you can add them to the stash.

12 Tipsy Day Recipes: What Type of Cocktails do You Prefer?

Do you like sweet & fruity, or strong & straight? Do you keep it light and bubbly? Are you a shot shooter? Maybe your just a beer drinker. I will be trying a mix of cocktails with a wide variety of alcohol during this 12 days of Tipsy with new recipes.

12 days of tipsy - Southern Cranberry Twist

Let’s Start this Merry & Blitzen with 12 Days of Tipsy

Day 1 – Southern Cranberry Crush

Day 2 – Southern White Chocolate Chata Café

Day 3 – Southern Blue Blitzen

Day 4 – Southern Deck the Halls

Day 5 – Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail

Day 6 – Southern “Loaded” Hot Chocolate

Day 7 – Southern CRB Cocktail

Day 8 – Toasted Butternut Monkey

Day 9 – Inland Pearl Harbor

Day 10 – Perfect Peach Cocktail

Day 11 – Southern Midori Sour

Day 12 – Southern Redneck Margarita

Which Was Your Favorite of the 12 Days of Tipsy?

Were one of these recipes a hit at your holiday happenings? I hope so! Maybe, just maybe, there is a new favorite recipe circulating around your bar this season. Hopefully it will continue to be a hit all year long.

12 Days of Tipsy- Day 3 Southern Blue Blitzen

Here are a couple of my favorite cocktails that are already on blog and YT. You can try one of these while you wait for the rest of the 12 days. I have been told that they are big a hit at the parties!

Southern Redneck Eggnog

Southern French Martini

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Let’s make this a safe & happy holiday season!