Should You Love a Perfect Peach Cocktail?

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Should You Love a Perfect Peach Cocktail? Absolutely! If you are like me and a dry or semi-dry wine is not your thing, this Perfect Peach Cocktail could solve this issue for you. Of course, you would need to like peaches for this to make sense.

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A Perfect Peach Cocktail is So Simple to Make

You will only need a few ingredients for this sweet treat. It is a very uncomplicated cocktail. Wine, Sprite, and a few other alcohol’s to take it over the top. Should peach happen to not be your thing, you could swap all the peach flavors with sparkling white grape juice and the liqueurs could be a grape or raspberry flavors.

If You’re Not a Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Maybe Even a Riesling Fan…

A Perfect Peach Cocktail could be the answer to a bottle of the above if they don’t tickle your taste buds. The hint of peach, extra bubbles from the carbonation of the lemon lime soda or just the sweetness from all the ingredients might turn it into something that you actually like. It’d be nice to not have to choke down that extra dry mess. Most likely it’s a bottle that someone brought to the gift exchange and you were the last draw.

A Perfect Peach Cocktail Doesn’t Have to Have Peaches

If you don’t actually have any peaches, no worries. I don’t use any in this recipe, unless you want to garnish with one. Maybe you could have a slice or two in the freezer. Float frozen slices in your glass to keep your drink chilled. This way will cause it to not taste watered down.

All the ingredients that are in a Southern Perfect Peach Cocktail.

A Perfect Peach Cocktail is number 10 on the 12 Tipsy Day Recipes

The 12 Tipsy Day Recipes are just about to be wrapped up. I hope that you don’t miss the final 2, nor should you miss the previous one’s. Click on over to check it out.

You can find all of them and the appetizer collection on that post. Hopefully, some of them will be print worthy. Add them to your Pinterest board where you can keep them in a collection all together. Heck it would be awesome if you share them, too. I have also created a playlist on the YT channel in case you want to play all of them while trying your hand at bar-tending.

The Perfect Hors d’oeuvre to Serve a Perfect Peach Cocktail with:

We are hopping back over to the blog of my friend Kim’s at to get the deets on how to make Citrus Scallop Ceviche. This will be a perfect peach pairing with this cocktail. Make sure you drop her a comment if you try it out.

Let’s Head to the Kitchen for a Southern Peachy Perfection!

How Did This One Taste?

Did this one make the list for being one of your new favs? Maybe one of the others, day 1-9 is more your style? Comment below if you have tried them, and which you like, or maybe ALL! 

Cheers y’all! 



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