Let’s dive in and i’ll tell you all about what my style is. I am VERY eclectic…

If I like it I: get it, wear it, cook it, do it, change it, play it… ALL while loving IT!

I try really hard to enjoy my dash.

I know eternity is waiting, but there’s still SO stinkin much to do and try while I’m here.  I love this earth! What’s a girl to do??? Better get busy I know I’m missing something!

BTW EVERYTHING I do cooking, playing, painting, driving, working, traveling, hangin at the beach or pool, heck even taking a shower(TMI?)  – HAS MUSIC!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE music…. ALL kinds (almost).  I will share some tunes throughout my blog that are playing while I work on certain projects, may have inspired a mood, and could have even developed into a whole blog post – who knows. I love me some music.

Da Boyz