Redneck Rhapsody

Well, welcome to Redneck Rhapsody, hope you take time to sit a spell and find hanging with a redneck (aka: lil’ diva) will give you a break / push / pull or giggle to get through till the next time.


Redneck Rhapsody – My Definition:

(you should be hearing Bee Gee’s – You Should Be Dancing)

Redneck Rhapsody – Where living is a state of mind. I live as a happy lil’ diva in my own little space I like to call Rhapsodyville. God has been growing, building and birthing this location for me to invite you to hang out for some laughs, love and lots of things for over 5 years. I am excited, nervous, thrilled, anxious, happy and really stoked for this to FINALLY be a reality. Hope I can throw some things at the wall & just maybe a few will stick. Maybe, just maybe the amazing thoughts that float through this gray matter (and usually fall outta my mouth, which REALLY should have a speed bump before they do) will magically come out of my fingertips….LOL

Redneck – Rhapsody: Web definitions & explanations

(you should be hearing Prince’s – Raspberry Beret fading into Foreigner’s – It Feels Like the First Time)

Defination: Redneck or red-neckred-nek ]

  1. an uneducated white farm laborer, especially from the South.*
  2. a bigot or reactionary, especially from the rural working class.*

[* Let’s clear this up just a LOT… I am white, from the South, I did get an associates degree (somewhat educated, just nearly flunked English, though). I do react to a many things, especially when they are unfair. I am not a bigot by any means. I do come from a legacy of entrepreneurs. They made a good living, but were never “wealthy.”]

Definition: Rhapsody plural  Rhapsodies

  1. 1:  a portion of an epic poem adapted for recitation
  2. 2: archaic :  a miscellaneous collection
  3. 3a (1) :  a highly emotional utterance (2) :  a highly emotional literary work (3) :  effusively rapturous or extravagant discourseb :  raptureecstasy
  4. 4:  a musical composition of irregular form having an improvisatory character

Synonyms and Antonyms of rhapsody

a state of overwhelming usually pleasurable emotion (listening to Mozart always left him in a rhapsody that lingered for the remainder of the evening)

Synonyms: cloudnineelatednesselationeuphoriaexhilarationheavenhighintoxicationparadiseraptureecstasyseventh heavenswoontransport

Related Words: exaltationblessednessblissblissfulnessdelightenchantment,   felicitygladnesshappinessjoyjoyfulnessjoyousnesspleasurereverietrance;     inspirationfervorfrenzymadnesspassioncheercheerfulnessexuberancegaiety   (also gayety), gleegleefulnessjubilancejubilationlightheartedness

Antonyms: Misery, sadnessunhappinesswoewretchednessbluesdejectiondesolationdespairdespondencydisconsolatenessdisheartenmentdispiritednessdoldrumsdownheartednessdrearinessdumpsforlornnessgloomgloominessheartsicknessmelancholymopes, depression

noun, plural Rhapsodies:

  1. Music. an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation.
  2. an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm.
  3.  an epic poem, or a part of such a poem, as a book of the Iliad, suitable for recitation at one time.
  4. a similar piece of modern literature  an unusually intense or irregular poem or piece of prose.
  5. Archaic. a miscellaneous collection; jumble.




This about sums me up pretty perfectly!

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