Redneck Rhapsody

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Just what is Redneck Rhapsody???

If I have to give a reliable,

proper blog response it is a Travel & Lifestyle Blog

In all actuality: It will be a blog about my crazy life that can go in a million different directions and sometimes it’s all on the same day!



You can take the journey with me; which places to go (or not), restaurants that are a can’t miss (or total skips).

Hit the kitchen and churnger (turn) out a divine dish.

Grab up some flea market finds, do a little dumpster diving and power tool playing.  

The strand of creative that flows through this little Arkansas redneck diva varies in many forms.

I express myself with new hairstyles and colors, along with an eclectic wardrobe collection.

I love to design & make rhinestone clothes, making hand poured candles, painting, taking things that break & make something new, cooking, traveling, ect.

I LOVE good deals, so if I find one I will share!!!

When I find a FAV I will share those, too!!!

To say the least, I’m not really a boring chick, so I hope that you will enjoy the ride of rolling through this middle age, hot mess I call life otherwise known as a Redneck Rhapsody experience.


2016 started a series of travels that grew into a ton of totally great memories. I began to take notice on one our trips of details of  the places where we stayed; restaurants where we ate and things that we would do. I was trying to decide what to do with all of that information and this blog is where it landed and has matured into. Luckily, it didn’t stop, 2017 was a year full of amazing, new experiences, too. Can’t wait to share lots of this with you.

I am staring at the windshield of being an empty nester; all the while being a grandparent looking in the rear view mirror (literally). So, where will this blog and 2018 lead me??? Well, your guess is almost as good as mine. I just know that things are going to change and I can embrace and lean in or I can stick my head in the sand and get swallowed up. I’m a doer, so I’ll put my boots on, saddle up, grab a hat, and get ready to ride…..


I have been working on post over this past couple of years while traveling.

They will be mingled in with my  new adventures that will begin to unfold.

I will dabble in things like remodels, restores, makeovers, upcycles, paint, build, and break. We may do clothes, make up, hair, cooking, nutrition, fitness or health.

Wednesday’s word won’t be just for saints, but may not be for the faint.

Fearless Friday’s – Free for All – should be fun! Can’t wait to get this party started.

But one thing that is a must know is that I am a Kings kid. My Father keeps me grounded and safe. I plan on being eternal….BUT this AIN’T dress rehearsal. SO…I plan on living large, building great things, making terrific relationships, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and LOVING as much as possible while I’m here! Let’s do this…


Well, look out here we go!


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