How to Use Yucky Wine – Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail

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How to use yucky wine – for a Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail is day 5 of 12 Tipsy Day Recipes. I hope that you will find at least one of this that fits your fill or fills your bill for cocktail time. I am trying to include a variety, so maybe… just maybe one will work.

Southern Kickin' Fruit Cocktail in 3 glass being prepared for serving.

What Exactly is a Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail?

Glad you asked. It is truly a cocktail made from fruit. Have you ever bought or been gifted a bottle/box of wine that tasted less than desired? This basic recipe has 3 ingredients. You are more than welcome to add something more, but I am keeping this one simple. This is actually how I make and enjoy mine.

Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktails are good at anytime!

I make these throughout the year. Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktails are good at anytime. When I want something refreshing. I actually like to serve as a light desert at times.

Southern Kickin' Fruit Cocktail with a chunk of frozen fruit cocktail floating in a glass.

How did the Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail come into being?

This fruit cocktail was actually made by accident to keep from throwing a whole box of wine away at the beach one summer. We went shopping after we arrived at the condo. Their were several of us. We were going to be there a week, so someone picked up a boxed red wine. It was the kind of boxed wine that gives boxed wine a BAD reputation, js… There were a lot of fresh fruits purchased, too.

We were about half way thru the week and only a glass or two had been poured up. I was definitely not carrying it home. Hated to just trash it. We still had an abundance of fruit: melon, plum’s, peach’s and such. I had tried Sangria over frozen fruit and knew it was delicious, so I started thinking.

Bowl of Southern Kickin' Fruit Cocktail filled with wine mixture and fruit. Holding sliced tangerine.

Well, sometimes that can get me into serious trouble or turn into a perfect solution… This time wasn’t so bad. I chopped the fruit into bite size pieces, put it in an air tight container and covered it completely with alcohol. It set overnight. I still wasn’t in love with the drink that remained – it needed something. The fruit was edible and tasted just okay. I knew I could do better.

Got to thinking about what it was missing. Yep, it was missing the true Southern factor… When all else fails, add sugar. This was not a desert. So you couldn’t just add sugar to it. It would need to be able to easily infuse with all the ingredients. Simple syrup for the win! That was the game changer! Added about 1/4 a cup let it set another 24 hrs, and BOOM! No left over wine, nor fruit when check out came 2 days later! I had a hit and a problem solved for all the yucky wine in my life from now on!!!!

What Usually Inspires Me to Make a Batch?

There are three things that usually inspire a container full of Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail:

#1 I bought or was given a bottle of wine that nobody in the house will ever drink.

#2 There is extra fruit that will not all get eat before it goes bad.

#3 It’s summertime! This is one of my favorite things that is cheap to make, taste great and always gives me 2- 3 daily servings fruit required!

Is It Difficult to Make Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail?

No! This is one of the easiest cocktail recipes you will ever make. The recipe will speak for itself. You kinda just do a little of this and a little of that. The fruit can be such a great variety that you can really change it up just by using different fruit and wine selections.

Looking for More Cocktail Recipes?

Looking for More? Then don’t miss the first few day’s of the 12 Tipsy Day Recipes. I will keep updating that list to get all the way to 12 AT LEAST BY the time the new year roles around, so make sure you check back for those, too!

Whatcha Need to Go with Those Cocktails

My girl Lyndi has us the hook up for an amazing appetizer that would pair perfect with this sweet little drink. If you don’t know what would be tasty for sipping and hanging out this delicious “Grilled Date Wrapped” is what you need. A small plate with cheese and cracker as a side and you have all you need if eating lite with a Southern Kickin Fruit Cocktail! Enjoy!

It’s a wrap……literally

I have to get off here and finish the wrapping! This post may find you in July or August, but it’s being kicked out of the draft mode late Christmas Eve, just in case you end up with one of those wines in the next day or two; You will have a way to make it tasty by kickin’ it up Southern style. You can make it delicious before the new year!

Cheer’s y’all!!! Make this season Merry & Bright!



Southern Kickin' Fruit Cocktail with a chunk of frozen fruit cocktail floating in a glass.

Southern Kickin’ Fruit Cocktail

Wine & Fruit – with a little more!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Cocktail
Cuisine American
Servings 4



  • 2 – 4 c. Wine Can be a wine that is not the best, maybe just one you don't like. Sangria always works for this, too. I have only used red & blushes, though. The ones I prefer for this recipe usually happen to be either tart, dull, dry or just yucky in general. I don't use sweet ones, since I add a simple syrup and the fruit will add to the sweetness also.
  • 2 – 4 c. Fruit (Mix) I have used all types of fruit: melons, berries, apples, oranges, pineapples, peaches and plums. I prefer fresh, but canned or frozen can be included, also.
  • 1/4 – 1/2 c. simple syrup


  • Make up simple syrup ahead of time so it can be chilled. Cut up all the fruit put it in a bowl add all the liquids, stir and refrigerate. I love for mine to have at least a 4 hour minimum set time, but 1-2 days makes it even better. I scoop in a spoonful or two fruit then pour the wine elixir over it. I you chose to freeze some into Ice cube or just put frozen fruit in the glass that works. too!
Keyword cocktail, fruit punch, wine
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Bowl of fruit and wine mix being made up and ready for the fridge.

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