A Good for You Healthy Guacamole Recipe

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Nothing better than an on point, good for you healthy guacamole recipe whether it’s for an appetizer or meal. I decided to start eating clean a couple of years ago (wish I had made all of my meals stick to it).

This simple, fresh guacamole recipe will be the healthiest & best tasting that you’ve ever made. I really do love eating healthy, but eating bad just tastes so darn good……

A bowl of fresh, healthy guacamole recipe ready to eat.

A Good for You Healthy Guacamole Recipe Is Hard to Beat!

A truly healthy guacamole recipe is so hard to beat. This is a super easy recipe that makes a fantastic side dish. Although, it’s a main dish for me a lot of times. I wrap it up in lettuce for lunch many days. It always works as an appetizer. Guacamole pairs perfect with a ton of different types of mains, such as: grilled chicken, shrimp, steak and yes, saving the best for last, MEXICAN dinners!!!

Avocados are one of those fats that is actually healthy for you. When I discovered that I love them, I tried to start adding them into a lot of our meals. I chop them to put on the top of soup. They are sliced and added on our burgers and salads.

How Many Ingredients Does Good for You Healthy Guacamole Take?

Good for you guacamole basically takes six fresh ingredients: Avocado’s, tomatoes, onion, lime, jalapeño’s, and cilantro. You will have to use spices that don’t have to be fresh, but some of them can be. This particular recipe is a lot better with fresh produce. 

Pick firm or semi-firm avocado’s if you want chunkier healthy guacamole; softer for creamier version. You do run the risk of them possibly having bad spots the softer they become. I will be giving tips on how I deal with avocado’s in the video.

An entire bowl of healthy guacamole recipe; 2 avocado, 1 tomato - makes 4 cup bowl full.

I use basically four spices. Some that are dried or powdered. I do love to use minced (refrigerated) garlic, if I don’t have fresh. I will still use garlic salt / powder if I am out of the other, but it is very seldom that I am. Additional spices that I use are cumin, salt, pepper and possibly a small shake of red crushed pepper for extra heat.

Might even use a couple of shakes of hot sauce (Louisiana, Texas Pete’s or Frank’s) from the fridge. (This would only happen if I was running short on jalapeño’s. Which can happen if there is another cook in the house with you and he decides to use one or two of them for another meal and forgets to mention it…)

What’s The Hardest Part of This Dish?

CHOPPING! Yep, this is one of those recipes where you need to have great knives. An excellent cutting board is a must. If you are cutting produce it is wonderful to have a lip or grove around the outside edge to keep juice from running off. We try to keep the one for produce separate from our meat cutting board.

Which means every kitchen should have two cutting boards, bare minimum. Yes, a superb one can be a small investment, but I will tell you if you take proper care and storage of it, it will last you a lifetime. I have a couple that are over 20 years old.  

A hand chopper, like the one that I found at Amazon is so handy. If you have an electric one, it will work, too. A small, super, inexpensive electric food chopper is great to have if you want to chop items that you don’t want the residue on your hands, such as jalapeño’s & onions. I do suggest cutting the onion in fourths before chopping in any method. 

All the ingredients that you need for healthy guacamole recipe.
Fresh produce is best!

The jalapeño’s need halving, deveining and seeding. Unless you want to pack a punch, from some heat. The true heat in a jalapeño is in the seeds and soft white membrane that holds them. If you want their flavor and a mild version, just do what I mentioned above.

The simplest way to remove the inside of a jalapeño is with a regular teaspoon. After you cut the cap off (stem), then cut in half. Hold at a downward angle (away from eyes and face) over disposal side of sink, trash or garbage bowl. Take the spoon, start at the top and scrape down, stripping the insides out of it. 

If we are making this for just us I do usually leave one or two with them in, because we like heat. This will also vary based on the amount that you plan on making. Disposable gloves that are food safe are a great thing to have if you don’t want issues after preparing items like this.

I have to be cautious after chopping and preparing certain items, because I wear contacts. The after effects of hot peppers can remain on your hands through multiple hand washings and still be there hours later. 

Cilantro is one of the very last items I choose to deal with during the preparation; especially if I don’t use herb scissors. It is unruly when chopping. I do not use a chopper for this because I love the look of it in the guacamole. It gets pulverized in the electric chopper and just gums up the hand one. Scissors are definitely the best way to go with this herb in my opinion.

Fresh garlic cloves will take this recipe up a notch, also. You will need a garlic press to make this easy. You can choose to peel and chop. Don’t have fresh garlic available?

My second choice is minced garlic that you can purchase in the produce department. It comes in a jar and will require refrigeration after opening. We are NEVER without this in our house. Should neither of those be options, go for garlic salt or powder. If you use garlic salt, you will have to adjust recipes salt amount.

Juicing the lime can be as simple as rolling, cutting, then squeezing. I only recommend this if your hands are super strong, because you will leave a lot of juice in it. You can use a regular spoon, but it is a little messy. I prefer a hand juicer.

There are usually lime cubes frozen for back up, just in case. I put one or two in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt. Let them cool before adding to dip. Frozen is just as good as fresh. 

How Much Guacamole Should You Make? 

This will always vary based on whether it is an additional side or a centerpiece dish. First, if we are having enchiladas, tacos, or burritos this is usually the only side then I judge about ½ to 1 avocado per person per serving. I will break down how I compare all the other ingredients in the recipe part.

Second, should it be one of three different dips, and we are full on having a “Mexican Fiesta” type dinner with Spanish rice, black beans and mains, then I usually use 1 – 2 avocados. This will give everyone a small portion to basically add as a condiment for the meal.

Saucer holding to avocado's, one tomato - ready to make my healthy guacamole recipe.

Third, when using it as my main or a “dip night only” meal (cheese dip, salsa and guac) for three of us, I buy 2 – 3 avocados to have enough for each of us a generous serving or fill a wrap. Averages out to 1 avocado per person. 

A nice set of bowls with a great seal helps with keeping the guacamole from turning dark quick. Leaving two – three avocado pits (seeds) in the dip after you make it up and while stored will keep it from turning dark. The very top may become slightly discolored, but when you stir it, the color beneath the surface will still be a beautiful green! 

Healthy guacamole on chip ready to eat.

What Do I Usually Always Serve with It?

There are a couple of things that I always serve with my good for you guacamole: Salsa of some form. It might be from a jar, but as a general rule it’s homemade. During the summer I love doing a fresh Tropical Salsa. This is the recipe I use for that. If I am serving for dinner or on the weekend we usually mix up a pitcher of margaritas. My Southern Redneck Margarita is the only recipe I ever use. I do sometimes scale it down for just a one or two serving size amount if we don’t have company, but it is the best recipe I have ever found for margaritas. You’re gonna wanna try it!

Good For You Guacamole is Just as Delicious As Bad For you Guacamole!

Truly, I believe that good for you guacamole tastes better than bad for you guacamole. I do not like guac that has sour cream, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise or any other type of filler added. The flavor of the natural fruits, veggies and spices will be all that you need for this. I hope that your family and friends will love this, as much as we do! 

An entire bowl of healthy guacamole recipe; 2 avocado, 1 tomato - makes 4 cup bowl full.

Healthy Guacamole

All fresh ingredient good for you healthy guacamole recipe.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Appetizer, Side Dish
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 4
Calories 156 kcal


  • 2 Avocado's (ripe) Should they be a little too firm: place overnight in a paper sack or microwave for 10-20 secs power at 80 percent.
  • 1 M/L Tomato
  • 1 Lime Juice over your bowl.
  • 2-3 M/L Jalapeno's De-vein & seed for milder version.
  • 2-3 Cloves Garlic
  • 1/2 Medium Onion
  • 2-3 Stems Cilantro (more or less is fine) To taste
  • 1-2 t cumin To taste
  • 1 1/2 t salt To taste
  • 1/2 t black pepper To taste


  • Wash all of your produce. Water with white vinegar or water with 1T of salt & 1/3 cup of lemon juice. Soft skin fruit 3 minute soak, other fruit and veggies 8 minutes, rinse then store or prep.
    Saucer holding to avocado's, one tomato - ready to make my healthy guacamole recipe.
  • Have all your items assembled to keep time and mess at a minimum. I leave avocado's for almost next to last in prep. Start cutting and chopping. If you want more tips on the easiest way to do this refer to pictures or video. Size of pieces is a total personal preference. Sometimes the avocados will be riper than others, which can cause it to have a creamer texture. We prefer chunks.
  • Add each ingredient to the bowl as you remove it from your cutting board or chopper. Spices go last. Squeezing lime over all ingredients in the bowl last. Stir, cover and refrigerate till time to serve.



I try to keep in mind that I keep the avocado’s a 2 to 1 ratio to the tomato’s. Ex: 4 avocado, 2- 3 tomato’s, extra pepper 1/2 to a whole lime juiced. This recipe is extremely flexible. You can scale it up or down for correct serving size. Your spices and seasonings will all depend on your taste. All of the above will give you a place to start. Use less, then add more. ALWAYS easier to add these things a little at a time. Taking away isn’t really an option. You can throw in extra produce, if you happen to get a little too much of something though. Don’t just trash it. Save a pit or two to add to bowl for storage to keep color fresh.


Serving: 4Calories: 156kcal
Keyword Appetizer, Avocado, Guacamole, Mexican Side
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Now I’m Hungry for Guac!

Guess I need to head to the store, because now I am craving some guacamole that is good & healthy for you!

See y’all later!

XOXO ~ Trina

Fresh guacamole made up in a bowl ready to serve with a scoop on a chip.

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  1. 5 stars
    Delicious. I love your tips and tricks. My biggest problem with guacamole is picking the perfect avocados 🥑 and making sure they are ready. I love guacamole and now I’m going shopping.

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    Now I’m hungry too! I love guacamole and this recipe looks perfect for weekend fun. Thanks again. Now I just need a good margarita to go with it, and I’m sure I can find that on your blog too. Cheers!

  3. I love guacamole. Avocados are my favorite food in the whole world. Cilantro is a must in guacamole dip. Thanks for the recipe. I must try this over the weekend. Also, thanks for the tip about leaving the seed in the dip to keep it from turning brown. So smart!


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