Yes, Adventure Awaits in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

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Adventure awaits in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas the minute you turn off of Hwy 16 and head into town. You will be greeted by a couple of big Adirondack chairs. With a built in pull over, this is your first chance to take a memory picture and start your adventure.

Adventure awaits at Fairfield Bay anytime we are out on WIT

Adventure Awaited Me in Fairfield Bay Years Ago!

My first memories of Fairfield Bay are of when I was a small child. My parents and I spent the weekend in one of the timeshare condominiums. They participated in the typical round of timeshare tours.

American flag flying on the back of a boat on Greers Ferry Lake. Pin#1

We had more weekends like that as I grew up, although the next truly memorable experience was with my daughter’s godmother. This dear friend and I roomed together one weekend, and I learned that she liked to play football in her sleep. They say you should dream big, and I guess she did; she was calling the plays, so she must have been either the quarterback or the coach.

We had a great lake life that weekend, and the memory strikes a chord with me because my friend has since left this world for greater things.

Who knew that all that adventure awaiting me in Fairfield Bay would lead to a lifetime of friends and memories like it has. Enjoying those kinds of weekend getaways is so important because we never know when it might be our last. 

Adventure awaits in Fairfield Bay at the Marina.


Where is your Adventure Located – Fairfield Bay?

Right off Arkansas 16 East, Fairfield Bay is nestled on the edge of the Ozark Mountains. The city of 2,338 is on the north side of Greers Ferry Lake. The lake, mountains and ravines make for a setting that is picturesque year-round. Trails, waterfalls and wildlife surround this laid-back little community.

TN Retreat from boat across from Fairfield Bay, AR


Yes, You Can Find Plenty of

Adventure Awaiting You At Fairfield Bay!

Peace and quiet await you in Fairfield Bay, if that’s what you’re looking for. But for those seeking activities, this amazing community has a wide variety, indoors and out. Adventurers of all ages will have plenty to keep them busy in any season.

Fairfield Bay is a place where everyone knows and helps his neighbor. It’s almost as if the town has been swept into a time capsule. Just show up and be ready for a small-town atmosphere where you can meet people, have real conversations and get to know the residents.

Variety of beautiful flowers at the center of town in Fairfield Bay, AR

Where to stay?

Fairfield Bay has a new hotel, the Cobblestone Inn. You can usually find condominiums on AirBnB, VRBO or Homeaway. Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Bay can be Googled for rental vacancies, also. This cozy little timeshare community began its tourist climb from this very business, which boomed in the 1970s & ’80s. My fond memories of lake weekends in Fairfield Bay include renting a pontoon boat for the day and hiking the trails with the folks and friends. Now, as an adult, I generally have day trips over from the Narrows. Should you be so inclined to try things on the natural side of life, there are many great campsites in the local area. I suggest googling them, because there are quite a few. 

What adventures are waiting

there to go and do?

Whether you’re looking outdoors or in, you’ll find plenty to do. Bowling, The HART Fitness Center, the Senior Center (if are of a senior status) has games and food, but the area is an outdoor lover’s haven. Choose from water sports, fishing, riding (horses, bikes, or recreational vehicles), hiking or a round of golf.

Adventure awaits at Fairfield Bay on the docks. Pin #3Championship golf courses Mountain Ranch and Indian Hills are considered two of the most beautiful courses in the state, and miniature golf courses are available for those who like the lighter side of the sport. The marina at Fairfield Bay has several choices for water activities. Rent a boat, kayak, shuttle to Sugarloaf Mountain for hiking, or try your hand (and feet) at stand-up paddle boarding (aka SUP-ing). Wet a hook, catch a fish, but just make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.The Arkansas sun can be intense even in the winter.

Cabin Museum in Fairfield Bay, AR


The community has several pools. The museum and log cabin by the Indian Hills Golf Course is a treasure trove of Arkansas history. From there you can access Indian Rock Cave, which dates back to when Hernando DeSoto was looking for the Fountain of Youth in 1542. It’s definitely worth a look for a little local history.


Adventures Await at Fairfield Bay 

With Fairfield Bay’s 10 designated Adventure Stops, you can work your way around town to see several unique things in the community. The adventure starts as soon as you turn in at the Fairfield Bay sign. Photo ops begin with huge Adirondack chairs. We managed to take several photos at a few of the others stops, too. I’m still trying to decide which was my favorite: the beautiful botanical garden at Ed Leamon Park or the interesting Totem Pole. They are both worth the trip!

Beautiful red rose growing in the botanical garden - FFB, AR



Enjoy Special Days Full of Adventures

The annual celebrations are times to enjoy special days full of adventure in Fairfield Bay, such as Boati Gras; Bloomin’, Blues & BBQ in the Bay; and the 4th of July Fireworks, plus several other memorable celebrations throughout the year. We have spent many Independence Days watching the fireworks from the water, for a double show of beauty with all the amazing reflections. This is one not to miss!


Fireworks are an annual adventure that awaits in Fairfield Bay in July.

Fairfield Bay Fondest Memory 


My fondest memory of Fairfield Bay took place in the marina area, back in 2007. I am blessed to have friends who own a large houseboat docked at the Narrows. The boat that the judges for the Offshore Powerboat Races were supposed to be on had complications. Race officials asked my friends the Fasons if they would mind anchoring their boat at the start and finish line and allow the judges to be aboard their vessel during the competition.

Sunny day on Greers Ferry Lake on top deck of WIT. Pin#2


There could be NO contact with the judges by anyone not associated with the race organization or assigned volunteers. No one could stay on the boat overnight. We were ferried back and forth in the mornings and afternoons to and from Fairfield Bay Marina. Until the day of the event, the race was uncertain because of a bald eagle that lives on the north end of Greers Ferry Lake. Officials were still deciding whether the sound and pattern of the boats would be too close to disrupt the eagle’s nesting. In the end, they allowed the race to go on, with a slight change in the boats’ course. To this day, the eagle lives there, and the race was amazing!

Adventure awaits in Fairfield Bay at the botanical garden in city center.


Now, as an adult, I generally have day trips over from the Narrows. We enjoy several of the area’s restaurants. Janssen’s Lakefront Restaurant is a don’t miss! Whether it’s steak in the evening or Sunday morning brunch, be there when the doors open or you will be waiting … a while. El Poblano offers tasty Mexican food when the craving hits. Need a milkshake? Head to Beach2Bay for a sweet, cool treat.

If you’re looking for a laid-back community – whether for a quick weekend or a week of rest and relaxation – Fairfield Bay is the perfect setting. If you happen to be looking for other idea’s for summer fun in Arkansas just click here!



Adventure awaits at Fairfield Bay all around town. Pin #4


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