Treats Not Tricks! It’s Fearless Friday Y’all!

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Saturday evening was the

beginning of what would be several

days of lots of fun times!

Fearless Friday treats not tricks will give a glimpse

at a fun no hassle week,

for once, in a long while!

Steampunk Fun
Ready to go!

The Cabana Boy decided that he would finally get it in gear, just suck it up, take a generous amount of supplements & meds, drink a large glass of orange juice… with a little “kick,” and haunt along with me. I will be doing a more in depth post on our costumes at a later date. Steampunk round 2! (Steampunk round 1 – 2017) Probably will pop up in October….next year – 2019, hahahaha! NO procrastination here, just perfection. I want it very detailed, so it takes a minute.


My sister and brother in-law dropped by for a day or two, so that’s always a treat. It would have been even better, had I been able to talk her into bringing hair clippers or a bottle of color. I really didn’t even try this time, though. I’m just going to have to make a trip to visit her….soon. Trying to decide on style / color… If you have suggestions drop them in the comments.

Best Treat Yet!!!!

Camper 10_2018
Can’t wait to get started on this project.

We’ve been looking for a camper for a while. I found one we went to look at on Monday. My new home away from home arrived in my driveway on Tuesday! This is my favorite kind of sweet treat for me – – – NO CALORIES! And it will be enjoyed for a while, not just once. This will be the inspiration for MANY post to come, I’m sure. It’s in great shape, but will be getting a glamping makeover! Besides all of the travel we will be doing in it. So ExCiTeD!!!!!

T or T with the Grand!

Sweetest face ever! Yep, prejudice!

Halloween 10_2018 #1
Greer MDO Trick or Treat

Greer’s MDO Trick or Treat was a great success Tuesday morning. They take the children all around town to local businesses. The owners & towns people are happily awaiting them. My little Minnie Mouse was precious. I was blessed to be able to do this for the second year in a row.

After that nice little stroll, I headed over to North Little Rock, Arkansas to pick up one of my FAVORITE twins.

Halloween 10_2018 #4
Cathy Wilcox – Headed to BBLL on haunting’s…

Cathy Wilcox joined me on the next haunted outing.

We went to the Old State House

Halloween 10_2018 #5
Speaker: Brian Irby is an Archival Assistant at the Arkansas State Archives. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in History from UCA, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public History at UALR.

Museum for a Brown Bag Lunch Lecture.

Our speaker for the day was Brian Irby. He spoke on other haunting’s last year, too. They do BBLL once to twice a month on various topics throughout the year.

This one just so happened to be about places in Arkansas that are tied to stories that they might be haunted.

Some of the stories have been totally debunked. A few have no explanation of apparitions, noises and ghostly appearances, all the while one was just completely creepy….

Old Mike ?

Halloween 10_2018 #6
Story telling

That story was about “Old Mike,” who died in Prescott, AR. He was a traveling salesman. He arrived by train. No I.D. was found when he died in 1911.

They embalmed him and put him in a casket on display for a while. To see if anyone would know him.?.?.? The funeral home was also the local hardware store. No one ever claimed him. He eventually ended up in a closet in the back.

He was a local draw. People just came in to see “Old Mike,” so they were sent back for a look. Local school children even took field trips to see him. A circus tried to buy him, but the townspeople thought that would be inhumane. Every few years they would re-embalm him and put new clothes on him. (Eeewwww yuck!) After Arkansas State Legislature put laws on the books, someone sought to have him buried.

Halloween 10_2018 #7
Old Mike – Bust

Which the town did in 1975, some 64 years after he had died. NOT creepy at all… But if you are ever that direction and would like to take a peek a replica bust of him is on display in Prescott’s Depot Museum.

Mount Holly Cemetery

Halloween 10_2018 #20
Trina with angel

After Cathy and I wrapped things up at the BBLL we decided to head on up Broadway a little piece to the Mount Holly Cemetery. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Arkansas, if not anywhere. It has some of the oldest graves around. If you are ever around it is worth the trip, especially if you happen to be a cemetery / history buff. I happen to be a little infatuated with both.

Cathy & Trina at Mt. Holly Cemetery in LR, AR in the fall


You will need a minute if you really want to explore it. Park and wander through. If you do choose to drive in pay close attention, it’s a tight squeeze. This cemetery was created for horse and carriages, so the roads are narrow.


Fountain in the center of Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock, AR.

Get one of the maps from the care takers shack in the middle. It will direct you to a few of the famous locals buried there. It’s easy to lose track of time wondering… just don’t stay till after dark! Lot’s of story’s!

Fun with Friends

Houseboat fall fun 2016
Wayne, Bill, Marie, Donna, Robert & Trina

A fun Halloween evening was wrapped up with wishing good friends audios for now, as they will be relocating to Wisconsin next week. We were able to bid them farewell with steaks – hot off the grill, sweet potatoes, wine, a great visit and happy time. What a treat, no trick about it! We love you Bill & Marie and will miss you immensely! Be blessed in your new segment of life.

Halloween 10_2018 #21
Years together 1
Halloween 10_2018 #22
Years of fun 2

It’s Friday y’all find something that makes you fearful and DO IT anyway! Be FEARLESS!

Enjoying my state of Rhapsodyville,

xoxo ~ Trina


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