Fearless Friday Fall Fun – Silver Dollar City

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SDC Fall Fun
It’s fall y’all!

Fall for Fun

Yes, I’ve waited till today to post this JUST because it sounded all cute: Fall fun on a Fearless Friday. A couple of weeks ago the hubs had a business trip to Branson, MO for the weekend. I had total incentive to go…Sonsational is only 5 miles from there! I could not wait to hug this young man, it had been a couple of weeks.

SDC Fall Fun 1
My boy!

Allstate Termite Pest Solutions

It was nice to meet the rest of the people that Wayne works with. We had tickets to Silver Dollar City for the weekend. We chose to wait till Sunday to go to the park, since the in laws came up for time with Noah and us on Saturday.

Family Time

Camper Luv
Looking for a new Home Away

We checked out a couple of travel trailers since we were in the market. We met the boy at the laundromat with a week plus of dirty clothes. All but 1 washer was on the fritz at the dorm. We then went for a great dinner and visit with the fam. Sunday the parents headed home.

Silver Dollar City

SDC Fall Fun 5
Chilly morning in the mountains…


We headed to Silver Dollar City with the Allstate Termite Pest Solutions family. They brought in Dr. Randy Caldwell and his family for the service. We had a couple of guys do praise & worship. All did an excellent job!

Lunch was provided, then we were free to roam the park, enjoy the sights and ride the rides. We (Wayne, Trina & Noah)  aren’t much on rides, so we took on the shops, scenery and fun stuff. We walked the swinging / bouncing bridge. The next stop was Grandfather’s Mansion, which is a sorta fun house. It definitely made you question your balance.


Always Make Time to Shop!

SDC Fall Fun 14
Blown Glass Factory

I do believe it was a toss up between the glass blowing factory and candle shop as to which was my favorite! 

SDC Fall Fun 19
Candle Shop Collectables

We stopped by the homemade candy shop! We were able to try fresh black walnut fudge & black walnut brittle. The wood shop had several pieces that I know would make some great gifts.

SDC Fall Fun 27

All in all, it was a great fall, family day.

SDC Fall Fun 28

Silver Dollar City is beautiful in the fall. They have some of the best decorations and backdrops for photos ever! Can’t wait to come back in a few weeks for the Christmas lights & nighttime parade! It’s always a very good day when it’s spent with us 3!

Lean into your life & find your Rhapsodyville!



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