How to Care for Wild, Abandoned Cats?

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Just how do you even start to care for wild, abandon cats? Stray cats break my heart. We are doing what we can to help tame them enough to home them. Food and water is where we are starting.

Care for 2 of the wild cats wanting to come eat the food.
Setting the Friskies food down.

Step One: for Caring for the wild, abandoned cats

First step was heading to our local Tractor Supply Company store to pick up some Purina® cat food. Our store has only been open for a couple of months and we love having one so close to home. The selection provided at Tractor Supply Co. for all our needs is nice to have in one place. We were able to pick up our new weed sprayer that had been ordered when we shopped for the cat’s items.

Step Two: Picking Out the Right Food for Wild Cats

When choosing a food for cat’s you know nothing about, it can be difficult. Considering the vast selection of Purina product’s we had to choose from, we were a little overwhelmed. Thank goodness for helpful store personnel. The clerks at Tractor Supply Co. were not only helpful but knowledgeable about what we might want to start off with. The price point, along with the balance of nutrition and taste, made Purina® a no brainer to go with. We are trying to win these rather wild beasts over into nice pets, so they can be “homed” out.  We picked up a box of Purina® Friskies® Classic Pate Poultry Favorites Wet Cat Food Variety Pack and Purina® Friskies® Party Mix® Crunch Original Cat Treats, 20-oz. canister.

Step Three: Trust – Purina® Brands That You Can Rely On

Happy shopper leaving Tractor Supply Co.

Purina® is a lifelong trusted brand that is made in the USA. Purina® has been the go-to cat food for us every time we’ve had a cat. We like that we can trust that we are feeding them food with wholesome ingredients and it is a product we can trust. The Purina® Friskies® Classic Pate Poultry Favorites Wet Cat Food Variety Pack is packed with four different flavors, so the kitties will have a few choices for different flavors. We wanted to win them over and figured a wet food might be a little more special than the dry we had been offering the past couple of weeks. They loved it. I was even able to sneak in a little ear scratch or two. This is how we will gain their trust.

Step Four: Spoiling – Wild and Abandoned or Adopted; What Cat Would Pass Up Treats?

What pet doesn’t love treats? Cats especially! I do hope this helps us win them over! Purina® Friskies® Party Mix® Crunch Original Cat Treats are made with real chicken so they are very tasty. These treats contain minerals and are fortified with essential vitamins. Taurine is included which helps with supplementing their nutritional intake and these cats can use help with that. They still look a little malnourished. However, it certainly has been a hit with our new little addition. She gobbled them up.

Wild, Abandon Cat-Back Story

We live in a rural area. Seems like we have a lot fewer strays than we use to which is a great thing. Every now and then that changes. We have had renters in our rent house who were trying to be “farmers,” I suppose. They had 2 pigs, 2 horses, 3 or 4 dogs, and several cats. When they vacated the premises in July, we noticed a coon trap that was on the patio that had cat food in it… Strange right? Especially after they had moved but had not given the keys back yet.

Well, a couple of days later, the keys were returned, trap removed and 1 cat and for 4 teenage kittens left behind. We were finally told they were trying to capture the cats, to no avail. This same exact week a baby kitten appeared on our front porch – weird right? Must have been a full moon or something. Now 6 total – what the heck?

Taking Care of the Pet Population

We have been avid dog owners for years. Both my husband and I have had them most of our lives. I have had cats off and on, too. They have been pets enough that they received shots regularly, a collar and have ALWAYS been spayed or neutered.

Promoting Adoption’s and Helping Out Local Shelter’s

I appreciated Tractor Supply Co. hosting Out Here with the Animals event day. This will be to bring attention to all things pets with adoptions taking place. It will be a day where people can go and purchase their favorite Purina® pet foods and donate it back to local shelters. This makes me a happy, pet-friendly shopper! Things like this will keep me a customer of not only Purina® products, but a Tractor Supply Co. shopper long term.

Acting Wild and Feeling Abandoned as a Human

My can’s run into cant’s when it comes to trying to squeeze 28 hours into 24. So, I especially love that I can order items online and just pick them up in the store. The selection from Purina® is listed so it’s easy to decide what you want. This is convenient for when I get ready to add items for the next round of supplies for the cats. 

I had to add to my purchases for kitten needs when our new little ray of sunshine showed up that same week on our porch. We save so much time, which allows me to hang out in my back yard getting to know my own new addition to our pet family. When things around me are going crazy and I feel alone my pets are my happy place. They do love me without abandon. No judgment, no crap, just pure love. This kitten, though, she keeps us all entertained.

Trina holding kitten who's eating treats from hand, care for new wild cat.
New kitten eating treats.

Nothing in the World Wild About Loving Cats & Dogs

No, we are not crazy. We are to love not just humans, but animals, too. The love of a cat and/or dog can change lives. Feeding them a proper diet with good food like Purina® can make all the difference in how they will grow and age. Nurture them and they will nurture you right back. Hopefully by sticking to those four steps above and taking time to build trust with these strays; giving them plenty of delicious Purina® Friskies® and Friskies® Treats will change them for the better. Maybe… they will trust enough to get them into an environment that they can be properly cared for and adopted to good loving homes. Have you ever adopted or fostered cats?



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  1. You are such a wonderful, compassionate person, Trina! this makes my heart swell with pride! What an amazing store, and it looks like your sweet new kitten has found his new favourite food!

  2. It’s so lovely to have people like you around that will help strays out when many would just not notice. Growing up my best friend was a lurcher dog that we adopted after she had been abandoned with her 6 new born puppies. I can never understand how people can just abandon animals. With your post, hopefully more awareness can be raised on how to help these animals in need.


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