Reunion – Cabot Panthers Class of 88

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CHS Class of 88 - Reunion
CHS Class of 88

Class Reunions

Yes / No – Do I go???? Well, some I have attended and some I’ve skipped. Thing is, between the Cabana Boy and I we can rack up some serious time & money if we decide to do all of ours. He is Mills Class of 86. I am Cabot High School Class of 87 & 88. Yep, that’s right I have a graduating class, which was 1987, and was a classmate in the Class of 88 K – 10th.

CHS Class of 88 - Reunion 1

Cabot High School Campus

CHS Class of 88 - Reunion 2
Thank you Eric Hodges for all the drone shots!

Panther football is the real main attraction!

CHS Class of 88 - Reunion 3
Friday Night Lights

So, when the 30 year reunion was approaching we thought we’d try to make some of 3. His class didn’t find enough interest to even plan one. Last year we had a small – medium turn out for Cabot High School 87 alums. A couple of weekends ago we converged on the campus and in a local venue outside the edge of town for two evenings of reconnecting. 

Friday after game event @ Dick & Elsie’s Place

A HUGE “thank you” to all of those on the committee who worked so hard to make this event successful!

It was excellent to meet spouses. We shared fond memories, as well as made new ones. There were tales of children and grands, new loves and lost ones, heartaches and heartbreaks. Most of all there was an electricity that filled the air. The buzz that made us want to go to school, share a common bond, take care of our fellow classmates & friends.

The Memory Tree

CHS Class Reunion
Remembering those who left too soon.

It Takes Two….

CHS 88 Night 2 - 3

Thank you to Centennial Bank for the donation of the food for night 1, Pizza Pro in Cabot night 2!

Pizza Pro of Cabot
Johnny & Lisa Campbell

Look who it is…..


Look for all the award winners in the video.

Liz Boatman Borger – ‘Awards’ as best I recall….

Most changed: Brad Eubanks and Taunya Gillam

Least Changed: Bobby Finley and Renee Dixon

Dude with most hair: Bryan Price

Eligible Bachelor: Danny Gunter

Eligible Bachelorette: Michelle Laferney

Most grandkids: Mary Rogers (7)

Youngest child : Michael Risley (4 yr. old)

Most surprised to see: Mr. Raegan ( he was not present… Liz was runner up… has the prize in a safe place!?)

Traveled the furthest: Kortne (1284 mi) and Liz (1469 mi) ( distance could not be verified at event due to crappy service…. ?. Pretty darn close!)

Fond Memories

I tried to talk to most. Some I realized, I just didn’t know, so if I didn’t speak, I’m sorry. Please come to the next one and make sure I do. My only request was for the names on the name tags be a LOT larger font or pass out readers, LOL. 

You drop me a comment and stay in touch. I would love to stay in contact and not just have to “catch up.” We never know what the next 5 years holds…. May all who read this be blessed. Be brave – we’ve ALL changed…some more than others. Be forgiving – if you’ve never went to a reunion because of a teenage wound, please allow for time to have healed it. Give it a go…you just never know…you may just have the time of your life!

Living a life in my Rhapsodyville Redneck world,


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A super special huge “Thank You” to Sue Ollar for most all of the incredible photos! Please check out & LIKE her page on FB: Suzy’s Shots. For anyone in the Dallas area you have a terrific photographer that you should be using.

For A LOT more pictures head over to the Class of 88 FB page.


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