Fearless Friday (FF) Funday Photo Shoot

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Bright Eyed
Being silly!

Fearless Friday 1st

This 1st ever ” Fearless Friday ” was a Funday Photo Shoot.

Let’s just jump right into the deep end of something that doesn’t make me feel super comfortable….. A photo shoot, yep, not a natural. Much better behind the lens. Eyes are closed have the time. Bad posture. Pose too stiff. Mouth is usually contorted or open…..hummmm, who me???

I do a terrible solemn, serious, pouty face. Hell, I just end up looking pissed off or constipated. Jacob did a great job getting shots with my eyes open(that’s a family trait that’s hard to live down or with…).

(A.D.D. – song that just came on playlist is Attention- Charlie Puth -LOL)


Guess not having a good serious face is just the Lord’s way of saying I’m supposed to smile, a lot! So, I just had fun!


Professional photographs really matter for something as important as your blog and social media accounts. That is, if your goal is to have a brand that is recognizable and professional looking. It is an investment worth making.

Photo Creds

www.redneckrhapsody.com Jacob and Trina posing at his studio.
Photographer becomes the photographed!

Jacob DeNomie is an up and coming local photographer. It was easy to work with him, so calm and laid back. He is game for any crazy poses, ideas for looks or cool locations in Central Arkansas. Jacob provided me with some great shots for the blog at an extremely reasonable price. So, fearless or not it was fun! Thank you to June, Jacob’s Mom for being totally hands on helping make everything go smoothly. She’s dreamy & maybe a new best friend with all the compliments she showered me with. June definitely knew how to make a girl special. I love both their hearts for animals. Maybe in the future we can work together on a possible fundraiser for some of the local animal shelters.

What Makes You Hesitate?

It’s Friday…. what will you be Fearless and do that could be super fun? Well, you have to try something, new or not, but make it count!

Lean In,



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