Garden Tomb – Jerusalem, Israel

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This is straight from our first visit to Israel. The Garden Tomb is in Jerusalem. It is located just a short distance from the Old City, and is at the foot of Golgotha. This is one of the two Holy sites where Christ was thought to have been laid to rest for two nights.

At The Garden Tomb with

Dr. Randy Caldwell & Ann

Let me introduce you to Ann. She works at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Israel. She moved to Jerusalem from England, because she felt led, as a Christian to do so. Ann is a volunteer, not employee. The Garden Tomb site is one of the only Christian sites in the city.

Your Wednesday Word will be delivered from her and Dr. Randy Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell took our group to Israel in November 2017. He has been taking groups to Israel for 25 years. He is a well known and respected evangelist. His accolades are bigger than my entire blog at this point ( what all of 3 weeks, LOL). I will get his credentials and post them at a later time. I have many more phenomenal teachings coming your way from him.

So lets take a trip to the garden. If you were starting from where I live it’s about a 7,000 mile journey.

Crucified and Laid to Rest at the Garden Tomb Location

Better late than never….

Ann – Part 1

Ann – Part 2

Dr. Randy Caldwell – Part 3

Dr. Randy Caldwell – Part 4


Who’s Ready To Go???

It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go again. There is another trip scheduled for Spring 2021. Feel free to email me ( [email protected] )  for more information, if you’re interested in going. I pray that you found this video as powerful and endearing as it can possibly be, without being there in person. The videos that I filmed from our Israel journey will be sprinkled throughout our WW adventures. I think you will find them full of inspiration, Holy Spirit, and Biblical history. They can definitely grow your kingdom knowledge. Shalom.

Lean In & Grab Your Blessings,



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