Why is Israel Great to Visit for Everyone?

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Why is Israel great to visit for everyone? That is an excellent question, one in which I hope you seek out and find for yourself. I am truly hoping that you will take time to watch the video below in its entirety. Maybe, just maybe there will be some answers for you in it.

Sept. 2019 RCM Group Pic in theater Bet She'an, Israel
Theater Bet She’an, Israel

Is Israel Safe?

That is the question that I have been asked the most. Ever since, well, let’s just be honest — I was asked that question before I ever even went there on my very first trip. It was an even bigger challenge for my family when I went back in 2018; Solo. But, don’t take it just from me, these gentlemen with me on this panel address this subject in detail. There are areas in which it is advised not to go, so listen and don’t!

Palm by the Mediterranean Sea - Haifa, Israel
Mediterranean Sea – Haifa, Israel 9/2019

Are There Cultural Differences?

Absolutely! Being an American, who is Southern born and bred; are there cultural differences in America? Heck yeah! If I go to a restaurant in Arkansas and say I want a Coke that could mean a Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite or Pepsi. In the Northern US they are all pops. When we travel to the North and ask for sweet tea we get really funny looks. Kinda like you get when you ask for ice in any drink when you travel overseas. I embraced the differences. Food tastes, textures, types are just a few things that make for one of the most amazing melting pots of people on the face of the earth known as Israel. I love absorbing, learning and leaning into all their cultural differences.

Trina with the Israel Flag. Mt. of Olives 9/2019
Bless, Pray for & Protect Israel! Trina with the Israel Flag. Mt. of Olives 9/2019

What is the Religious Mix Feel?

You can feel the mix, of not only the Christian / Jews / Muslim, but the mix of the different Jewish doctrines or histories. The difference of the far left or all the way to the far right makes me understand the scriptures even more about the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s. There are many religions that claim Israel as the place where their faith started, or it has significant ties to Israel. Especially in Jerusalem. In the Old City of Jerusalem which is roughly a square mile of land, all three major regions claim space. They all place a high importance of being able to worship there.

Wayne & Noah camel riding in Israel
Dude that’s a long way down back there!!! Wayne & Noah Israel 9/2019
Arkansas Group Mt. Scopus - Jerusalem, IL 2019
First view of the Old City – Arkansas Group Mt. Scopus – Jerusalem, IL

What Should You

Expect If You Go?

Hopefully, it’s not if, but when you go to Israel; expect to never be the same. You will walk where the ancients walked. This is the place you will and can pray where the heroes & villains of the Bible blended. Discoveries and history is brought to light and life daily there. If you aren’t much for believing in the Bible, there is no denying the history that is coming out of the earth. They have ongoing archaeological digs all over the country every day. You might go there being a “doubting Thomas” (pun intended), yet leave being spirit filled. I have never been to any place on earth where there was a stronger presence of the Lord, if you are seeking and aware.

With All of This Being Said…

What do you need information wise before you are ready to book your trip and pack your bag? The four stories from the people of different ages and backgrounds should be a good start to giving answers to many questions that you might have had. If you still have some, please ask away in the comments. If you are looking for a group to go with we have several trips that are booking right now for 2020 and 2021. Email me for more information if you’d like to go with us!

Live life on your terms.

Rhapsodville all the way, baby!

This ain’t dress rehearsal!

XOXO, Trina

Huge bougainvillea bushes blooming in coral, fuchsia, and white in Korazim
Korazim – North Galilee, Israel 9/2019

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    • Each area of the country has its own personality. I loved sunsets at the Mediterranean and seeing sunrise over the Sea of Galilee or Dead Sea. The Golan’s are breathtaking. History is everywhere. But Jerusalem has my heart. My 2018 – 14 day solo trip has individual in-depth info about all of this and videos if you are interested check my other Israel post out. Thanks for stopping in!


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