Should You Travel to Israel Solo for an Amazing Trip of a Lifetime?

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The grand finale, should you travel to Israel solo? Wouldn’t you want an amazing trip of a lifetime? YES, and yes! One year after this life-changing journey, it has been hard to put it together for others to get what it meant to me. You probably won’t, because it was intended just for me. Therefore that’s why I highly suggest you go! I think writing about each individual day for the first seven, was the only way to share how invested I was about getting it across about how special it is there. The first seven days had their moments, but on day eight there were some pretty major shifts.


Trina solo in Israel in front of the sunrise at the Dead Sea
Dead Sea at Sunrise

Travel to Israel Solo Recap

I left on April 24, 2018, for a 14-day journey in Israel. It was one of the most exhilarating, freeing, inspirational, enlightening things I have ever done. I look back now and wonder where did I find that “brave” place in my soul that “just” had to go? It was like God really did align everything for me to be there; to make me become the me that I am at this exact moment in time.

What changed?

Did I change, no not really? Yet, everything seemed to change. The Lord was totally on the trip with me. He walked with me in the hills, stood beside me at the waterfalls, and invited me into His city, Jerusalem. He opened my heart in ways that only He can. The love He showered me with only as a Father does. He protected and kept me safe, even from myself. Because of Him, some things that could have happened didn’t. The flip side, many that weren’t planned did. Therefore amazing moments occurred and some of the best memories were made.

Travel to Israel solo - ancient stone buildings on the way to Bethlehem
Ancient stone buildings in the of Bethlehem, right out side of Jerusalem.

The puzzle of life seems to fall into place for me in Israel

Life is a puzzle, indeed. Wee put it together One or a Couple of pieces at a time. I have spent an entire year trying to piece together the puzzle that was laid out for me in Israel. The outside edges completed have taken a minute. I blogged about each individual day separately, Day 1-7 built the frame. Now, I am still adding pieces together. I’m not sure I will ever complete it though… The more pieces that interlock the larger it becomes. The outside edges seem to expand at every life lesson that makes me cross another bridge.

Headed back for more pieces – Travel to Israel Solo…

I wanted it alone, except for the HS companion pass, that also gives free travel privileges to the two other great figures in that almighty trinity. Yes, pieces will always be in Israel as long as the Lord tarries. Just like the Bible is His living word, so is the land of the Jews. There are so many levels of history that they are just now finding. Like just how many amazing things are there to back up God’s word for those who doubt the scripture to make the Bible be the truth. The puzzle will once again grow. I get to go all over again! (Yes, you did hear a squeal & I know you see me happy dancing – like the little nearly naked new year looking baby that used to be on Ally McBeal!)

My Amazing Israel Solo Trip of a Lifetime is approaching the final countdown

Jerusalem time is quickly ending. My last day (#8) would find me rising at 3 am to go hike Masada, which would allow me to watch the sunrise over the Dead Sea. Welllll, that was the plan. I left the house at 3:30 am with my map ready to go. The one thing that I did not consider, a HUGE bike race going through town on Friday. It was only Thursday morning, early morning. I kid you not, I was at the light waiting for it to turn green, so I could enter the on-ramp for the Interstate to head South. A truck pulls up and sets up a barricade blocking the ramp. Every ramp is closed for blocks. Waze kept telling me to turn around and go up the ramp, in all actuality every light that had an entrance ramp. It would say turn here, now.

Am I ever getting out of the city, I drove like 2 miles

I drove like 2 miles hearing the same story from my app. I even pulled into a parking lot at a hotel. Since it was now like 4:15 am and I had at least an hour drive, then about a 30-45 minute serious hike, before sunrise… Things aren’t looking good for the timing on this deal to work out. The bellman came out to see if I needed help, and he couldn’t offer anything, because he had no clue what roads would be open/closed. I decided to keep driving North/East since I needed to go South and couldn’t.

Waze finally sent me on my way, YAY!

Heck yeah, it worked, about 4:45 am Waze finally told me to turn and I had gone far enough North that I was routed outside of the race zone. I made it to the Dead Sea by sunrise. Just pulled to the side of the road, such as it was and took pictures there. What an amazing sunrise it was. Peaceful, serene, and transcendent, it was all of that. Once again, I was exactly on time & where I was supposed to be.

Travel to Israel Solo - Beautiful sunrise at the Dead Sea
Beautiful sunrise at the Dead Sea. Check out my YouTube video for the clouds that looked like angels wings. They formed after I took my first picture or two. They stayed in the sky almost the whole time I was there taking pictures, without dissipating, undoubtedly they left a mark on my heart.

Running late is good, sometimes

By running late to Masada, I decided I would wait and ride the lift up to the top. SMARTEST decision ever. 98 degrees by the time I got to the top at 8:30 am. Breathtaking, exquisite view, history all around made me feel so grateful for the experience of standing on this sacred place, Masada is haunting. Back to town, hopefully, I can find a way home… Time for a shower, packing and early to bed. Travel day tomorrow.

Travel to Israel Solo - Masada fortress in Israel.
Masada is breath taking in more ways than one, LOL.

In light of where I was, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop by the Dead Sea. I don’t just ordinarily get pictures of one of the natural wonders of the world. Once again, just a couple of more photo’s of the Dead Sea when I started back to Jerusalem.Trina looking at the Dead Sea

Trina with Dead Sea behind her.

AirBnB’s had been a delightful experience so far

I  had a great visit with my AirBnB host before I left Jerusalem. I felt the Lord all in the middle of it. Such a hospitable couple with a beautiful family. Best location ever. Free parking. I would unquestionably recommend Kim & Mark’s home to anyone. They were so great, we will be staying with them again on this return trip!

Solo travel in Israel was a real soul experience that was heart-wrenching for me.

Getting in the car to leave Jerusalem was one of the most gut-wrenching moments I have ever experienced, outside of a personal loss. Not quite sure if it was because I was solo, exhausted, Yahweh/Holy Spirit drawing me close, probably all of the above; nonetheless I was grieved. Maybe it was because I got information that would alter my family when I got back home, clearly, I had some shit going on.

The lesson is always there if you are listening.

It was weighing heavy on me, chances are though it was the Holy Spirit tapping into that soul spigot, revealing just how important the city of Jerusalem is to Yahweh, He revealed this to me about six months after returning home. While studying the word I read the scripture in 1 Kings 11:13, 32, and 36 . I could almost hear Him whisper, “This is why your heart is so touched when in Jerusalem. It is My city.” Gives me chills when I recall all of this and the memories of being there.

Netanya is where my travel to Israel solo will end…

Travel to Israel Solo - Trina with the Mediterranean Sea & Promenade in Netanya
Standing at the top of the promenade by the Mediterranean Sea in Netanya.

Netanya, Israel is where my last four nights of this amazing journey will end up. This is where I met my friend Niri. Last but certainly not least, this would be my 4th AirBnB of the trip. It was perfect for me at this stage in it. God always now’s just what we need. He has the kindest soul. Niri made sure I had everything I needed. He provided all my meals for me. I decided to spend these last few days digesting all the sights I had seen. Document them while still fresh.

Beach Days are the Best!

I wanted to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, so there were a couple of beach days. Basically, I took long walks, but at a relaxed pace. Tired, and drained both, emotionally and physically, a few days of chilling couldn’t hurt.  For the most part of my trip, I had walked a lot of miles in those two weeks. I loved visiting with Niri. He loved music like me, so we talked about that, faith, diets, and life there in Israel. Many questions about America came up, as well, that I was happy to answer for him. Hopefully one day he will come to visit. I told him I would be happy to host him.

When traveling solo I asked for help… A lot!

This may have mentioned this in some of my other days of the journey in previous’ post, but it has meant enough to me that I want to not only mention it but share the picture collage of it, also. Somewhere about a day or two into the trip, I decided to take a picture of or with people who helped me. I explained that is would be how I would remember their kindness and that I would be praying for each of them. I only missed about 3-4 that I still pray for that I did not have a picture of, yet I still pray for all of them. Not only as a collective but also individually.

It’s a Wrap

My solo trip wrapped up with me being more than I ever never knew I wanted to be and less than I’ve ever been, all at the same time. My understanding of the world, Yahweh, Yeshua, the Jewish nation, the land of Israel, and the fight for our creation to survive the way it was intended exploded. I am so humbled and grateful to the Lord for giving me the means, courage, and protection for this journey. I am a life that was changed forever.

the Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean Sea – Outside the school where Niri works
Sunset at the Mediterranean Sea with clouds, shades of coral and gray.
The Mediterranean Sea @ sunset.


Should You Travel to Israel Solo for an Amazing Trip of a Lifetime?

Yes, you should absolutely travel solo to Israel if it’s a desire. It was an amazing trip of a lifetime. So completely blessed just to have done it. I am even more thrilled that I am taking my son this time, for 15 days. But it gets even better, we will be joining a group of our friends for the last 10 days to share in this wonderful, life-changing experience with them. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store this time around!

Maybe solo travel to Israel isn’t idea for you. If you should be interested in going with a group at some point in time please contact me: [email protected] We put groups together for going over. If you are going on a long flight anytime soon or doing international travel I have put together a list to help with those things.

Are you leaving the best things in life on the table? Don’t live for crumbs, take the loaf, break it and share it. When is your bucket gonna get kicked?  We just never know… so don’t let the milk spill, before it’s even been filled………

Trina at home with 2 dogs.
Someone missed their momma!

Living life in a Rhapsodyville state of mind, because this ain’t a rehearsal.


Love y’all,


Trina looking at the Dead Sea midday. Trina at Dead Sea with sun rising behind her..

The solo journey in Israel from take-off:

Settled into the Upper Galilee Region of Korazim for a few days

Day 1 Solo Travel to Israel Post - Ancient Zippori 1st Day solo in Israel
Ancient Zippori 1st Day solo in Israel


Solo Travel to Israel - Day 2 Israel Post - Safed in the town having a Yemen brunch with two cutie, who aren't bad cooks, either.
Safed in the town having brunch with two cutie, who aren’t bad cooks, either. A Yemen meal. Day 3 Israel Post - Northern Israel the Golan Height's visiting Nimrod's Fortress
Northern Israel the Golan Height’s visiting Nimrod’s Fortress


Solo Travel to Israel - Day 4 Post - Last rooftop view from Korazim. Now to Bet Shemesh, then to Jerusalem.
Day 4 – Last rooftop view from Korazim. Now to Bet Shemesh, then to Jerusalem.

Moving Onto Jerusalem Day 5 Israel Post - Jerusalem Day 1 (pt1) 1st Day in Jerusalem. Starting off from the Talpiyot district.
Part 1 Day 5 Jerusalem: Starting off from the Talpiyot district. Day 5 Israel Post (pt 2) - The day in Jerusalem did not disappoint. So much history, so many stories. The ancient road under the Via Dolorosa.
Day 5 Part 2 Jerusalem:  The ancient road under the Via Dolorosa. Believers lighting scented candles.
Pt 3 Day 5 Jerusalem: Believers lighting scented candles. Trina headed out for a walk on a beautiful day.
Day 6 Jerusalem: Good day for a walk & just taking a break.


Trina at top of the steps at the Temple Mount in the Old City.
Israel Solo Day 7 – Trina at top of the steps at the Temple Mount in the Old City.

14 thoughts on “Should You Travel to Israel Solo for an Amazing Trip of a Lifetime?”

  1. You described Israel in such a beautiful way. It’s been on my heart to want to visit for quite a while now, but finding others that want to go and don’t tell me it’s too dangerous has been my issue (along with affordable flights). I hope someday I will be able to go and experience everything and see where Christ walked…

    • Girl, don’t wait! I was there 14 days – by myself and never felt threatened. If you get a chance to catch some of my other posts you’ll see I literally went ALL over the country. Most people tell you that because they listen to the media and have never personally been. Prices are going to only go up, because tourism there is booming. Sept. I will be there 26 days. I’m putting together numbers to take a group back there in spring 2020. Would love to have you join us! If you go group, prices cover everything, except lunches usually. So, they seem high, but when you price it all separately it’s really not. It will change your world! Praying that you get there. Elohim awaits you!

  2. Wow. What an amazing adventure for you, and only you. I can’t imagine doing what you did solo. Maybe one day. I do think about it sometimes. For now, I will stick with family travel. Thank you for sharing this in such a personal and powerful way.

    • Girl, bring the family! It will change you all. I am putting numbers together to take a group back spring 2020. Would love to have y’all with us! Noah & I leave Aug. 28 for Boston, then fly out Sept. 1 for there and return Sept. 26, can’t wait!!!!


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