Traveling Israel – Day 4 – Changing Cities

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I’m traveling Israel day 4 and changing cities. It is what is on the agenda for the moment. Waking and leaving the Upper Galilee Region is never easy, but knowing that I will land at my “new” temporary home of Jerusalem for a few nights doesn’t hurt my feelings either. Who’s ready to check out some ancient tombs?

Conquering the N. Galilee Region
Victory for the North Galilee Region!

Traveling Israel Day 4 Time to Move

On the Road again!

Bags are packed and I am going for a little detour as I wind my way towards Jerusalem. I went to visit the ancient tombs in Bet She’arim. A very important Jewish Rabbi – Yehuda Hanassi was buried here. He was the head of the Sanhedrin. He was buried long ago (220CE). Many Jews from all around the world have chosen to have their bodies sent here for burial, also.

Israel - Trina
Bet She’arim

Such beauty in Solitude is what I Found Traveling Israel – Day 4 

Israel - Trina
Tomb doors are massive.

These tombs were carved into the mountain side that are actually caves that have tombs in them. The catacombs hold many beautiful limestone sarcophagi. The huge stone and hinge doors hold more than their share of stories. Would love to know some of them.


Israel - Trina

I am FOR CERTAIN that I would NOT want to be in any of these after dark. Catacombs were quite dark in the broad daylight, especially when you wandered far enough back in them. I kept waiting for someone to jump out and scream… OR creep up behind me and tap me on the shoulder…..yep, you guessed it, I would SCREAM and probably need to change my shorts!!!!

Blessed with helpful souls

Israel - Trina
Nicest park lady ever! Spoke almost NO English…

Met a wonderful lady that helped me get my park pass ( that I would have already paid for if I’d bought it on my FIRST day….) If you are traveling Israel on your own and going to be in the National Parks & Reserves BUY a multi-park pass that will meet your needs. Yes, it will save you money if you plan on going to more than 3.

Traveling Israel – The things you can see in a cemetery…

As I went to leave, there were a couple of wedding parties that were arriving to have their pictures in the park. Yes, a little strange to see wedding pictures being made in a cemetery, but it was a beautiful location. Was interesting to see how their cars were adorned for the occasion compared to cars in America.

Israel - Trina
Who would have thunk it?

Now, my new nest for a few days

Israel - Trina
AirBnB – for $$$ off your first stay

This would be my 3rd of the 4 different AirBnB’s that I would be staying in. I was in Jerusalem for 5 night’s. My gracious host were Mark & Kim Weiss. They have a lovely home that was set up perfect for me. Although it wasn’t easy for my maps to get me there the first time, I did make it.

It was in a fantastic location for having means to get around. One and half blocks from city buses. A few blocks from First Station (more about this in a sec). I had the downstairs at their place all to myself, so it made for a great place of peace to rest at the end of long days.

Israel - Trina

I inquired about where to grab dinner and they said, “Go to First Station.” It wasn’t but about 2 blocks up and about 8 or so down. Love this place. A good variety of restaurants. All looked to have an excellent selection of food. There was a market, art gallery, small area of carnival type games, live performances which varied all the way from singers to music and dance. This became my go to spot to find what I would need the next few days. All the way from food to parking (more on that next post?).

Other than spending 45 minutes driving in probably about a 5 mile radius, trying to actually get on the road I needed to be on, this day proved to be quite mild. Which wasn’t a bad thing…

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Maybe it’s your time to “lean in & travel to Israel!”

xoxo – Trina


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