What About Northern Galilee Makes Me Happy?

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What about Northern Galilee makes me happy? Just about darn near everything! I am going to share just a few of my favorite things in this and the next couple post with you. I hope you find as much joy from these words, as I did from the journey that part them to you.


Israel 2018
Rooftop Sunrise Korazim

Sunrise in Korazim Northern Galilee Makes Me So Happy!

I should say Shabbat Shalom – I woke up in Korazim / Corazim / Chorazim (yes, it is spelled all 3 ways) (pronouncedKorzeem – I say it wrong everytime?), really early. Time difference still catching my tailwinds, LOL. My little studio apartment that has a walk out onto the roof has an excellent view of the very north edge of the Sea of Galilee. You can see the Golan Heights to the east, too. I was hoping for some amazing sunrise pictures, but it was quite hazy. I gave it a go anyway. Had fun with trying to get it, not often I get to romp around on a rooftop ledge… Pictures weren’t what I hoped for but they weren’t awful either. It was a beautiful morning, just not the sunrise shots I was able to get in November.


Israel - 2018 - Trina
Sunrise shots



Israel - 2018 - Trina
Sunrise North


Did get a good rooftop yoga work out in before I ventured out for the day. Love doing yoga outside, this was new for me. Might have to do more of this.

So happy to be in Israel - Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Temple Mount

Northern Galilee Make Me Want to

Find a Town to Explore: Safed / Tzfat


Israel - 2018 - Trina
She made my day! Free parking & good directions.

I had decided to go to a place I had not previously visited. Safed or Tzfat – YES, same place, totally different spellings…. EVEN ON THE SIGNS, not just on the GPA… After I missed the first exit, I was completely guessing on the second one. Needless to say, it was just another small way that I was better off. It landed me on the old side of town, exactly where I wanted to be! I was concerned about parking, but ended up in a gravel parking lot which wasn’t marked. Luckily, a beautiful woman that lived in a house nearby was bring out her trash. She gave me permission to leave my car here @ no charge. She gave me directions to the part of town I was wanting to go.

Who Knew I had found

just what I was looking for!

I happened to be only about a two block walk from there. (What I didn’t know at this time is how blessed I was… When I went to leave the town after reprogramming my GPS it took me out the way I was SUPPOSE to have come. It took me like 45 minutes to get through the new side of town and traffic. I would have missed most of the shops, as they would have been closed before I could get to them. Isn’t it funny how when we let go and let God, things sometimes turn out just as they should even when we believe we were doing it all wrong……..)


Northern Galilee Makes Me Sight See Fast:

Friday = Shabbat


It was Friday, so there that means Shabbat. Shabbat is the Jews Sabbath. It is still observed by most everyone and everywhere in Israel. Which means between noon and two o’clock almost everything closes until sundown on Saturday. The lady of the house begins cooking early in the morning preparing the family’s meal, which can include extended family and friends. So, I was really glad I made it there by 10:00 am. I figured a couple of hours would be enough. Well, it was, but I could have spent an entire day in this charming ancient city.


Israel - 2018 - Trina


This city in one of the four element cities in ancient Jewish tradition. Safed is the city of wind. – This was told to me by one of the locals. Wikapedia – Since the 16th century, Safed has been considered one of Judaism‘s Four Holy Cities, along with JerusalemHebron and Tiberias; since that time, the city has remained a center of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism.



Everywhere I turned there were neat art galleries, handmade items, specialty shops, and local made delights. Cheese shop, jewelry, wineries, fresh food made to order right in front of you. Artist of all types.


These tallit's I found in Northern Galilee makes me wish I had a lot of spending $$$$.
Specialized Tallit’s


This City is Completely Mesmerizing

OK, forget a day – I literally could have spent a week in just this place and been happy. Probably was a really good thing that they were closing early, because I didn’t make it to near all of them. The good Lord knew I didn’t have all the money that I wanted to spend. I made Him a deal about this trip. If I was taking it for the learning experience and seeking Him, that I would NOT spend, except on necessities. Like FOOD….


Northern Galilee makes me full in the town of Safed with Yemen chefs.
Brunch in Safed – Yemen style. Two crazy, fun boys who were a pleasure to watch and have cook for me!


Well, it was totally necessary that I try at least one new experience that I have never had before. I bought 1 bottle of Ancient Safed Winery – Cabernet Sauvignon. Wow, this will be a shocker to everyone. Especially, since I have NEVER had a Cab I would even sip. I now have at least one I like!?  It was savored. Literally, I took the whole week to drink the whole bottle. I didn’t bring the bottle back, but managed to get the label off and am trying to decide how I want to preserve it.



To put it mildly I ? this place! I could actually live in this town. BUT… I am finding out that there are many cities that I could absolutely live in Israel. The more that I visit, the more that get added to my list.



Northern Galilee Makes Me Tired and Hungary


I headed back to my temporary home base mid afternoon. The sky’s were clear, I put tunes on and just enjoyed the drive. Decided I would camp out for some rays on the rooftop when I arrived.



This burger I had in Northern Galilee makes me totally feel like a pig, lol.
Burger & fries


Thought I might actually get a real meal for dinner, since it had been about 3 days since I had meat. Vered HaGalil was referred to me from a local. It did not let me down. They had amazing looking steaks, but I opted for the all American burger & fries. It was less than 5 minutes from where I was staying.


Northern Galilee makes me hungry and this restaurant had delicious burgers.
Vered HaGalil – Restaurant





If you see horses in any of the pictures of my stay here, it was theirs. Their ranch backed up to the house I was in, so I was privileged enough to watch them eat & play from the rooftop view (pictured above).



Northern Galilee Makes Me so Content this Shabbat Shalom

After that meal I had no desire to just sleep on it. It was still light, so I thought I would go for a walk and get a few more pictures. This place is truly beautiful. I wonder how this community would have fared if they had turned from their ways when Christ tried to teach them about the Kingdom of heaven….


Northern Galilee makes me happy because of the fiery red and orange lantana.
“LOTS” of lantana – luv!


The flowers in Northern Galilee make me elated. This shade of orchid is gorgeous.
Yahweh’s handy work


This Northern Galilee purple and white flower makes me smile.
Yahweh’s color pallet amazes me…

This country truly rules my heart and owns my soul….. Shabbat Shalom

Leaning in as much as possible…. it is wear I wish to be,

XOXO – Trina


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