9 Best Historical Sites at the Lions’ Gate

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9 of the best historical sites at the Lions’ Gate will be waiting on you at the Eastern side of the Old City of Jerusalem. They are all within a 5 minute walk of the gate. I want to share them with you in this post. When you get there, I don’t want you to miss a single thing. Don’t get overwhelmed, make a list and take a paper map. Without a doubt you don’t want to miss out!


Historical sites at the Lions Gate start with it!

9 Best Historical Sites at the Lions’ Gate:

Before we even get in the gate we have a few of these historical sites at the Lions’ Gate that we need to discuss.

3 of the 9 Historical Sites Before you Enter the Lions’ Gate

  1. The Lions Gate is on the Eastern wall, therefore if you head South for a short walk you will arrive at the Golden Gate. It is also known as the Gate Beautiful or the Eastern Gate. It has been sealed since the times of the Ottoman’s occupation. This is the gate which Christ entered in upon a donkey, crossing palm branches at Passover. He will enter once more, when He returns again to rule and reign on the throne in the temple.
  2. The two sets of lion (are actually leopards) reliefs were carved there after Suleiman the Magnificent defeated the Ottomans in 1517.  I am guessing that it won’t surprise you that Lions’ Gate is not the only historical name for this gate either. It’s is also known as the Sheep’s Gate, Jehoshaphat’s Gate, Bab Sitna Maryam (Arabic name for it – meaning birthplace of Mary mother of Jesus), and St. Stephen’s Gate. Outside the city walls, at this very place is where Stephen was stoned to death. He was the first martyr for Christianity.
  3. It is at this gate where, on June 1967 during the Six Day War, a handful of IDF paratroopers stormed the gate and entered the Old City. Them and a group entering the Dung Gate took control of the Western Wall area. This is a place which had been out of their control for 2000 years. It took two day’s of fighting to regain it from the Jordanian’s.


1st one of the historical sites in the Lions' gate you see are the doors for Virgin Mary's birth place.

Historical Sites Now that We’ve

Entered the Lions Gate

4. It’s old, it’s got great doors! I believe you will all come to know sooner or later that if it is flower’s, sunrise’s, sunset’s or door’s…..your gonna get to see them from me. I’m a lover & fan of them all. It is just before you turn to go into St. Anne’s.

St. Anne’s

One of my favorite historical sites inside the Lions Gate are doors at St. Anne's

5. This area has several historical sites just a little ways down from the Lions’ Gate. Several things right there all together. You enter a courtyard area of St. Anne’s Church. It is the oldest standing church in the city. The present structure of the church was built by the Crusaders in 1140 AD. It is now a Catholic church. It’s believed that below the church is where Mary was born. The name St. Anne’s, is in honor of the Virgin Mary’s mother. I have a fabulous video of us singing in there. The acoustics are undeniable, just heavenly. We were barely singing and it rang throughout the whole place.

Historical site at the Lions' Gate in the courtyard at St. Anne's.

The Gardens at St. Anne’s – They Blessed My Soul!

St. Anne's garden at these historical sites in the Lions' gate. Noah & Trina
Noah & Trina in fall 2017 St. Anne’s courtyard gardens.

6. The Pool of Bethesda, where angels troubled the waters and there were miracle healing’s. Moreover, it is also believed to be an ancient cistern. The ancient feel cannot be described when you peer down into this space. What a feat it would have been to gain access to this area to “get your miracle.”

Pool of Bethesda in the courtyard at St. Anne's

Dr. Caldwell Teaching & Singing in St. Anne’s,

Historical Sites Close to the Lions Gate:



Taking The Historical Sites from the

Lions Gate Back to the Streets:

7. If you go back out to the street hold right; your at the Via Dolorosa. The historical sites on this road are numerous. Especially all the shops, food and vendors peddling their goods.

Historical sites at the Lions' Gate on the Via Dolorosa
Station 1 and 2 on the Via Dolorosa.

8 & 9. Is station I and II for those who want to dive into the history of the different stations (locations) that Christ would have faced different trials on his final day. Each of these leading him to the crucifixion at the end of the stations. The last station has you arriving a good ways from the Lions’ Gate, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Many Catholic’s choose to believe where Yeshua was crucified and buried, however at the time of His death and resurrection this area would have been located outside the city walls. This is not the Garden Tomb area located next to Golgotha.

The Via Dolorosa is the road which Christ walked.

Let’s Wrap This Part of the Adventure Up:

All I can say is if the Holy Land is on your list to come visit. You do need to come with a group or at least hire a guide. 1st trip is an absolute must with a guide. 2nd it’s still not a bad idea and unless you are truly FEARLESS – **DO NOT GET A CAR AND DRIVE**!!! I love you people, so if you don’t embrace insanity, craziness, danger, unknown traffic laws and unknown speed limits – just don’t do it. HOWEVER, if you live on the wild side just a little, dive in – go for it!

Clearly, you can tell there is no shortage on historical sites anywhere you look when you are in Jerusalem. You obviously know that you are not going to make it to see all of them in one 10 day trip. Just take what time you do have a enjoy all that you do go see. Then start planning the next trip, because it will call you back….

Be Fearless & Know You are Wonderfully Made!

XOXO – Trina

Pin #2 Israel 2017 Beautiful turquoise huge doors.
Luv them!

For more information on places to visit in Israel I hope you will check out some of my other post. I have went there on 3 separate trips. Some of them with a group / tour guide. Some without. I have spent 10, 14 and 26 days  – 2017, 2018 & 2019. Lord willing we will be going back in the fall of 2020. We are also planning a Spring 2021 group tour. If you have ever wanted to go, please contact us for information to join us. Everything will be blooming beautifully when we get there next year!

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