Who Wouldn’t Be Enthused About Being Solo in Israel – Day 1

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Can you tell me who would’t be enthused about being solo in Israel for 14 days: Makes my Heart BEAT…fasssstttt! Well it’s day 1 let’s go! I know I haven’t even blogged about my first trip to Israel, but with just finishing my second one, and it being a 14 day stint, I feel that I want to share this piece of rhapsodyville while it’s fresh.

Being solo in Israel was amazing - Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Temple Mount

This trip just developed quickly and with being a “travel” blogger….I needed to do some REAL travel, so I pulled the trigger (key strokes -reserved rooms, car & plane tickets) and hit the tarmac. This was my first trip out of the country by myself. I rented a car, stayed AirBnB’s, and mapped out where I would visit, what I would see & do all by myself (well, I must give credit to a friend who is a guide and lives in Israel: Harrison – thank you for all your advice and tips – *especially highway signs, speed limits and such*).


Israel 2018 - Trina
Zippori / Tzipori NP

Day 1 – Where to Start When in Israel and Solo?

Being solo in a place like Israel let’s you make your own agenda. You can take as much or little time as you want in each and every place. Well, that is unless you are checking out… My first day started in Ra’Annana. It is located just outside of Tel Aviv. From there I went north. The drive was awesome. Beautiful scenery, windows down, tunes jamming (yes, I carried my own speaker and used my Itunes), the wonderful smell of spring made me feel alive.

I am a fan of The Watchman CUFI – TBN. Some of the places I chose to visit were places with history that may have been featured on that program. Others I returned to after my first visit, friend’s Israel - 2018 Trinasuggestions or just the Lord leading me. I had no time clock, this is what made being solo in Israel so amazing. I could leave as quick as I arrived or stay along as it was open.



National Park #1Nature and Parks Authority

Zippori National Park**  or Tzipori (yep, yet another BIG difference NAMES of the CITIES can and OFTEN do change…js) was on the agenda for the day. It is on a hill in the western Lower Galilee region. The remains of a magnificent city and is still a current archaeology dig site with new things being discovered all the time.


It includes ancient streets, public buildings, dwellings, a theater, bathhouses, churches, a synagogue, central market all mainly dating to Roman and Byzantine period. There are beautiful mosaics contained in some of the main structures.



The land surrounding it was beautiful farms; produce and cattle. The day became quite warm quickly. It appeared that I was going to have warm weather for the entirety of my trip. I love warm, so no worries!

Being Solo in Israel Let’s You Change Locations Easy:

Korazim Here I Come!

After wrapping things up there I headed to the Upper Galilee region to Korazim. This would be home for the next few days. I arrived mid afternoon. Upon unloading my last bag, the first drop of rain splattered.

Israel, much like Arkansas can have some serious afternoon “heat” storms. The shutters of the room I was in almost blew off. They had to be zip tied. Yep, zip ties, much like duct tape and super glue they ALL can make MANY problems go away and are the answer to SO MANY issues!

Israel - 2018 Trina
Glad I wasn’t out in it! Photo creds to Harrison

*There will be a post dedicated solely to the details of “IF YOU RENT A CAR IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY aka Israel” maps, roads – streets, laws, ect…. YEP, it was part of what made my trip all that it was!*

**I did not figure out until after I paid for my entrance at the 4th national park that you can get a two week pass for multiple parks for a discount price. If you have a friend with an address that will receive your card for you, there’s a 1 year pass, but it has to be mailed to an Israel address. I have a card on it’s way and am now friends with a park employee who liked me enough and is sending it to me! Blessed. God sent me people who took care of me everywhere I went. He loves on me WAY more than I deserve.

Israel 2018 - Trina, being solo can leave you challenged to take pictures.
Zippori NP

Rhapsodyville to come – NEXT PLEASE…

Now, I have to figure out where I’m going next. How quick can I make it happen and I’m not sure that it won’t be traveling from Israel. After my second time around, my hope was to get it out of my system instead I feel that it just became rooted deeper into my veins. I am so in love with Israel. I cried as I left Jerusalem and for the next four days just thinking about leaving. For those that know me, NOT a CRIER!!! Times when I should cry, like funerals, I can’t – start talking about this place and I tear up. FOR the LOVE, it must be God, cause I don’t weep….

There are truly no words that can adequately describe just how or what I feel there. It oozes history and faith. Both of which I love and garner a special relationship with. I feel so drawn that I may have an address change….

XOXO – Trina

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