Wednesday Word – Introduction To Holy Spirit

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Introduction To Holy Spirit ~

The Faith Connection

Introduction To Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit up close and personal.

My Wednesday Word is coming from me recently starting a new study of the Holy Spirit.

Introduction To Holy Spirit ~ The Faith Connection by Dr. Betty Gilliam, pastor of Faith Christian Center in Jacksonville, AR,  is a book that I “tried” to begin reading while on my journey in Israel. Think I may have got one of the very first autographed copies of it. I really did try to read it. I got through the intro and had to reread it. Thinking that the first chapter would be clearer and easier to understand….well that’s what I get for thinking. I pulled out the work book pages that accompany it hoping it would pull more clarity out of the depths, yeah no such luck. But what did happen is the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart to sow that book into a friend’s life in Israel. This makes it an official international book, fo sho!

Always Be Learning

I have read and studied the Bible my whole life, so this book was definitely going to teach me a few things (jk, A LOT)!

  1. I’ve got a WHOLE LOT more to learn.
  2. A trip was not the place to start a Biblical college education.
  3. I would have to go into this paperback with a serious amount of prayer!
  4. That the relationship that I have with the Holy Spirit is more than I have truly ever given attention to.
  5. This will make me a much better child of the King.
  6. Everyone can stand to learn more about the Holy Spirit
  7. Concentration is necessary for this word to be digested properly.

Home and Growing

I decided I would dive into this when I got back home. Which I have done. It takes me about 4-5 times of reading each segment in each chapter to let this seep into every fiber of my being. I am also answering my questions in the study guide as I go. It is slow going, but I feel that what I am gaining, gleaning and preparing to be able to pour out from this…it is SO worth it.

Lesson Connection

Directly from the book…“Too often, people are not aware that Jesus provided full redemption which includes not only provision for our spirit being born again, but also provision for our bodies and souls which includes our minds, wills, emotions, and passions.” This really hit home. When the Holy Spirit is accepted to indwell us; He is actually a partner for not just our spiritual battles, but He can take on our soul & physical body fights, too. I’m not sure why this struck me like it did, but it was a light bulb moment for me.


I’ve known Dr. Betty Gilliam for most of my life. Grew up, went to school, and had sleep overs with her girls. She is an amazing woman of God and I am thankful for all she does for the Kingdom. I am glad that she values growing His kingdom by sharing her knowledge. This incredible teacher and mentor has sunk her wisdom into the pages of this book and guide. It will challenge you, but is so worth it!

My 2 cents:

When God’s people stop comparing and fearing church, denomination, and being “religious” we may have a shot of sharing His kingdom principles with the lost. Introducing children to their Daddy, by way of salvation through King Jesus, is the main goal we should have as heirs to the thrown. Yes, we keep our relationship with the Lord first, but second are all others. Therefore, no matter which pew (chair) you warm, whether it’s Saturday evening or Sunday morning, early traditional / later contemporary service, or which kingdom preaching church you attend – JUST GO. Find the place where the Holy Spirit is leading you. Seek the word of God. If you aren’t thriving where you are, being fertilized and watered, for your soul’s sake go where you can be. BUT don’t pull up roots for wrong reasons. The spirit of offense is one of the most destructive tools that the devil is currently ripping the world, America, families, churches, congregations, and Christians in general apart with.

Great people of God

I am so fortunate that I have been blessed to have some of the most amazing teachers pour into me. I will NOT start naming names, but if they have ever spoke at The Bridge Church in Cabot, AR, I want to thank them.

Dr. Betty you are a light in darkness, never let it be dimmed by anxiety of what God’s up to. Pastor Steve McCuin… no words brother – just tears of gratefulness.

I am such a lucky & blessed little girl to have a Father who created the universe and all that’s in it. A brother who’s a King – that died for me and intercedes on my behalf with the Father. They ? LOVE ? me so MUCH, that they gave me great people who fill my cup…even when it taste like bad medicine. I know I’m loved.

Continuing to Lean In


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