What Is An American Patriot?

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Just what is an American Patriot? Well, in simple terms: ME. I do not think that this would have been the exact reply that I would have given you a year ago. The last 4 years made me re-evaluate A LOT; the last 12 months just solidified it. ***disclaimer – this has not been edited yet, I just wanted to get it out there***

Who Is This American Patriot? 

This is a little country girl who was born in the heart of the USA. I am a Jesus loving wife, mom, savta, and friend to many. I am an intercessory prayer warrior, who cusses some, drinks a little, drives fast, makes stuff, blogs, plays hard, loves big, enjoys dancing and having fun. Not only that, but I have stood in the gap for many who don’t even know they need it.

An American Patriot in the street among thousands of fellow patriots in front of the US Capital.

I chose to stand up for my rights, freedom of speech, and back the Constitution of the United States of America. Being able to vote, one that I don’t want CHANGED, means freedom. I NEVER want to lose the right to walk into a house of worship, lift my hands, sing praises to Yahweh, have a Bible and share my Christianity. I am standing for my family, and it’s legacy. This is ME! A true Patriot.

We should be able to live mask & vaccine free if we chose to! I may just be making the choice to tank my livelihood. My direct sales and blog business could take a major hit by me putting this post and my heart out there. Hopefully, I find new friends that are like-minded. This will be a blessing. If this is you, please follow me on all my social media that we have in common. Share this post, please. Shop my LikeToKnow.it page. I have links that if you click while you are on here or on that page I make small commissions on. They help fund this site. 

What Is the Definition of A Patriot? 

To summarize what a patriot is, is fairly easy. A patriot is one who loves, supports, and defends one’s country. There are more in depth descriptions. I am listing a link below that I found that describes the American patriots that we met in our nation’s capital on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. 


Most were there not to just support the President of the United States, but to save the country from the deep state that is threatening our rights and way of life. The more I dig and dive into this deep state or cabal, the more I realize we have been having our puppet strings pulled for a LONG time.

Patriots showed up in Washington DC to stand for truth.

Are You Wondering What the Cabal / Deep State Actually Is?

I started trying to figure this out about six months ago. Having heard those terms being used for a while I made the decision to find out what the definition of those are. This is what I found to give the easiest explanation of it without going in depth. Wikipedia defines it as Cabal/Deep State – A cabal is a group of people who are united in some close design, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, a state, or another community, often by intrigue and usually unbeknownst to those who are outside their group. The use of this term usually carries negative connotations of political purpose, conspiracy and secrecy.

Where Do You Start Your American Patriot Journey?

Just make up your mind that you will NOT waver or falter in your belief system. Know who you are. What are you willing to take a stand or stand up for? Are you going to be okay with losing friends? Is your skin thick enough to withstand the onslaught of speaking out and helping share the patriot pages that you will find? NOW start reading, listening, and sharing. Click here: Patriot Sources

An American Patriot tale - The Washington Monument early morning 1-6-2021
What a way to start the day!

Convictions of an American Patriot!

You will have to have a clear path. Knowing that you WILL NOT back up, back down, turn tail or allow others opinions to cause you to waver. Although, you should be willing to shift and adjust as new information is made available. 

It made my heart hurt when I watched people become disgruntled after the march to the US Capital on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Much less the next 3 days, listening to American patriots waver in their convictions to stand with the President, who truly won the over 75 million votes in the 2020 Presidential election. 

Are You, as an American Patriot Willing to Lose Friends or More?

By choosing to lay it all on the line there is a very real possibility that you might lose friends, followers and even family members. Yes, I have watched a few dissolve from my life in the last few months. I saw even more disappear in the last 5 or 6 days after I followed my heart and went to represent in Washington DC for the Trump March. 

What lightened my heart and brightened my soul was how many genuine, like-minded individuals found my page. New friendships were developed while we stood in 34 degree wind chill temps defending our rights to remain free Americans. 

An American Patriot with her patriot friends.
Trina, Beth & Ginger out supporting and representing our fellow Americans.

These American Patriots who locked arms, held each other up, walked miles, went hours without restrooms, very little food and water – these are my people. These are the defenders for the greatest nation in the world that I was born in. I gained way more than I’ve lost.

 Do You Need A Thick Skin to Be a Modern Day Patriot?

You better have one. Today you can share your thoughts, others articles and broadcasts in a matter of a couple of keystrokes. A click or two can allow hundreds/thousands/hundreds of thousands/millions to become part of a discussion. When you make a choice to do this, then please be prepared. You have to realize others will be responding; some positive/ some negative. If you know who you are, why are you doing it, and what is your endgame? It is then, when you my friend, realize you might just be an American Patriot. 

My American Patriot Actions This Week

With this new week beginning, the last full week before the inauguration, I believe will be a week filled with historical events. They may even be life changing. As an American Patriot, it is my duty to be prepared. 

  1. Have some cash on hand. Enough for 5-10 days minimum. 
  2. Find a communication method that doesn’t depend on digital means. 
  3. Do you have protection? I HIGHLY suggest you get some. Know how to use it!
  4. Make sure you have food, water and medicine for a few days/weeks. 
  5. Gas your vehicles, propane bottles & stock up on some batteries.
  6. Go to church, tithe, and pray!

Don’t be crazyjust be prepared. Four of the above items are something that are a given in our household. Over the past few years we have used a debit card more than we have kept cash, so that was something that we needed to adjust. We are also hunting up an old CB radio, or may pick up walkie-talkies. 

A FROZEN American Patriot with new patriot friends.
Almost FROZEN…. We were wearing mask at this point to have our breath thaw our nose. LOL! No, really not kidding.

American Patriot Are You Willing To Do the WORK?

Over the past few months I have developed a habit of checking in & on several sites for information. They were reporting on what was happening with the election, the state of the economy, CoVid 19 situation, and the temperament of the world’s outlook during all of this. 

One thing that I was seeing evidence of cohesiveness of all conservatives were sharing evident behavior of censorship on platforms of social media. These conservatives were on the same page. They were all finding the flaws, inconsistencies, and changes, not only in the social media world, but also in the mainstream media.

We have heard the term “Fake News” so much the last four years that we just became comfortable with it. Most people do not live under the scrutiny of cameras on your every move and recorders that catch every word you say.

What is EVEN WORSE is when what you say is taken, twisted, then printed, and it is not anything near what you meant. We actually have had a POTUS for the last for years that has a sense of humor. He is sarcastic, but usually funny and spot on! The mainstream media (deep state employees in my opinion) HATE him. 

This made me want to dig. This made me pray for him more. This showed me they don’t HATE just him, they HATE OUR AMERICAN way of life. This made me become a modern day American Patriot.

Will You Join Me?

An American Patriot looking for a Lion, even if it is on a flag with Trump's name!
Lion’s courage and strength – President Trump!

Are You An American Patriot?

Do you want to lose all of your rights? Are you ready for communism on our soil? Is your vote one that they changed? What will this America look like with abortion clinics in every town? Curfews to be inside when they say, never have your mask off (possibly even in your own home), and losing total control to make any decisions basically? 

How will you feel when they lock our churches? What if they just go ahead and burn them down? Yes, they might even begin to execute us for having a Bible in our home. I know many of you say, “No way.” Tell that to all the Jews who died in the Holocaust. That wasn’t even a hundred years ago y’all. 

Patriot Resources

Stand, Believe, Pray and NEVER EVER think that God is not in control! 

Be of good courage and do not fear.

Much love & respect!

xoxo - Trinas signature and redneck rhapsody logo.


8 thoughts on “What Is An American Patriot?”

  1. Great article girl, especially for a rough draft. I commend you on your commitment to standing up for what you believe in. We know that the left stole this election. The proof is out there. The problem is the Deep State is so ingrained in every facet of our society, including the Department of Justice. POTUS has all the evidence, but to bring it out the only way possible would rip this country apart. POTUS cares too much about this country and us true Americans to do that. It just may come out though, because the left just won’t stop, they are still attacking our president with only 8 days left in office. So we ask ourselves, why do they do it? In my opinion, they are so scared of him because they know that he is a true American Patriot. He has all the proof of all their crimes. So they think if they can truly impeach him for BS, made up reasons, then they can prevent him from running for President again in 2024. Hell Pelosi even said it in a 60 Minute interview. I say go for it Mr. President. I took an Oath of Enlistment 33 years ago to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. And that oath did not end upon my retirement from the military. So I stand for and with the rightful President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. I will not recognize Joe Biden as anything other than the criminal he is.

    • Yes, yes & AMEN!!! I never took the oath to serve my country, but I walked up an isle to an alter and gave my heart to Jesus a long, long time ago. That commitment is all I need to know what I must do in this battle that is so much more than an election. This is a fight of good verses evil. This my friend is a spiritual war and we know who wins. BUT until He calls me home, I will be armed with prayer and/or “protection” & always ready for battle. Every damn day, every time I close my eyes, it should cause the enemy grief.

  2. God Bless you Trina! I feel like you are a sister I didn’t know I had till last week! Standing with you and our country. Praying for the light bearers!! Shine bright sister girl! We are an army, some are just waking up to the truth!


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