11 Things You Need to Know When Getting and Decorating a Flocked Tree

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There are at least 11 things that you need to know when getting and decorating a flocked tree. Let’s tackle how to pick one out, set it up, and decorate it perfectly. All in keeping with your style. There is nothing more beautiful than a divinely flocked, decorated tree.

My Flocked Tree Is Debuting in

2020 Christmas Tour of Trees

This is my second time to participate in the 4th Annual Christmas Tree Blog Hop that is being hosted by Michelle James over at OurCraftyMom.com We are being joined by over 20 fantastic blogs to lend beauty to our magical holiday season this year. Drop by and visit each one when you wrap up here. 

Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

A Flocked Tree Finally…

A flocked tree is something that I have wanted for quite some time. Finally, last year we decided to jump in and get one. We have always put up multiple trees, so one more to decorate wasn’t a reach, but the details of picking it out and how to decorate it would be. 

This beautiful flocked tree looks great with red and lit up at night.

Let’s get to those 11 Things You are Going to Need to Know When Getting and Decorating a Flocked Tree:

  1. The first thing that you are going to need to decide when you are going to pick out your new flocked tree is what size you will want. You might want to consider where you will be putting it. That might determine the height, and possibly the circumference. Make sure you allow for the height of a tree topper. A slim tree might be a great choice for small, tight spaces.
  2. Type of tree itself is a personal preference: Some people like the looks of a pine. A fir tree might be your favorite or possibly yours is a spruce. Do you want branches close together, full & thick or trim & sparse?
  3. I feel that if you are getting a flocked tree, then the investment of getting a pre-lit one is definitely worth it. Should you be wanting a color theme, then you could just add color lights to it, also. 
  4. Let’s jump the gun just a little for this detail: You need to keep in mind from the beginning as to how you will be storing this tree after Christmas is over. Your flocked tree will survive better if stored in a climate controlled area, as well as, dry and cool. 
  5. Fluffing the flock. I had never really thought about this until I got mine out this year. Yep, before you can begin decorating a flocked tree it must be fluffed! Guess what I did to find answers to the best way to do this… Yep, I Googled it. I found this great post with a few other details that are very read worthy over at Curls and Cashmere

Old clothes and tube socks will be your best friend for this chore. Now, start fluffing and separating the branches.

A Flocked Tree Can Be Done in So Many Colors & Ways

Decorating a flocked Christmas tree has all kinds of options and their are so many styles. Here are 6.

6. Deciding on the color that I will be decorating my flocked tree will be the place where I start. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to visit a couple of local Christmas stores that have amazing trees. This is where I get some ideas and inspiration. (Who am I kidding, I shop a little, too!)

Decorating a flocked tree can be awesome: This is 5 different looks.

Here are a few of the colors that I toyed with using this year:

  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Multiple
  • Red
Decorating a flocked tree with black, gold, or royal blue - any would be beautiful.

I settled on red. Mainly, because I had a lot of red decorations, but I also was putting it in the same room with another tree that I was using a similar farmhouse style and look that I wanted it to blend with.

7. Making choices about whether you use ribbon, mesh or maybe even berry garland strands. This will be helpful for taking up space, filling holes, adding additional textures and color. I not only used red berry garlands in various sizes, I also use a garland of grapevine which red berries were woven with. I love the way it filled and fit the lookin in my tree perfectly.

Decorating a flocked tree with red berries, balls and ribbons was so fun.

8. Picks and stems are great to have for height, and definition. They also add a designer decorator aspect to a tree. In my opinion they give it that “polished” look. A spectacular final touch.

The red berry sign, I just lucked into. I know it’s not for every one, but I’m not the norm I have figured out…

9. Ornaments are the “jewelry” for your Christmas tree. Finding the perfect ones for decorating a flocked tree would be fun. Basic balls (26 count) of the color of choice is the foundation of where I start.

I use a variety of sizes:

You may want to consider which sizes you use based on the size of tree you use. I save the smaller Christmas balls for the very last to add wherever there might be a hole.

DIY Buffalo Plaid and Buck Glass ball Ornament

Homemade ornaments are great to work in if they work well with the look you are wanting. These one-of-a-kind items are hard to beat. They can range from simple to quite complex if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

They can sometimes bring the whole project together. Take for instance these plain glass balls that I added a cutting of ribbon to. They worked perfectly. Check out the details here on this easy DIY ornament project.

Now, should you not be the crafty kind you can still find some of those one of a kind ornaments that will lend a perfect personal touch to the character of the theme.

The fun ornaments are the pièce de résistance. This is where you give it real pizzazz. You can further theme it at this point even further. I’m going to throw a few ideas in here, but it could be SO MANY THINGS!

For Example:

  • Animals – Cats, Dogs, or Birds – Maybe even on species in general; Cardinals or Peacocks
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Movie Genre– Star Wars, Marvel, or Star Trek
  • Characters – Barbie, Cartoons, Etc. 
  • Focus Items – Snowmen, Stars, or Santa’s
  • Keepsakes – Store bought or maybe even homemade collectibles
  • Menagerie – Antique jingle bells, snowflakes, lanterns, homemade ornaments, etc.

10. Finding the perfect Christmas tree topper will be the next item that you will want to select. It can be made from the ribbon or mesh you have in your tree. A store bought one is always an option. One can be crafted with a blend of beautiful ornaments and stems. 

Black and Red Buffalo Plaid Bow Topper for decorating a flocked tree with red balls.

Personally, if I am decorating a tree I usually place my topper on before I begin decorating. This way I decorate around it and don’t have to move things afterward. I can skip adding very many ornaments around the top, especially if I use a bow that has streamers that go down the tree.

Want details on making bows that look like this? I have went over them in a Bow Making Vlog from last year.

11. The finishing touch is the Christmas tree skirt. Store bought is definitely the most simple way to go, but the ideas are limitless. I use a utility tin to set my flocked Christmas tree on. My tree was only 6.5 feet, so I wanted it to be taller. The tin was rectangular. Most tree skirts are round. So I knew I needed to come up with some ideas.

Spending on a tree skirt that wouldn’t even fit well wasn’t really an option. I had an extra roll of red burlap, so I went to work on making a make-shift skirt. Knowing that this would not be the Christmas tree that would have presents under it, I just need it to look good. That is exactly what I achieved with this simple DIY Burlap Tree Skirt for Under $5. 

Best Way to Decorate ANY Christmas Tree

The very best way to decorate a flocked tree for me is lined out in the above details. BUT before I can start decorating ANY Christmas tree, whether it’s one Christmas tree or SEVEN (yes, that’s how many we are putting up this year): Pour up a cup of Southern Redneck Eggnog or make a delicious Southern “Loaded” Hot Chocolate. Next, I put on Christmas music or movies. Let the flurry of Christmas decorating begin. 

You are in for such a treat. Go fix you something delish to sip on, sit back and start scrolling. Check out the page of each one of these lovely Christmas trees. You are going to the homes of some amazing bloggers with just a keystroke you will enter their winter wonderland! 

Enjoy and Merry Christmas Y’all!

xoxo - Trinas signature and redneck rhapsody logo.

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41 thoughts on “11 Things You Need to Know When Getting and Decorating a Flocked Tree”

  1. This is my first year with a flocked tree and I love how it looks. It definitely made a bit of a mess when I fluffed it before decorating. I wore gloves but will remember your tube sock idea for next year. Your tree looks fabulous decked out in red. Next year I’ve already decided that my flocked tree will have red on it as it looks so pretty contrasting with the snow-kissed branches. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  2. Last year was our first year with a flocked tree. This year bringing it out of storage was so much more work. I didn’t realize how messy it could get. Thanks so much for the tips!! Pinning to reference next year 🙂

  3. Your flocked tree is lovely. I have been considering a flocked tree for years, and haven’t taken the plunge yet. I will remember all of your tips should I decide on a flocked tree!

  4. Wow this is amazing! Love your flocked tree. Thanks for all these tips, I am planning in getting a flock tree for the upstair space. I’m inspired to try these tips.

  5. Trina, your tree is not only beautiful, but you share so many great tips and ideas for decorating a tree!! Thank you so much for participating and sharing with us. Happy Holidays!

  6. Fantastic guide! You were so detailed in every aspect of decorating the tree. I’m not a big person for using a star as a tree topper but this year we found a gnome topper. And it definitely completes the image of the tree.

    My favorite tip of yours was getting ball ornaments in a variety of sizes to decorate the tree.

  7. What an informative post, Trina! I hadn’t thought about storing a flocked tree or the fluffing involved. I’m planning to get one next year, so I’ve pinned this article for reference. Your tree looks amazing in red! I love the bow topper, too 🙂

  8. Wow this is really pretty. I love the red and the flocked tree. I have never bought a flocked tree but you have some awesome tips. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

  9. Wow, so many great tips. We added a third tree this year for the breakfast nook and went with a small flocked pencil tree. I love the festive look of the red decorations on the flocked tree. Love your Joy ornament and that gorgeous bow on top of your tree.

    • Thank you. I have a bow video on YT if you are looking for tips on making them. I love adding in pieces like that berry JOY sign. It takes up a lot of space. If I add any trees to my collections for next year I think I would like a pencil tree.


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