Which Would You Choose: A Blue Christmas or a White One?

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When given a choice which would you choose?  A Blue Christmas or a White One? This was a decision that I luckily didn’t have to make!

White Christmas tree with all blue and white ornaments.

I am fortunate enough to have been invited for a third consecutive year to be a part of Our Crafty Mom, Michelle James, Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop! I hope you enjoy all of these talented bloggers who are bringing you beauty at the tips of your fingers below.

How about that previous one. What a magnificent tree over at Jennifer’s on FiddleDeeDee.com Make sure you check each and every one of them out.

Now, back to how I solved my dilemma… blue Christmas or white. When the after Christmas sale hit Wayne picked up extra trees. 

It was interesting what he showed up with at home. A 4 foot white one and a 6 foot rose gold. I’ve decided to feature the white one.

Location, Location, Location: Size Matters! 

Not every space where you want to add decorations can handle a large tree. 

Yep, the white tree was perfect for a place in our entryway. We had the perfect antique table to offer extra height and keep all the elements (dog) off of it. 

All I had to do was decide on what color to use for decorating. If you know my SCB(Wayne) at all, then you know he picked blue. 

Whit 4 foot Christmas tree with blue and white light and decorations.

Let’s Get Lit! White and Blue Christmas Icicle Lights

This was a pre-lit tree, but that’s usually never enough for me. The attic hides many years of Christmas collections. There is quite a variety of colors, styles and designs.

Memories are stored, but dust is collected. When you brush it off it’s amazing what you can shop from your own totes. Therefore it surprises me when I find the exactly right item, that I forgot I even owned.

A white wire strand of white and blue Christmas icicle lights. These are so perfect for a small tree. You can work and wrap the trunk, while it will allow you to have a single small strand that lays on almost every branch, or it did with the size I had.

This tree was made for that strand of lights. the blue mix with the soft white was just what this little tree needed to light up this project to perfection.

A Perfect Mixture for a Blue Christmas on a White Tree

Let’s begin with what I usually always start with: ribbon. This navy velvet with silver stars seemed perfect for this job. 

Our Blue Christmas Decorations Fill the Blank Slate 

With choosing a variety of large, medium and small balls I filled in spaces to lay a foundation. A couple of finial’s here and there, too. 

That’s not all that varied though. I had different shades of blue Christmas balls, as well as finishes. Some were shiny, a few were matte, while others had glitter. 

Now to Soften the Look a Little

What was perfect to add a softening element? A blue poinsettia with a slight glitter trim. They came with clips on them for easy attachment.  

Piece De Resistance…A Perfect Blue Christmas Touch

Last, but certainly not least for our tree. The piece de resistance is when I can take something that is old, special, and perfect for a place of honor to top it all off. My beautiful, heirloom, porcelain Angel. She’s been in the family for over 24 years. 

Final Touches to Tie in ALL My Blue Christmas Tree Trimmings

The blue lemay tree skirt is the same age as my Angel. When something is good don’t discard it. If you have space, store it until it’s time to make all things old, new again. 

The blue boxes have been acquired over the years at different times and places. My Blue and White Santa’s are part of a collection from over the years, also. 

Beautiful white 4ft tree on a rustic wood table with blue and white lights and decorations on and around it.

Chasing “The Blue” Christmas Away with Spirits

I pray that no matter what style, size, color or design you implement that it is done with a heart full of joy. 

While doing this if you are looking for the perfect cocktails or specialty drinks check out our collection here at Redneck Rhapsody. Whether it’s the very best Eggnog you’ll ever taste, Apple Cider for killing the chill or a Loaded Hot Chocolate to fix all those sweet cravings, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a taste bud pleaser. 

Enjoying This Holiday Season

May this year be packed with love, laughter and family.

Making memories is the one gift that you cannot put a price on! 

Now, stop by and check out  all of my friends’ beautiful decorations on this year’s Christmas Tree Blog Hop! Last, but certainly not least, make sure you start at the beginning with our very first tree. Our very “CraftyMom.com” host the talented Michelle James.

Merry Christmas & Cheers!

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28 thoughts on “Which Would You Choose: A Blue Christmas or a White One?”

  1. What a great tree, I love blue and white and never thought of doing that on the tree! I agree size does matter. I don’t have the space for a giant tree myself. Sometimes smaller is better.

    • We have several different size trees that are great for tight spaces. Blue & white is one of our all time favorite colors to go back to.

  2. You chose great colors for a tree, Trina! The blue and white is symbolic for winter and an amazing combo for any Christmas tree! And yours look quite striking! I like that you used cherished items you’ve collected through the years to help decorate it, too!

    • I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I am a Christmas tree decoration hoarder. We talk about downsizing…then we think about the attic with ALL the boxes of Christmas. LOL. Sign never makes it to the front yard.

  3. Trina, You’re gorgeous blue and white Christmas tree is just stunning. It really add a pop of color and looks great in your home. Thank you so much for joining in this year. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and blessed new year.

    • Michelle, Thank you for including me! Glad you liked it. May you have a fantastic Christmas and a New Year full of amazing things!

    • Awww thank you! White trees provide such a different opportunity; just a clean backdrop to so many colors. They are fun to decorate for sure.

  4. What a fun spin on Christmas tree decor! That blue shade is so pretty against the white. I think you chose BOTH wisely. 😉 I enjoyed hopping with you, Trina!

  5. Trina, you can never go wrong with blue and white! It’s such a classic pairing at any time of year. I just love the vibrant pops of blue against the white tree. The gifts at the foot of the tree in blue packages look great and really add to the entire look! I can relate to being a Christmas decor hoarder lol! I just can’t pass up Christmas items when I’m out thrifting 😉 It was fun hopping with you. Merry Christmas! Pinned!


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