Trick or Treat Ideas for COVID – Halloween 2020

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Trick-or-Treat Ideas for safe Halloween 2020.

Are you looking for Trick or Treat Ideas for Halloween 2020 during the COVID / Pandemic? Well, I have put together a few for you. I’m also dropping recipes for adult treats of a liquid nature to enjoy while you are making them. Maybe one of them will work for a party, even if it is just for two!

Trick-or-Treat Ideas to Still See the Kiddo’s!

Keep in mind that if they are coming to get treats from my house; I would like to see their costumes, at the very least… That is if we are actually at home. We are keeping social distance safety protocols in place for the children.

Updated At the Moment Trick or Treat Ideas for COVID Safety:

If you are looking for those updated guidelines the CDC has put out a nice place for you to find this information. There is also information and suggestions on Just for those wanting another source with information this article was a decent read in the Wall Street Journal. BUT here’s the deal… The kids still want to Trick-or-Treat, so lets see how we can do it safely.

DIY Trick-or-Treat Ideas Pin

What are the Trick or Treat Ideas others are sharing?

Mine are not the Candy Chute or Lining the Driveway, but they are fun nonetheless. What child doesn’t like to pick their own piece of candy when they have the option?

Here Are My Trick-or-Treat Ideas: 

My Halloween 2020 Trick-or-Treats ideas were fairly easy DIY projects. A couple of them also made good Halloween decorations. You just need to make sure you don’t add the candy till the day of Halloween. 

DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Delivers Treats

Pumpkin Pickin”

Hollow Tree DIY

DIY Hallow Tree

Sucker Stop DIY

Sucker Stop

Over the Door Shoe Bag Hanger Social Distance DIY

DIY Over the Door Shoe Bag Hanger

I am including the links to the post, as well as, the video just in case you are a more visual learner. These Halloween 2020 Trick-or-Treat ideas are all ones that might help with these time that we are living in now. Don’t forget to grab the free printables for the signs, if you want to post them.  

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For You, the Adults: No Trick Just Treats!

I am leaving the videos for my newest recipes, because I haven’t got the post ready yet. There are a couple of tried and true recipes that are here. You can find them on the blog with a printable/pinable recipe. 

Party Punch
Southern Candy Corn Jell-O Shots
12 Days of Tipsy - Mix of many alcohol, liqueur's, fresh fruits and several juices to mix them with.

I’m doing a couple that can be fixed for a group, in case you have a close group of family or friends that like “treats.” Quick clicks will get you some “boo” zzelicious drinks:

Happy Haunting Amid the COVID Halloween 2020:

This year will certainly be one for the books. May your Halloween 2020 be safe and socially distanced properly. Enjoy it for what it is. Make the most of it!

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Four different DIY Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween safety.

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