Halloween DIY Easy Idea for Social Safety: Over the Door Hanger

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This is a Halloween DIY easy idea for social safety: Over the door hanger shoe storage pocket bag. Yep, it’s that easy y’all. You can take an item that’s under $10 and make it the perfect decoration as well as your problem solver for social distancing for Trick or Treating. All you need to do is add all little decorations to it and viola, easy peasy, put it on the front door, hooks included. 

Halloween DIY Social Safety over the door shoe bag - ribbons and decorations for it.

This Halloween DIY, Easy Idea for Social Safety: Over the Door Hanger Couldn’t be More Simple.

Let’s say you aren’t a huge fan of Halloween anyway. This decoration idea is perfect! You can lean towards just a fall look or theme with it.  

I bought the over the door hanger for shoes at Amazon for a little less than $10. The one I have was a previous purchase. 

I originally bought as extra kitchen storage for our camper (which worked amazing). Well, since we sold it (the camper), I thought that I would re-purpose it. 

Steps to make Halloween DIY Social Safety over the door shoe pocket bag fit the door.

You will have no problem making use of this shoe storage over the door hanger for a million other things. FYI make sure you’re on our email list so you can get updates on what I use it for to create a family fun Christmas tradition.

What Will You Need to Make Your Halloween DIY Easy Social Safety?

Hit the Dollar Tree fast, before all the cute decorations are gone. It is so easy to find items to decorate this particular holiday decoration. 

Shopping for Halloween DIY Social Safety over the door shoe bag decorations.

It’s amazing what you can create with a few fall leaves, maybe a baby pumpkin, or stem of something from the floral side. 

If you are a true Halloween person go for the witches, ghost and ghouls. Those decorative things are in plenty, too. I did a little of both to give you ideas. 

Get a few rolls of ribbon. Currently, Dollar Tree has a good selection to pick from, but I’m sure the closer you wait to Halloween the more picked over it will become. 

Should you want a large variety to pick from try Ribbon Roll. They also offer discounts for quantity. You might just want to go ahead and get some beautiful Christmas ribbon while you are at it. The Christmas ribbon is already being sold out at this time, too.

All the items need to decorate and prepare your Halloween DIY Social Safety over the door shoe bag.

Pick up some chenille stems or for those of us that are old school – pipe cleaners. You will want these to easily make bows by using these to twist your loops together. 

They make it easy to attach your bow to various things and places, also. In general chenille stems are just almost as handy to a crafter/mom as zip ties. Everybody should have a pack. 

If you are unsure about how to make a bow I have a video on just that. I also include a quick bow tutorial in this blog about the Halloween DIY over the door pocket hanger.  

Want to Keep Your Halloween DIY Social Safety Bag Even More Simple?

Perhaps using stickers on the pockets, that can be removed easily would be the way for you. Maybe you don’t feel up to the task of “fancy” tricking it out.

I suggest if they are not vinyl applique’s or state that they are removable, only remove a small portion of the packing to lightly stick. Unless you are fine for them to remain LONG after Halloween. You will not be reusing this particular bag for other purposes without it looking a little haunting. 

If you do stick them to the pockets, be prepared for it to be covered in that nasty, sticky, gummy – looks like a leftover booger remnants of what the cheap sticker will leave behind. 

Trust me I tried this out, and I am trying to help ya out. I have other purposes for this shoe pocket bag and I did not want bats on it…

Candy in decorative bags to insert in the Halloween DIY Social Safety over the door shoe bag.

Halloween Gift Sacks: Safe, Simple and Decorative – All in One

You can get items that you can just insert that are decorative in themselves. I purchased the Halloween gift sacks to hold a couple of pieces of a variety of candy. What Trick-or-Treater doesn’t love a little chocolate, maybe something chewy and a sucker? 

These little treat bags give the pockets decorations without you having to do much of anything else.

Filled, decorated and prepared over the door shoe bag ready for Trick-or-Treating.

When Should You Put Up Your Halloween DIY Easy Problem Solver?

Whether you choose to put the shoe storage over the door hanger aka: Halloween Decoration for social distancing up ahead of time is completely up to you. I WOULD NOT advise you to put candy in it ahead of time, if it is going outdoors. You don’t want melting, bugs or anything else to happen. 

I would say it is safer to make it up ahead of time. Filling it with candy while it is hanging over a door in the house.

The earlier you do this the safer it will be not transferring germs. Letting it hang untouched can only help.

If it isn’t going to be under a covering like a porch, you wouldn’t want water to accumulate in the pockets. If it’s under a covered area and you want to put up and decorate ahead of time fill the pockets with Halloween or Fall decor, but maybe not candy until right before. Although, you would be defeating the purpose of not touching the treats – so use food safe gloves to fill if you wait till the day of Halloween.

The bow and lights attached to decorate your Halloween DIY Social Safety over the door shoe bag.

A Couple of Problems This Halloween Decoration Can Solve:

  1. This simple, super easy Halloween Decoration can help solve the problem with social distancing. You can leave a note close by letting Trick-or-Treater’s that you are a Covid-19 free home. Hang your food safe plastic gloves on a command hook or in a magnetic clip to show that you were cautious placing candy in each compartment. You could also pick up small sacks from the store to put the pieces of candy in before placing in the pocket if you choose to. 
  1. You don’t have to even be at home to participate in the neighborhood sugar heist.
  1. If you live in the South chances are your A/C is still on in October, so you’ll save on electricity and the house won’t fill with mosquitoes.

One or Three Major Problems… Possibly:

  1. If you happen to have a greedy little goblin or two they could take more than their share of treats. You will have to rely on the honor system. For a Free Printable see block below. You can display next to your pocket bag.
  1. Don’t use lights that actually plug into an outlet unless you make preparations for it to plug in and not have logistical issues if you have to open and close that door.
  1. You will have to make preparations to refill or have additional means for your “little monsters”. Should you have more visitors than pockets; you will need to have a plan in place. If you are going to be at home, taking time to add more would be optimal. Might want to have a timer for the porch lights. Set it for them to go off at a certain time if you are going out,
The over the door shoe bag filled with candy.

Halloween Social Safety Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Visit… 

You could should actually sit on the front porch, while keeping a distance. Sit at least 6 feet down the porch or out in the yard. They can still go get their goodies out of the pocket. You know, just to stay in touch with the neighbors, or at least keep the zombies honest. LOL. 

Halloween Social Distancing Trick-or -Treating for the Neighborhood

If you happen to live in a neighborhood, maybe share this idea with your neighbors. Set up Trick-or-Treat yard parties. Keep the distance with your own set up of appetizers and drinks. Cocktails for the adults and mocktails for the under 21 crowd.

Theme and decorate your pop up tent, table and chairs. I will drop details for ideas on this soon. If this is too much or you live in apartments, maybe go with the decorated trunk-or-treat. 

Here are another couple of DIY ideas for a safe social distance Halloween:

DIY Sucker Stop!

DIY Hollow Tree!

Pumpkin Pickin’ Dollar Tree DIY

Halloween will Definitely be Different for 2020

I feel like we have somewhat been living Halloween for months at this point, August 2020. Hell, we have to wear a mask every day. Why should Halloween even feel like it’s a “special occasion” this year? Candy and kids in my book – that’s it. I loved getting all that candy as a kid. I know that this year has been awful for our littles. Maybe for them it will be good to finally reap a reward for wearing their mask. Let’s just try to do it as safely as possible. 

xoxo - Trinas signature and redneck rhapsody logo.

Get out there and get you some treats!

Over the door Halloween DIY Pocket Bag filled.


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  1. Halloween to me is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you. One second it’s summer and the the next we are scrambling for fall decorations and costumes! 😂 this is a GREAT idea imo. 👌🏻


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