How to Make Easy Christmas Wreath from Collectible’s

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You ask, how do you make easy collectible Christmas wreath? Well, that’s what I am going to do for my portion of this #ChristmasWreathExplosion tour with the HIVE Blogging Collective. If you are looking for new ideas for your front door or back we will surely have something that will give you a place to start. Maybe you create wreaths for craft fairs for purchase, do you ever get stuck in a rut and need something fresh? This tour will regenerate your creative flow. Make sure you check out all of the HIVE’s stops.

Make Easy Christmas Wreath - wreath completed! Full of black mesh, sparkle ribbon, lights, and Star Wars Ornaments
Wreath completed and hung above the mantel.

Inspiration for me to Make my

Easy Christmas Wreath from Collectible’s

We went to the Christmas in July Keepsake Ornament debut at our local June’s Hallmark. The Welch men loved the Star War’s Wreath. We have way more than would fit it. We have ships

A black Christmas wreath at the Hallmark store with Star Wars ships all over it.

that are old enough that they need an old stand of light to even plug in. Therefore, I decided I

would just dive in and just make one.

How To Start an Easy Christmas Collectible Wreath

You will need to decide what you want for your theme. Do you already have items that you collect? Are they what you would want on your wreath? Would this be a good time to start a new collection? Maybe add to your wreath every year, if you start one that has expensive items, such as Hallmark Collectible Ornaments; which is what I will be using on this one.

Make Easy Christmas Wreath all the boxes that the ornaments came in in front of the wreath that they are on.
Star Wars Ornaments on the wreath with all their boxes in front.

Now to pick the type of wreath you want

Do you want the evergreen look? Although, you could choose that style but in a non-traditional color maybe. Let’s say maybe you want it teal or black? Some may want a grapevine base. Yet still, you could choose a Styrofoam and wrap it in material or ribbon. These are just a few to choose from. I stopped by my friend’s local store in Cabot – Southern Decor to pick up a few things I knew I didn’t have on hand. It’s a must to watch the clock and my wallet when I go in there. It’s a DIY craft heaven! I will be using a wire form and mesh for mine.

Prep to make easy Christmas wreath

I will be cutting squares, kinda, they will actually be 10 x 12.” If I had stuck to the 10 x 10″ square it would have taken two rolls of the 10″ mesh, but I was 2 or 3 squares short of having enough, luckily I had an extra roll of black from another project. They didn’t match exactly, but they worked. This is just a little easier and I have a very large wreath form, therefore I will able to have a little more material to fill it.

Many people use mesh for Christmas projects. They use a gather, pinch, poof and wrap method. I wanted a different look for this project, so by using the squares, gathering them and wrapping them down the middle, I will have a more ruffled look to my “Deep Space” project.

How to assemble a wreath

Wrap attaching wire around the form wire once, before you gather the mesh down the middle. Then wrap the attaching wire around the mesh to hold the gather and secure it to the wreath form. Continue this around the entire form. This the place that if you want to use ribbon for it to be added, also. I used ribbon, but didn’t want it on the whole project.

I made loops with pipe cleaners and added at the very end. This makes perfect fillers, add texture and color. If you want this to be a multi-purpose wreath, you may want to wait on adding something that will determine the season for its use. All of this will be detailed and explained better in the video.


Table full of items needed - half of the mesh is on the wreath
Half way there with the mesh on the form.


Now, it’s time to make it shine

You may want to add lights. I am not even going to type the many different options, but I will highlight a few in the video. However, I did buy new battery-powered, remote control ones thinking they would be perfect, not so much for this go around. Since I am using ornaments that we’ve been collecting for years, they have to have an older set of lights to plug into. Changed my plans…

The new ornaments come with a power source that will handle up to seven ornaments. Wish Hallmark would have made little adapters. They could also make a battery-operated version as an optional cord. Would definitely look better. This would make it much easier if you wanted to display where there are no electrical outlets, such as exactly where I put mine.

Make Easy Christmas wreath from the back so lights can be attached to wire form.
Back of wreath to make lights easy to attach.

Best way to attach lights

The lights can be wired in with the mesh, but if they quit working you’ll have to unassemble the entire wreath. I am going to arrange them in, then add a couple of zip ties to hold in place. Then, if they go out all I have to do is unplug my ships make a couple of snips and replace. Because I am using ships that light up, I don’t want to overpower with a lot of light, therefore I just want to scatter them like stars. I had all those thoughts in my mind, but it turned out different when I put it all together.

I realized by using lights with the mesh that I will have to but a back on my completed project, as you can guess I will be going to purchase a piece of black poster board next week, well maybe… After hanging it above the mantel the boys liked it. This led to me telling you in the video how I might try to do lights different the next time. You may not want lights in you wreath at all. I have many that don’t.

How to add the ornaments and decorations

Using pipe cleaners, wire and zip ties are what I have found to be the easiest way to add items into a wreath project like this one. Especially if it will be a multi-purpose/seasonal wreath. If I use hot glue it makes it a committed wreath. It can be used and I did put it on the list, just in case you can’t avoid using for something, but sometimes a little double stick tape will also serve the purpose.


Wreath after lights, putting ships on the front
Lights and ornaments are shaping up. but I’m not loving how transparent the black is looking.

Dressing up your easy Christmas Wreath

Time to decide what you will be using for your toppings and “cherry on top.” Yum ice cream, oh yeah we aren’t done, back to the mesh. The mesh is crying out make me pretty. We have been collecting Star Wars Keepsake Ornaments since we married in 1996. We have one from most ever year. Some years we got more than one. My daughter had enough Barbie’s Keepsake ones that I could easily have made her a wreath.

If you don’t have collectible sets, this actually could be the year to start one. Buy one or two in a set and begin your collection. You could use anything teacups, miniature spoons, maybe even pet pictures. The choices are limitless. Supplement the empty spaces with any type of Christmas look you might want. Here are a few to consider: balls, snowflakes, or Christmas floral picks.

Bow or No?

Totally a personal preference or possibly a design factor based on size, look and type. Certain mediums that you use, don’t always need one, such as this one. Together with the mesh, ribbon, and large ornaments, I feel it would be over the top, gaudy and just not a fit. Wired ribbon makes bows easy, beautiful and did I say easy???

Make Easy Christmas Wreath - Star Wars Ornaments Wreath
Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away……

What items will be needed to make easy Christmas Wreath:

  • wreath form
  • mesh
  • ribbon
  • zip ties
  • hot glue gun
  • double stick tape
  • lights
  • floral wire
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • ornaments

How to make this  easy wreath bi-seasonal:

Easy Halloween wreath semi decorated: purple, green, orange lights and decorations.
Not decorated as well as it would be, if I were leaving it that way for a month or so.

Just by swapping out the lights and quickly using pipe cleaners a few Halloween goodies, and leftover Mardi Gras beads viola it’s ready for Halloween! I usually put up a fall wreath. Many of my Sci-Fi go all out for Halloween, so this will work for them.

I will approach how easy and fast it transitions it from Halloween to Christmas in the video. For tiny house/apartment dwellers storage space for multiple wreaths is sometimes limited, so maybe an idea like this will work for you. #SciFi #comicon #comicconfans #starwars #maytheforcebewithyou


Saving the best for last…

That’s right I saved the best for last! You are on a guided wreath tour with our little HIVE. If you just click on the different blogs below you will find an abundance of fabulous wreaths from Fall to Christmas. The HIVE collective is bringing their best just to DIY for all y’all! Your part isn’t hard, just click and see. Leave us all comments, and let us know if you enjoyed it because we are discussing making Christmas special tours at least once a month until Christmas. Make sure you subscribe to all our newsletters so you stay in the know and never miss out on anything! #fallwreaths #fallwreathsdiy #christmaswreaths #christmaswreathsdiy #diytour #hivecollectives #hivecreatescollective #hivecreativescollective


Wire form with burlap ribbons and red Christmas balls

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Let me know in the comments which wreath is the one you’ll attempt! Have fun!

TrinaChristmas trim around the wreath project on the table.Christmas Wreath that's hanging above the mantel with decor around it.


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  1. My entire Christmas tree is Hallmark ornaments. I grew up with them and when I got married my mother gave me all the ones that were mine when I was little. I cherish that Christmas tree and have fond memories with my own children when we put it up each year. We’ve continued the tradition and my kids get a new Hallmark ornament every year the day we put up the tree!


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