A Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablecloth DIY Project

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Hello and welcome back to Redneck Rhapsody! This is Jenn Summers from The Old Summers Home with another great DIY Project that Trina has kept under wraps from y’all! I’m so excited to share Trina’s Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablecloth!

This DIY Farmhouse Project is made out of dropcloths making it frugal and durable! 

Thanksgiving can be a full-on busy meal and having a durable tablecloth for such an event is essential if you want it to last for many Thanksgivings!

Because drop cloths are used to create this Thanksgiving tablecloth the price is on point too! Trina picked these up for an amazing steal of a deal at Home Depot 2pks for 7!!!! Just gonna tell you right now I am completely jealous hahaha. She admits to buying 7 haha.

Trina has a few more drop cloth projects up her sleeve that y’all are going to love (think Christmas Tree Skirt!)

Thanksgiving Tablecloth Supplies

Alright, let’s get you all this list of supplies so we can get this project rolling!

  • drop cloth
  • acrylic paint
  • thread
  • cardstock

Thanksgiving Tablecloth Tools

  • sewing machine if you need to alter the size
  • paintbrush
  • sewing shears
  • Cricut or another cutting machine (or store-bought stencils)

Check out Trina’s Thanksgiving Tablecloth Tutorial on YouTube!

Getting the right size for the tablecloth

Arrange the tablecloth on table to determine amount of overhang needing to be removed.

Trina needs a finished Thanksgiving tablecloth of 6’x6′. Her drop cloth was 9′ in length and 6′ wide. To make her tablecloth more of a square she removed 16″ from the 9′ side.

In order to cut the Thanksgiving tablecloth mark up from edge amount wanting removed, in this case 16 inches, using a long ruler Trina joined her marks together creating a straight line the width of the drop cloth. Using good quality sewing shears she cut a straight line.

Sewing the Tablecloth hem!

Iron the fold for hem 1 inch up and then another inch to hem your thanksgiving tablecloth

When cutting your drop cloth down remember to leave a minimum of 2 inches to allow for a double 1-inch hem!

I was taught that if you press each turn well your project will be prettier and tons easier! Thank you Mrs. Theresa Allred for that 9th grade home Ec. Class. You just thought I wasn’t paying attention. Doesn’t mean I ever learned how to make a sewing machine work worth a shit, but she tried…

Trina – Redneck Rhapsody
Iron hem well and pin the 1-inch double hem in place.

I also use the same technique when sewing. I ensure to press my folds very well so that I can skip the pinning and go straight to the sewing. For some materials, I use spray starch to help hold it in a neat fold.

Once you have a nice neat hem ironed and pinned you’re ready to sew.

Once finished sewing the hem remove any pins remaining and press with iron.

I recommend using a good quality needle somewhere in the range of 90/14 to 100/16. Upholstery thread or denim thread is the strongest and perfect for sewing a drop cloth.

You may need to adjust your upper tension so practice on a piece of scrap like the piece you just cut off.

Use a straight stitch with a stitch length of 3-3.5 because bigger stitches work better with heavy-duty fabrics and you will have less skipping.

This drop cloth has a seam down the middle as well so Trina made sure to press the seam open to help flatten it.

Thanksgiving Tablecloth was Lacking Something

Now don’t get me wrong, a plain drop cloth sure does say Farmhouse but it also says its a bit boring!

Thanksgiving/Fall Stencils

Trina decided to add a few fall colours and some fall designs.

Trinas cuts out some fall stencils using her Cricut

Using her Cricut and some thick cardstock like paper, that she had recycled for this project, she made herself some stencils.

Choosing Fall Colours for Tablecloth Decorating

Trina gathered acrylic paints in fall colours to use for her Thanksgiving table cloth. Don't forget the brushes too!

Trina gathered together some acrylic paints in Fall colours that would work perfectly to add to her Thanksgiving tablecloth! Because the drop cloth is such a neutral light colour these Fall colours really pop!

Stencils applied in different Fall colours to Thanksgiving Tablecloth!

Trina added the design all along the centre of the tablecloth. Once it was complete she allowed it to fully dry then set the colour in the dryer.

To set the paint: allow to fully dry, place in the dryer on cotton, turn on for 5-10 minutes.

Once her Thanksgiving tablecloth was set she washed and dried it before placing it on her table.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablecloth

This DIY Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablecloth is perfect to bring some Fall Decor to your kitchen table!

Trina’s Fall Decor Centrepiece makes the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful fall table display!

Fall Decor is everywhere right now!

Since it is the season we want to continue to share the love and show you a few more Fall Decor ideas we think you will love too!

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Michelle from crafty mom . presents a velvet pumpkin transformation using dollar store pumpkins!

Michelle has taken some dollar store pumpkins and transformed them into eye-catching pieces using velvet. These pumpkins now have glam and an expensive look to them. To see more of this incredible transformation head on over to Our Crafty Mom!

Jennifer Carfora Co. Gingerbread Cheesecake

Since we are talking fall and kitchen tablecloth I thought this amazing recipe would fit right in too! And well, face it I like food a bit too much to not share a great recipe when I see one haha. This Gingerbread Cheesecake is made with Oreos and a dark chocolate ganache. Don’t take my word for it go try out this recipe!

I hope you enjoyed Trina’s Thanksgiving Tablecloth DIY project! Thanks so much for coming and visiting us today! I will be back again next week with another amazing Fall Decor Project from Trina! You are absolutely going to love it!

Until next time;

Jenn Summers

Signing off for Redneck Rhapsody


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