Grilling Ideas to Make Happy Wife & Cool Life

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Grilling ideas that make me a happy wife and give us a cool life are what we are sharing on this tour. It is the way many of my summer meals go. BBQ Bash for the outdoors scores at the Welch’s! We love being able to put our whole meal on the grill. Since it’s so hot, it makes it great to take the heat outside. Which means, back porch or pool time while dinner is cooking….so that means something cool and tasty to drink is always welcome!

Grilling ideas: Smoked Sausage, chicken, bread, and squash on the grill.
The whole meal on the grill.

Grilling Ideas to give options for a cool life!

The best part of this post is we are giving you options, LOTS of options! Some of my friends are joining me on this Backyard BBQ Bash! You will find starters, mains, sides, and libations (alcohol and non). We are adding serving ideas in, too. Make sure you go check out each of these for more terrific recipes and ideas for your #BackyardBBQBash to be a complete success.

pictures of all 6 tour items for #BackyardBBQBash

[BTW, Just so you’re in the know, this group of cool bloggers is banding together for some amazing collaborations in the form of bringing you lots of good stuff without having to look very far or hard. Check out what’s in store for the next venture of our little HIVE we have created.]

Grill is idea to use after flame dies down and coals are hot
Flaming up. Get coals hot & ready.

Grilling Ideas for a cool life. Enjoy your whole meal outdoors.

Grilling ideas are super cool when the entire meal is outdoors… no oven! The SCB gets all the credit for this one. He planned, worked and executed it single-handedly, well that is he used both hands, but not mine, too. I want to take a minute before I give you details about what he threw on the BBQ to discuss a few variables that you might go with. Of course, everybody knows that meat is the #1 item that is cooked on the grill, although that doesn’t have to be the only thing. We love vegetables on the grill. We often put a variety (asparagus, corn, brussel sprouts, just to name a few) of them on with our meat, but our go-to is usually squash. When we decide to not heat the house with the oven he wrapped and put the bread on the grill, also.


Grilled squash & onions

What Veggies do you grill?

Whether you want to charbroil your veggies, wrap them in foil, skewer or place in a pan I guarantee you they will be good. We have used all of the above methods. Generally, we wrap in foil or place directly on the grate. The recipe below is for a packet of mixed squash with onions, I promise it will not disappoint.

Grilling ideas for meat on the grill

The Southern Cabana Boy put a few chicken breasts on there, as well as, a few smoked sausages. Most of the time we grill extra chicken for meals for the upcoming week. Therefore we rarely add BBQ sauce until we take it off; if that’s how we want to dress it that night. Usually, they are just cooked with garlic salt, and sometimes a little Dick’s Seasoning (yes, LOL) that’s its real name. We use it on veggies, too. Not only did we have supper for this night, but now I have meat I can use for main’s for 2-3 more meals.

Grilling was idea to keep the kitchen cool & clean. Chicken, sausages, bread, and squash ready to eat.
Dinner ready to unwrap! Hot off the grill.

Grilling is truly ideal for perfect bread

That’s right we didn’t even have to heat the oven for bread, so grilling ideas do keep life a little cool in the house, if your chef thinks like mine. A loaf of french bread cut into slices ¼” – ½” thick, not quite all the way threw, with butter in between each one and a light sprinkling of garlic salt wrapped in foil made for a soft, delicious melt in your mouth piece of perfection.

Cocktails while we wait

Cool kitchen, no mess made, none to clean up, well that is if we hadn’t pulled the blender out. Cocktails anyone? We found a little concoction that made us happy at the lake over the 4th of July, so we came home and rocked it out with a big blender and enough for 4. Tasty Frozen Lemonberry Libation at the poolThe Lemonberry Libation was a huge success, once again. An excellent way to spend the afternoon poolside, drink in hand, dinner on the grill AND now it’s time to chill! We have had a summer of great friends and good times.

#BackyardBBQBash is on like Donkey Kong

Let’s see what my friends have in store for making your bash on BBQ in the backyard a winner.

Winner, winner after my chicken dinner we go to visit Lia, over at southernyankeediy! Lia has given us the perfect way to serve up drinks that we are sipping on while we wait for dinner to cook. We try to not have glass poolside so this tray is just what we need to keep an accident from happening. No need for unnecessary splash or gash at our Backyard Bash. Yep, corny & crazy – some days y’all get the best or worst of me… The beautiful creative blend that makes this girl a “rhapsodyville filled redneck”. Sorry, it’s there y’all, it’s just there.

Grill ideas to serve up cool drinks. Cute serving tray makeover.


Next to the Bash is Ashley, IrishTwinsMomma is giving tips and so much more. She’s even sharing a kid friendly drink in all her deliciousness.Grilled idea to keep life cool, corn on the cob.


Jenn, over at theOldSummersHome has a lighter dish that is making my mouth water. I LOVE a fantastic Caesar Salad. This Ultimate Caesar Salad is speaking to me.

Grill idea for a cool: Ultimate Caesar Salad


Now, Agnes is making this look like I could totally move onto that vegetarian calling that makes me tick. Who grills cauliflower steaks??? JustThatPerfectPiece does! OMGoodness this is a keeper folks!grill ideas that is cool life less fat: Bowl of cauliflower herbs and spices.


OurCraftyMom, Michelle is in it to win it with Jenn. I vote for a tie between the two salad gals! Either one could be a main or side. Michelle’s tortellini is a new level to Backyard side dishes. I am dying to try it. Yum, that is all!Grill idea for a cool side dish a tortellini pasta salad


Thanks to all y’all blogger gal pals who helped make my #BackyardBBQBash a huge success! I can’t wait to see what these crafty little divas have in store for the Christmas in July kickoff tour. By the way we have decided to give this awesome group of crafty, traveling, DIY women a name and a couple of hashtags so all of you can keep track of our going on’s in one location or more!

Squash, onions, and butter cutup on foil

Grilled Squash & Onions

Southern Cabana Boy - Wayne Welch
Using 5 simple items you will have a grilled squash side dish that is not only healthy, but delish!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 6
Calories 130 kcal


  • Outdoor Grill


  • 8 Medium Squash Yellow, zucchini or mix
  • 2 Medium Onions
  • 1 Stick Butter
  • 1 18 1/2 x24" Sheet Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste. Additional seasonings can be added, too.


  • Slice squash, onions and butter. Place in center of foil. Wrap ends up and in. Then pull long sides up and together to fold and roll down. Make sure this packet is sealed well so steam will not escape for proper cooking. Keep seam side up on the grill.


Calories: 130kcal
Keyword Squash
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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