Exciting DIY Room Makeover with Chic Farmhouse Look

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I can’t even explain how excited I am about this exciting DIY room makeover with a chic farmhouse look in our family room. I have been debating on what I wanted the room to look like for YEARS y’all!!! Usually, I see a color or picture and build a room in my mind around it, but when it came to this family room… I got nothing. Total Blank. For the past 10 -15 years. SO, I am SO happy to have found a couple of things that made me finally to decide and make a commitment. This will be a 2/3 series post, which I will link all when completed.

Exciting DIY room makeover says farewell to sectional in family room, buffet with display and table

WHY DIY this Room with a complete makeover?

Glad you asked:

Does it need a room lift or what??? We had patched the ceiling where old lights use to be… that went well, huh? who doesn’t want an escape hatch into the creep old attic in the middle of the ceiling of the main room in your house….. Oh, I saved the best for last: Popcorn. Love to eat it; hate to scrape it. I have plans to avoid this – stay tuned & prayers appreciated that it works.

DIY Room Makeover with Chic Farmhouse Look —

Hope I Like it, for me!

DIY room makeover from this portion of sectional, table corner of family room to farmhouse look

I am not a huge farmhouse style gal. Love, love, love it in pictures, magazines and others homes, but have never felt drawn to it for my own. I am completely and totally eclectic. Therefore, my sense of direction in making my rooms cohesive is null and void. I have always made each room very individual. I am the one that makes people crazy if they ever came to try to buy my house. 12 rooms and almost all were different colors. Heck, I even did a Moroccan / Asian look in my master bath — it had 5 different color’s. Each wall different almost & ceiling. Yep, little more boho than redneck rhapsody showing on the color wheel of design.

Exciting DIY Room Makeover with

Chic Farmhouse Family Room:

I am trying to get walls and ceiling in the family room completed in a week. Yeah, wish me luck! No. I have got this. This room is 20’ x 20’ it will be taking a minute to prep before I can even begin. I also have a couple of places that kinda alligator ed (where when the VERY first coat of paint was painted an indoor latex was used and this room was a garage that was not temperature regulated, so the paint crackled) on me. It has shown through every color/coat of paint since then. Now it is getting new mud and paint both to eliminate this situation — hopefully. There are other repairs that have to be done also. Moving a few light switches, minor holes to repair, etc please remember it was a garage after all. 

No Pressure it’s just the holidays….

Exciting room makeover so I can change up Christmas decor - this tree is brown, ice blue, and gold
Feel stuck with decoration color’s, because of the wall’s and furniture.

At the time of this being written it is the first week of November, and I want this much of the room completed before decorations go up. I won’t have floors down yet, nor will the new furniture be here, but it will all be in the process. Nothing like a timeline with a healthy size personal goal. The results will be worth the effort. I look forward to sharing them with you. 

Exciting DIY Room Makeover with Old & New for Farmhouse Chic!

Exciting DIY Room Makeover - Room emptying, selling furniture

I will be redoing some of my existing pieces of furniture also. Not sure that these will be completed before the holidays either, although I am going to try. Just haven’t made up my mind as to how much Snowbound White (hint, hint) I want in the room yet. Yes, I know this is not a lot of details. I am sure you can see why I film VERY few videos that show much of this space. It is ours, lived in, shared memories, lots of love and friends have passed through these walls. I have never really loved the way it looked though, but that’s fixing to change! 

Excited to share this DIY project & room makeover!

Hope you stay on the journey to see the completed product. I am sure that it will have lots of bloopers before I wrap it all up. Please chime in and let me know if you have ever dove in for a huge one room transformation. 

There’s a sander, paint, boards, mud, bucket and roller calling my name at the moment… Have a blessed week! Make something old look new again!

Living in my own little rhapsodyville

~ Trina


12 thoughts on “Exciting DIY Room Makeover with Chic Farmhouse Look”

    • Yes, it is. Although I am selling almost all of my furniture and buying new. I’ve remade this room on what I’ve had or been given for 20+ years; it need some “new.” Hope you will check it out when I finish.

  1. How fun is this? I’m super excited to see how this turns out. We just totally gutted our house about 2 years ago and redid all of it. Exhausting, but I absolutely love it. All of your hard work will be worth it.


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