Guess What? It’s Starting to Look Like Christmas

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Guess what? It’s starting to look like Christmas. The temps have finally dipped a little, Christmas shows are blanketing the channels, and all the leaves are falling. BUT, let me just tell you what says Christmas better than anything else… DECORATIONS! Have you ever had that one place that you’ve thought about shopping at, but it’s a little outta the way? Well, Guess & Company is the one place that has been on my list, that is until this year. They always have a line to get in, but when you have friends who go, and come back with an ENTIRE truck bed full of goodies that are gorgeous and such a good deal… This is the year to bite the bullet and load up. *BTW this is a sponsored post ya’ll, but the experience and opinions are 100% mine.

Guess What? Amber is ready to shop for Christmas!
Amber’s ready to get her shop on!

Guess Where? It’s starting to feel like Christmas!

Especially when the Daughter is ready for a shopping trip…

Guess What? Pinterest pin 3

 Amber & I had tickets to the VIP night to Christmas in the Warehouse event. When that day rolled around, we were so excited. It did feel a little like Christmas, we couldn’t wait to peek at all the goodies inside. This kind of joy; time spent with an adult child MAKES Christmas to me. The planning what time to leave. What are you wearing? Who’s driving & which vehicle will hold all of our treasures? Experiencing Guess & Company for the first time together made my Christmas this year. Mother daughter time one on one was my gift from Paul and his family. Although, I can’t say that we didn’t max out the back end capacity of an SUV (the back seat, too) with some incredibly gorgeous Christmas items.

Guess Who Is Making It Look Like Christmas?Guess What? It's Trina at the warehouse

Paul Guess with Guess and Company. The Christmas Warehouse is located at 2411 West Main Street, Des Arc, Arkansas 72040. Just a short trip from Little Rock. This is a Christmas warehouse on steroids. Kinda a Southern Christmas Mecca destination. If you are looking to decorate all things Christmas, then this is where you have to go, y’all! Let’s just say it won’t last for long and everybody is going to have hotels booked for miles around on the weekends when the doors are open. Have you ever heard of a town called Canton? Canton, Texas has become its own entity. Guess who’s going to have their very own destination shopping experience for people? Yep, you Guessed it; that’s who Guess & Company. I think this will be in their very near future. That is, if I was a “Guessing” girl. 

Guess What? It's Looking Like Shoppers are excited!
VIP Night Shoppers are EXCITED!

VIP night was feeling, smelling and looking a whole lot like Christmas!

Santa's helper who has been taking all he pictures.
We coaxed one of “Santa’s Beautiful Helpers” into a photo opt!

Facebook is where Guess & Co. put out the offer to the public for VIP tickets. For 2 consecutive nights at the very humble price of $25.00 a piece. Both nights were a sell out. All the proceeds of the ticket sales went to the local Des Arc High School for new computers. The giving and caring nature of Paul Guess is undeniable. Talk about supporting & promoting local… They even have all of these local businesses on their around Des Arc page if you are looking to eat, shop or need a service station:


  • TJ’s Kountry Kitchen: 215 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040
  • Lindsay’s Pizza and Grill: 2105 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040
  • Sno-White Dairy Bar: 405 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040
  • Dondie’s White River Princess: 203 E Curran St, Des Arc, AR 72040


  • The Lily Pad Boutique: 408 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040
  • Lynn’s Flower & Gift Shop: 1509 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040
  • The Junk-Shun: 10945 Hwy 33 N, Des Arc, AR 72040

Gas Stations

  • Harvey’s Exxon: 1905 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040
  • Chunky Monkey: 1301 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040
  • Chunky Monkey Express: 1303 Main St, Des Arc, AR 72040

Guess What? It would make my Christmas with this old truck and display of trees and ornamentsGuess We Need to Learn More

About the Man Behind It All:

Paul Guess giving us a wave

Let’s talk a little more about Mr. Tinsel himself, Paul Guess. He is multifaceted. Paul is a genuine, interesting, southern gentleman. His love of red & gold is contagious. He has a way of making you feel that you’ve known him forever and that he could be your best friend in a heartbeat. The only thing he loves more than his home town and Christmas, is the love he has for his family. The 60,000 square foot warehouse is not only filled with amazing items for sale, such as home decor, a little Halloween, Thanksgiving, TONS & TONS of Christmas, BUT most of all love. Guess What? It Looks a Like Christmas with this all red & gold tree

All I know is that when you are blessed and you bless others it comes back. It’s usually tenfold when done properly. It probably doesn’t hurt that Paul has a Harvard Business MBA to back it up. That was the answer that he told me would surprise people most that they don’t know about himself. He made a choice a few years back to leave the rat race of the pharmaceutical industry, teach himself importing. He began designing his own products for manufacturing then has them shipped and delivered to Des Arc, AR. Where the ebb and flow of the White river is the pace of life now. 

One thing for sure that makes it start feeling

like Christmas for us: TIME spent with friends and family!

Trina & Michelle shopping
Trina & Michelle enjoying all the shopping & fun! We went to school in Cabot together!

Who wants to shop alone? A day trip for the girls to Guess & Co. to get the season cranking is just what the Claus ordered. This is what Christmas truly is to me. Family and friends making time to actually “not” rush, just stroll, look, design in the mind. Buy things that everyone can all enjoy when spending the holidays with one another. Go make a day of it! Coffee & sweets, shopping, then a late lunch when taking home the treasures!

Let’s talk about a few facts:

  • Yes, it’s wholesale, but open to the public
  • November 1 – December 1, 2019
  • Open Friday & Saturday 9 am- 6 pm
  • Open Sunday 1 – 5 pm

When it starts really looking like Christmas…

Trina & Amber messing with Santa
We may OR may not be on the naughty list….

When we get it all home, unload, divi up all the goods, start putting all the beautiful things up and out. This is feeling a lot like Christmas. I love when I find the exact item to go in that perfect space. It is sorta magical. I truly feel like a kid at Christmas when I get to decorate my tree’s (yes, that’s plural because we have 2 or 3 each year — if I keep hanging out at Guess & Co. I may have more than that….), mantel, and porch. 

Beautiful display of a mix of all types of ornaments, soldiers and stems.

By the way, just a little FYI if you did leave an item there that just wouldn’t fit in the already packed car, maybe you can sweet talk the hubs like I did to make quick Saturday run back over there with you… Not saying that I would do that, but not saying that I didn’t (I’ll let the video speak for me)! 😉

What starts making it feel like Christmas for you?

Is it the movies? The smell of cinnamon candles with a hint of evergreen? Baking treats with the family? Wrapping? Putting up the tree? SHOPPING? Setting up the Christmas Village? Lighting up the outside of the house? Loading up goods to giveaway to shelters and homes? Playing Christmas music? Making sure the front door/porch is looking full of cheer?

Trina resting with Santa


Guessing that you will have a great time shopping in Des Arc!

~ Trina




13 thoughts on “Guess What? It’s Starting to Look Like Christmas”

  1. Such a wonderful experience! Anyone who loves Christmas has to see this place! I can’t wait to go back next year! I have already started to put my SUV full of goodies to use.

  2. This looks like a fantastic place to go for Christmas! I will put it on my bucket list when I’m in the area. This summer I had the opportunity as we traveled through Michigan to go to Dronners. It’s a very large Christmas shop too. We loved it so much my husband could bearly get me out of the store!

  3. This place looks like fun! I really miss the Christmas Markets in Hungary. The last time I was at home for Christmas I made sure we went to Budapest to enjoy the food, hot wine and all the handmade crafts.

    • Make a weekend getaway and head on up! If you do let me know and we can make a blog coffee date, too. Yes…I did not make a dime from this sponsored post, because I have a room full of new goodies to prove it! It sure was awesome, though!


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