2020 Focused for 50/50 of Making Memories

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2020 focused for 50/50 of making memories. It is what I have set as my fabulous 50 mission! While thinking about this I decided to look into it, and see if this was a thing anyone else had done. I found “50 Things on Bucket List to do Before 50,” but no 50/50 in 2020! Let’s DO THIS!

2020 focused for 50/50 of making memories like I had on this cruise at dinner.


2020 focused for 50/50 needs a little setting up

I did jump start it before my “50th.” I am already 12 trips in on completing it. My birthday is in December and I started planning trips last year to take this year before my birthday, as it would have it I started thinking more about the 50/50 mission; not all trips and getaways have to be extended trips. I do a lot of 1-2 nights, too. Therefore, any stay out of town counts.


2020 focused for 50/50 making memories: Locations vs. Trips

If it’s an extended trip then I count it for stays in different locations. Such as my 26 days in Israel. The first 16 days were in 4 different AirBnB’s. The last 10 days were in 2 different hotels (even though one repeated a city, we went to totally different sites and locations) – so I count that as 6. Furthermore that trip started August 28, 2019 in Boston, it all counts total as 7! Not that any of this really matters to you, as in how I calculate stays, locations verses actual trips. I do however want to be transparent. Hopefully you will be inspired by this. Maybe you will make a way to travel. You can pick and choose a trip that would fit your schedule or budget.

2020 focused on mapping 50 trips for my 50!

I have several 1, 2, and 3 night stays for trips to visit family, blog paid events, as well as a few training conventions. We have another business that I need to throw a little love towards over the next 12 months. It has us needing to travel and help others all across the US. Hopefully I won’t have to pay for many of the nights that I will be gone this year. This too, is something that I will share along the way on this journey. 


Trina at Nimrod's Fortress with Israel in the background.
A top of Nimrod’s Fortress 

Starting at the 18 month mark is where I am beginning the 50/50 in 2020. Why? Because I can. I have barely unpacked a suitcase since August 2019, so far. I still have 2 that haven’t been put back where they are normally stored…. Maybe they won’t this year. I may have to clear a cozy little corner in the closet for them.

It all started in Arkansas

My first trip was in August. It started with my first ever blog convention! Right in my home state of Arkansas. Which was in Bentonville (NWA). It’s about 3 ½ – 4 hours from me, so we went and stayed at  the awesome 21c Hotel. Wrote all about it in this post. Had a fab time meeting all the Soapbox Influence family and Megaphone Community.  It was amazing hanging out with my fellow Mastermind Monday chicks! They have not only saved my “bloggin” life; they have made it SO MUCH more. Love them big bunches! If they are not in your blogging list of reads world and you like to eat, cook or travel, then you are in for a treat: Lyndi: The Joy of Eating Well, Kallee: Creative Southern Home, last but definitely not least Megan: Strawberry Blondie Kitchen (her cookbook is coming soon)!


Megaphone Summit 2019 Trina on "cover" of Cheers for Storytelling.


2020 focused for 50/50 Mega Trip that counts as Multiples!


Booked it in 2018, went in 2019 and it changed my entire vision for 2020. Noah and I left August 28 and would not be returning until September 26, 2019. 4 days in Boston, then on to Israel. For the first half of the trip we stayed in 4 different AirBnB’s: Haifa, Korazim, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Then the last 10 days were in Tiberius at the Leonardo Palace Hotel, and the King Solomon Hotel in Jerusalem.

Theater in Bet Shean, Israel - RCM tour group
Bet Shean, Israel

This was a 2 for 1

Next, I come home just long enough to wash laundry and repack for Florida. We flew into Melbourne, FL on a Sunday and spent the night at Cape Canaveral, FL. We ate, shopped and rested. Due to delayed flights, missed and rescheduled flights we need the rest and we’re extremely fortunate that we DID NOT fly in on the day of the cruise….

2020 focused for 50/50 of making memories for Greer with Savta cruising.

Monday October the 7th the Disney Dream would leave port with at least 5 patrons from Arkansas, with me being one of the 5. This would be a 5 day 4 night trip to Nassau & Castaway Cay in the beautiful Bahamas. We had fun, sun, way too much food, played dress up, hung out on our balconies, watched shows, and ate some more. If I don’t quit these types of trips I will have to buy a size larger clothes for the rest of the year.

2020 focused on family time in 50 on the balcony of the Dream

2020 Focused for 50/50 a “Real” Travel Blog Convention!

2020 focused on one of my 50/50 Trina in front of window with Texas Live & Rangers Stadium in background
Texas Travel Ideafest 2019

Upon returning back to Arkansas for a bit I jumped in the car with Noah and headed south for a travel bloggers convention, Travel Ideafest Texas 2019. I met incredible content creators, marketing reps, and a lot of convention & visitors bureau employees. This meeting allowed all involved to see the multifaceted world we are living in of person to social media. This form of “sharing” about locations will help individuals understand and learn how to have travel experiences…not just a trip. We spent 2 nights in the new Live by Loews in Arlington, Texas. It is in a prime location: Texas Ranger Stadium on one side and AT&T Stadium on the other. 

Some Will Be Family Time, Too.

Rolled in on Saturday afternoon to try and catch up on life, sleep and of course laundry. Then the hubs thinks he needs to work out of town on Tuesday and said it would be a great time for me to spend a little sister time in Jonesboro. Considering she is the master at lashes and mine were a little worse for wear since it had been about 4 weeks, what the heck. Her mattress sleeps as good if not better than mine. Yes that’s a post for a different day – mattress shopping…YUCK & YAY all at the same time. BUT we have to go and do this SOON, VERY SOON. Was great to spend a little time with the B-I-L and sister. I love them and they aren’t close enough to have regular hangouts.

Noah & Trina Haifa, Israel

2020 ongoing and ever growing…For a while at least!

This is a post that will be added onto and have lots of link backs over this year with the different journeys. I look forward to the days of adventures and travel to wrap this 50 years in a great big magical bow. May you choose to go big for your upcoming next year. This ain’t dress rehearsal and you only live once, leave a legacy of memories, happy thoughts and good vibes. Let others follow your stardust on voyages with you, even if they never pack a bag. Take the journey for those around you.

2020 focused on the beach in Haifa, Israel with feet in the sand
Mediterranean Sea Haifa, Israel

BUT, if you do buy that ticket, board the plane, and climb that mountain, remember what it took to get there and next time take others with you! Believe in yourself and set goals. Dreams do come true and it’s easier for them to happen when you are in a position to recognize and receive them. Be fearless! Can’t wait to see you down the road a piece or as a good friend of mine says, “We’ll see you on the beaches of the world!”

Best wishes for a 2020 that keeps you focused on what you love and want to make happen! Enjoy making your own little rhapsodyville slice of life!

xoxo ~Trina


Pinterest pic 2020 focused for 50/50




28 thoughts on “2020 Focused for 50/50 of Making Memories”

  1. Love “This ain’t dress rehearsal and you only live once…. “ line.

    Sorry we missed seeing you while in TX! Next time for sure!

  2. I am in awe of this post and your goal. My husband and I just recently started discussing wanting to travel more and debating pros and cons. You’ve definitely added a lot for me to consider. I’ll come back for updates. Happy adventuring!

    • Yay! That’s what I was praying this post and 50/50 year would do: Inspire. Sure hope y’all do. Please stay in touch and let me know how & where the two of you go. Wishing you happy & blessed travels.

  3. This idea is the best. I will have to try this when my kids get into college and I can wander. Excited to keep updated on your adventure. PS. We are the same age 🙂

  4. So many beautiful memories! Love how you travel a lot! Traveling is such a joyful activity that can add so much in our lives! Wonderful post!

  5. This is awesome. A friend had a 50 firsts leading up to her 50th birthday. She wanted to experience 50 new things she hadn’t before. Some travel but also archery, food stuff like that.

    • Will do! I would love that. That would be so fun! I just met up with another blogger friend in Gainesville, FL. We are up north usually a couple of times a year. Are you a member of the Megaphone community? If not, inbox me on FB if your interested in blog sponsored work. They do a big blog convention in NWA in the summer. It was awesome. I wrote a whole post about it.


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