Face Lift Bliss In The Backyard

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Backyard view with face lift of fountain 2019
Backyard view with “face lift” bliss fountain 2019

Face Lift Bliss in The Backyard

Backyard view with fountain planter 2014
2014 Backyard View

“Face Lift Bliss” is all about taking some of my old stuff and make it new and fresh again.

Whether it’s new cushions and a scrubbing for some of the furniture or a few plants dug up and moved from one place to another for some extra color. Last year it was with a major scrub down. This year it started with transplants & makeovers (and a few we still need to get too…).

Adirondack chair that needs restoring, still
There are a few DIY projects left to do!

Face Lift Rather Than Break the Bank

When we started talking about what we wanted to do around the pool this summer, since we changed the design by getting rid of an 18-year wood privacy fence that sat right at the concrete we had a few options. I went the cheap, recycle route. We had these beautiful pots that we wanted to use…but until this question: What are we gonna do with this?  I didn’t really want to put the money, time and work into a “real” landscape job (cause I’m still not sold on the fence that we put up). Yep, you got it I’m thinking out loud, just a little.

Back To Those Beautiful Pots

Big blue glazed flower Before - Mexican Heather, After, Now full of fresh plants blooming
Better Now “Face Flower Lift!”

You may not think they are beautiful, but I love them. They are heavy and have a great look for us. We had three and that stretch of concrete would need at least that many to even look right. I wish I had 4 or 5 to make them even more of a statement, but I’m working with what I have, well kinda, we did hit up Lowe’s for the clearance rack.

Southern Cabana Boy doing his other job, landscaping!
Southern Cabana Boy doing one of his others things he’s good at – landscaping!

We relocated the plants that were in 2 of these. They had Mexican Heather in them, but they do so much better in the ground. Seeing how it’s finally decided to stay “summer” for a while in Arkansas we can take them out of the pots where they wintered. The new plants looked a little unhealthy at first, but after a month they are all thriving. The carnations are about spent, but that was to be expected.

1) Old planter painted a bright blue with gold highlights and fresh dirt and flowers
Phase 1) Old Planter with a “paint lift” makeover

Pool Walkway Needs

2) Old planter painted a bright blue with gold highlights and fresh dirt and flowers
Phase 2) Old Planter with a “paint lift” makeover

Now, that I stole my pots that usually frame my pool walkway I need to come up with a plan. We had some extras that were fairly large planters that were in the shed, from a few years back. They were looking a little worse for wear, so they needed a cosmetic boost – hence the spray paint foundation, blue was the perfect shade to blend with my nice pots, now at the end of the pool area. I also hit a few spots with gold to add a little   highlight. I gotta have a little  “redneck” pop to even out my rhapsodyville line of thinking.

Two Planters for Flanking

Pool and backyard view toward the house with pots lining the walk & Rudy the dog.
Rudy inspecting all the work.

These two planters where set to flank. They also received a little softening with new clearance foliage, too. Not only did these lovelies get spruced up on the outside, yep that’s right – fresh dirt and new goodies to make them attractive. Now, it took a minute, well about a week or two, but they stepped up and turned fancy! Considering these were on their death bed on the $1.00 rack, I’m amazed at what fresh soil, fertilizer, and a little TLC can do for roots. Which, when roots are given the proper care you usually see foliage flourish (this is why the Big Guy and me click when I get in my garden….He gives me lessons in so many places, if I’m looking).

Face Lift in The Backyard That Made Me The Most Blissful

White water fountain that doesn't work, spray painted and planted in 2014.
2014 Fountain transformed to a planter.

The biggest up-cycle, face lift was when I transformed a decorative fountain. My fountains old pump pooped out a while back. I just couldn’t throw it away. We stuck it out in the shop and covered it with a sheet until I decided whether to redo the plumbing or re-purpose.

Re-Purpose Won!

Re-purposing won! The next year we decided to get rid of a small fishpond in our backyard. This left a large, empty looking rock pile in the middle of some of beautiful shrubs. It was perplexing me every morning when sipping coffee on the back porch. Then a light bulb went off. The SBC summoned it from the dark, shadows of our “DIY” back shop. We set it out in the yard and looked at it for a minute,

Fountain planter needing a little face lift bliss with new paint and flowers
Fountain planter needing a little face lift bliss with new paint and flowers…Ran out of paint and flowers….

then another minute. I just wasn’t buying the white. It still said “fountain.”

A Splash of Paint

A splash of paint can totally transform a thing. Then when you add a little dirt, blooms and greenery, it changes big time. I was in LOVE! It nestled very cozily, right up on those rocks in the middle of all our heirloom shrubs, just like it had been there it’s whole life. My coffee the next day was sipped with a little smile of accomplishment that I got to enjoy a piece that I love, instead of sending it to a landfill.

Every Old Thing Can Become New (Looking) With Fresh Paint

That fountain made its planter debut April 2014. The light shade of turquoise had served its purpose for 5 years. I decided that it needed a touch up this year, so I opted for a darker shade of turquoise and landed with a deep teal. It needed a few fresh plants, too. It turned out lovely and is back to making me smile while I sip…….something. A.M. is definitely coffee, but from noon on, it could be water or…well, all depends on what time of day it is! (Check out my YT for my newest 5 o’clock somewhere elixir. Probably going to have a future post on the trial phase for the perfect mix.)

Full on "Face Lift" for fountain planter all new plants and paint 2019!
Full on “Face Lift” for fountain planter all new plants and paint 2019!

My Summer Makeovers

Windmill Palm tree with day-lilies and Mexican petunias
Windmill Trees WILL grow in Arkansas.

I guess you could call all my summer makeovers this year real lifesavers, LOL. We kept extra plastic from going into landfills by face lifting the containers & fountain. We saved the life and resuscitated over 30 plants, just by deciding to do CPR on them. Giving the backyard a face lift instead of divorcing it, although getting a new landscape job with all new goodies would have been SUPER appealing. My bank account is MUCH happier that we choose this route, too. Making the “old” new again is often a LOT more work, but usually much more satisfying. The history and love is irreplaceable with some many things in life……not just in the backyard if you get my drift.

Blooms For You to Enjoy

Flowers Blooming - Hot Pink Oleander, Purple Hydrangea, Yellow Canna, White Gardenia
Oleander, Canna, Gardenia, Hydrangea,

Thought I’d share a few blooms for you to enjoy before you make your way to the next tour stop. We’ve had a lot of rain in Arkansas, so it’s made for a beautiful and very colorful spring/early summer. Down side grass needs mowing like every 5 minutes and is all the horrible history making flooding. Please pray for the citizens of our state.

Flower Blooms - Daylilies - Apricot and deep rust, pink lily, hydrangea, oleander and American Flag
Daylilies – Apricot and deep rust, pink lily, hydrangea, oleander and American Flag

Thank You!

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Let the rest of the 2019 Garden Tour begin!

Gardening Blog Tour introduction

The bloggers that are listed here below are an amazing group of bloggers that have so many ideas & talents that I can’t believe they let me tag along on this tour! I must get busy taking notes and bookmarking some of these ideas. Oops, that’s right, all I have to do is pin the ones I want to try. Shoot, with all these ideas I suggest that you just follow them. That way you’ll always have some great DIY projects right there on you boards or on your IG to look at. Enjoy!!!

Here We Go!

Hanging baskets handpicked plantings by designer.
Hanging baskets handpicked plantings by designer.


Kippi O’Hern – Step by Step hanging baskets. Get your yard summer party ready in a few simple steps.

Farmhouse Backyard Bench easy to make DIY from old barn wood
Farmhouse Backyard Bench.

Jenn Summers – At The Old Summers Home you will find a quick and easy tutorial to make your very own Farmhouse Backyard Bench.So grab some barn wood planks and head on over to see how you can have a new rustic bench in as little as 20 minutes.

DIY drip irrigation system for your garden with container and hose.
DIY Drip Irrigation

Angi Schneider -Conserve water and save time by making diy irrigation systems for your garden.

Beach cottage garden with dry stream and concrete DIY made rocks.
DIY Concrete Rocks

Kerri Morris –  Learn how to make your own DIY concrete Garden Rocks as well as how to create a natural Beach Cottage Garden. Follow along and see the amazing transformation from bare, boring yard to beautiful beach cottage garden.

Flower planters that have been transformed by DIY.
Transformed DIY Planters

Melissa Clifton – Affordable DIY Decorative Planters from Create and Find. These simple planters can be made in less than an hour and cost much less than buying new.

An orb light made DIY for the patio. Sewing hoops and solar light.
An Orb for Patio

Agnes Chrzanowska – Easy to make budget friendly accent with solar light to enjoy your garden even at night!

Garden scoop full of coffee grounds.
Coffee Grounds Recycled

Paul Stainton –  When you’ve finished brewing that pot of delicious coffee, don’t through the used coffee grounds away – put them to use in the garden. Here are 14 different ways you can use your old coffee grounds to help your back yard and the planet.

Beautiful salmon and hot pink geranium's.
Gorgeous Geraniums in full bloom.

Jane Vranic – Our mom’s summer flower gardens are truly amazing! We’ll take you through a tour of some of our favorite blooms. Plus she shares her top tips for maintain striking flowers all through the summer.

Galvanized container garden.

Michelle James – Galvanized buckets are the perfect size for container gardening. Plant your own herb garden right outside your front door. It’s inexpensive and convenient too!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

Keep your eyes peeled for other blog tours that we have on the horizon, with some of these fine folks! We want to thank you for spending a little time checking it all out, reading, pinning, sharing or making some of these great projects! Hope y’all had a great time.

See y’all real soon again!


A 10 blogger multi pic of all the blogs that are being showcase for the tour.

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